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  1. Korean War II
  2. How come a lot of whites are so quick to call others cuck, when they are the biggest ones of them all?
  3. South Africa gave up their nuclear power and now they're shit. Why would North Korea do that?
  4. What's the number one reason why Islam has so many violent/homicidal followers? (Poll)
  5. Lol @ people who take North Korea seriously
  6. It's pretty funny to see whites condemning whites.
  7. How does white folks on the fitmisc cope that they have declining white demographics?
  8. Bernie and Barry's idol
  9. When will the pathetic leftists admit that we need to declare war against Islam?
  10. How Islam Began - In Ten Minutes
  11. swoll how is that russia investigation coming
  12. Truth about Socialism and Healthcare - Genius Swedish Author gives some truth
  13. If there is a race war it isn't gonna all be whites vs ethnics.
  14. (Red Pill) Communism is a Jewish Invention
  15. Trump Agenda Survey
  16. Lefty scuzzpunk protester outside AZ Trump Rally takes pepper ball shot to the sack
  17. I'm so sick of the black supremacy promoted in popular culture
  18. If Trump resigns, Pence gets to appoint a new VP. To soothe the national mood, he can choose...
  19. Africans have natural resources under their feet and Chinamen swoop to extract them
  20. Why white folks have declining demographics...
  21. How come in our society it's okay to make fun of Christians but it's not okay to make fun of Muslims?
  22. So you white folks on this forum are worried about western civilization but you have no kid and a family?
  23. leftist/liberals - heed his warnings
  24. Chinese colonization of Australia
  25. Do you consider Jews to be white folks?
  26. Territory don't belong to any group of people occupying it if you they can't protect it.
  27. Why these blacks folks always shook?
  28. What if God can be found within yourself?
  29. Would Canada and Australia be better off if they were under Chinese rule?
  30. If you watch porn you're gay period.
  31. is this video not exactly how Omega acts when i mog him in regards to Muslim Violence???
  32. Who here likes the Chinamen? Well you definately do since you like wearing clothes made in China.
  33. In China they build a wall and there hasn't been any Mexicans there. That means Americans are low energy.
  34. Muzzies BTFO lol
  35. lets be real. whites are the GOAT race who created civilization. without us, other mother fuckers wouldnt even have the wheel...
  36. It's pretty funny that most races get shook when the Chinamen is in discussion.
  37. Duterte is a straight shooter.
  38. In Myannmar Muslims are getting killed by monks.
  39. Flinch Pill- Why Single Payer and Social Healthcare DONT WORK
  40. Trump about to end Iran Deal, dont know what took him so long
  41. سورة الرحمن - العفاسي Surah Rahman
  42. Since no pics: Using my imagination if she actually made it and was President.
  43. Islam Logic lol
  44. My Friends of Abe: Real Talk about Hollywood
  46. T R U M P
  47. Attention . . O M E G A . . Man
  48. TFW you have the same truck in this ad
  49. David Wood embrassing Zakir Naik (@omega's boy) as usual
  50. B T F O
  51. Saudi Arabia king to step down
  52. Omega how can you believe in islam when...
  53. An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind; Muslim terrorists are never justified in murdering innocent people
  54. racism in Islam debate with *-bas-le-ciel don't even know why he humors this sub human TBH
  55. BREAKING: Supreme Court Allows Trump's Travel Ban To Go Into Full Effect, AP Distorts
  56. CNN peddling fake news again
  57. China is more competent than the UK and the modern Englisman is inferior to their ancestors.
  58. Libtards on suicide watch... AGAIN!!!
  59. Do miscers cope when they see a Chinaman and his potential?
  60. Anyone here a Christian with strong homophobic beliefs because I am one.
  61. Merry Christmas to Flinch and all atheists here - bible passage time!!!! Dinosaurs!!!!
  62. Omega about to get BTFO - Surah 18
  63. For you white fellas here whining about declining white demographics where is your white kids?
  64. Trump chief strategist calls Trump Tower meeting TREASON
  65. Would you be fine if Australia, Canada, and New Zealand were under Chinamane rule?
  66. Satan
  67. Mah 2nd Amendment
  68. Happy MLK Jr Day!!!! Must watch video for Flinch and liberals
  69. Why do so many people hate Donald Trump?
  70. Deputy FBI Director steps down - #release the memo
  71. Exxon Mobil investing 50 billion in America!!!! citing Trump Tax reform!!!!!
  72. Appeals Ct Overturns Rape Conviction Delivered by "Female-Stacked" Jury
  73. Thoughts on Donald Trump?
  74. Muzzie thought - Allah sent Muhammad to Hell (old fashion omega pill)
  75. Kurdistan will become independent country sooner than later: Former US Ambassador
  76. No load option for profile pic.
  77. Jeff Sessions steps down
  78. People Who Accept Climate Change Now Control the House Science Committee
  79. Trump gives highest U.S. civilian honour, the Medal of Freedom, to top GOP donor
  80. Surah 33:56 - "Surely, Allah and his angels Pray for (on) Mohammad"
  81. We caught a spy, folks
  82. I think we could be in a simulation. (srs)
  83. Analysis of North Syria situation from a real on-the-ground anti-imperialist
  84. You know you're grasping at straws when you won't listen to Imams and nitpick every portion of a specific religion that suits your agenda
  85. Omega thinks that the majority of you in this forum are going to Jahannam (HELL)
  86. Should Shariah law be implemented on fitmisc?
  87. Flat Earth: Scientism Is More Religious Than Christianity.
  88. Official Mueller Probe Thread
  89. Intelligence chief contradicts Trump on North Korea and Iran
  90. Dem primaries
  91. Cato Institute: There Is No National Emergency on the Border, Mr. President
  92. ?Idiots,? ?Anarchists,? and ?Assholes?: John Boehner Unloads on Republicans in Post-Retirement Interview
  93. Congresswoman assaulted Trump security in 2016
  94. Sex trafficking spa founder in the inner circle of top Republicans, White House, party of family values
  95. Russia Passes Law That Bans ?Online Disrespect?
  96. Yellow vest thugs looting shops and businesses