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  1. Starting aesthetics routine
  2. The Juggernaut Method
  3. Beginner training programs.
  4. Actually Lifts Crew Part I: No Cuts No Sluts
  5. This is why I have great biceps
  6. Nineaxe's List of Great YouTube Fitness Channels
  7. 15 percent body fat in infinite weeks!
  8. Cube method thread
  9. StatQuote's Cube journey to 1400lb total
  10. Road to 16" arms (SRS)
  11. Here is the list of stickied threads in fitmisc lifting section
  12. Squat technique
  13. Hernia
  14. Dirty Progress Thread [1700 total or death]
  15. Lifting log
  16. Is there any way we can get some quality youtubes on numisc ?
  17. Are there any supps on the market that actually work?
  18. Round Mound's Road to 1700 total ([email protected])
  19. ITT: LudlowBrah logs his German Volume Training Routine - 6 weeks
  20. Arsy's PHAT Routine (Made by a bayesian/scientific mental masturbation perfectionist)
  21. Medicaments you should not be taking while lifting
  22. Olympic lifting. Tips, tricks, beginning, coaching, other general discussion?
  23. Personal/Athletic trainer brahs.
  24. RoidMisc.forumotion.com
  25. Eating plenty of tiny meals throughout the day is the worst bullshit ever !
  26. Bryce Lewis DUP & Percentage based program.
  27. Significant lat imbalance
  28. about to lift with no pre workout stimulants
  29. Post your current routine thread!
  30. I really don't get why my weight varies so much on a daily basis.
  31. For any brahs who can't get a good arch on the bench press GTFIH
  32. Lifting Journal - Back rehab and benchin
  33. hip mobility
  34. Is Bench Press required for aesthetics?
  35. Nein's happy meal and recipes
  36. Rebuilding my squat
  37. Your technique in building size
  38. Help a kid to train legs again ...
  39. if you could only do 4 lifts for delts
  40. help getting a weird DOM pain in bicep
  41. Should I cut now?
  42. Black Bean Chicken crock pot recipe (HNNNG and HEALTHY AF)
  43. Work out program for girls ?
  44. Recommend a back workout routine using barbell & dumbbells
  45. ****Diet & Nutrition Rules ****
  46. How fucking not do SS [vid][storytiem]
  47. Post training tips, knowledge and tweaks here.
  48. Can anything replace overhead Tricep movements?
  49. haven't lifted for five months. wat to do?
  50. How much am I hurting myself
  51. Chestbrothers cutting log
  52. Fitgirl's lifting log
  53. How much kcal, fat and proteins are in
  54. good powerbuilding routine?
  55. how to remove acne?
  56. Intra-Workout Alcohol Consumption (Chris Duffin article)
  57. Lean bulk for life? (natural)
  58. marius' diary
  59. oblique workouts
  60. JaegerBrah's transformation and continued journey.
  61. weighted pull ups
  62. Hutch1999 reviews Cellucor's C4 Pink Lemonade
  63. about to order Diflucan, anyone aware? (candida) (sick of this shit)
  64. Why eat anything but chicken and brocoli?
  65. 8 hour armz!!! (my take)
  66. Tfw Overtraining
  67. right pec tendon hurting while benching
  68. Tips for dealing with elbow tendinitis?
  69. Finally stopped being sick after a month. Need advice.
  70. Thinking about switching up routines, give me some suggestions
  71. Is this a legit side delt exercise?
  72. Getting all kind of tendon pains suddenly.
  73. anyone get ART or some sort of massage done?
  74. How much did you OHP 1RM as a natty ?
  75. Does working in a restaurant count as cardio?
  76. shoulder pain
  77. Building an aesthetic V Frame
  78. Tfw PR on standing OHP
  79. Tfw bulking
  80. tfw chest injury almost healed
  81. natural bodybuilding progress
  82. How much would i need to lose to get to 10%?
  83. Rate these two routines / 10
  84. Rate my routine / 10
  85. Hutch1999 reviews ON's Extreme Milk Chocolate
  86. @AUS brothas. Cheapeast/best place to buy supplements?
  87. hnnnng finally got my old deadlift strength back..
  88. how to cook oats?
  89. gains are coming way too slow now guys fuk
  90. Hernia
  91. Squats make me feel like shit, srs
  92. Weight Gainers
  93. 187's log (Advanced lifters please help, ty)
  94. How do you train?
  95. Speed work in phat
  96. Improve my workout, tell me what Im doing wrong, pls
  97. CKD skip refeed weekend?!
  98. Ron Swanson's cutting log(10% in 3 months or seppuku)
  99. 1 year and 7 months transformation
  100. Iceman1800 ErgoBolic log (Jim Harbourne bodybuilding.com Moderator)
  101. Gonna track workouts etc. ITT
  102. Lifting Ebooks?
  103. 3,000 calorie diet
  104. estimate cals and macros from pic
  105. the truth on sodium.
  106. Still feeling depleted?
  107. appetite stimulant
  108. DOMS in legs. How do I get "recover" faster?
  109. Pause squats
  110. Grip width question
  111. Do you eat back calories burned on a bulk?
  112. How's this 'ARM' day?
  113. Give me a workout plan
  114. Water cut for weigh ins
  115. Rate my new split/10
  116. how is my deadlift progressing?
  117. 2 scared to do supplements
  118. Seated Row tweak
  119. lenght of a single muscle group workout
  120. Anyone ever try smolov jr for benching? help me build a bigger and stronger chest
  121. Shoulder joint problems? Try this
  122. TFW you get the all clear from physio to go balls out
  123. GOAT post workout meals
  124. The glorious return of the egg: Why Uncle Sam is a horrible nutritionist
  125. Should you eat junk food to hit your required calories?
  126. critique routine
  127. Here's the routine that was stickied on FitMisc that I follow
  128. volume training and HIIT do not work well for cutting.
  129. What is the GOAT full body routine
  130. Is there a way to do weighted diamond pushups ?
  131. Any one try lipo 6 black ultra concentrate?
  132. did you guys ever make gains whilst eating at maintennance?
  133. Alpha Humble Manmore shows his home gym
  134. Been awhile since I posted but here is a video of my last powerlifting meet
  135. Recommended Blood Vitamin D Levels And Its Relationship To Aging
  136. [Video] Hyperthermic Conditioning(ex. sauna use) for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis
  137. I'm the swedish guy who had Q-&-A threads on old Misc & Fitmisc
  138. Gonna fucking Cut and track it ITT
  139. Question for chest training
  140. eating disorder
  141. Can running count as a leg workout?
  142. Goat natty hypertrophy routine
  143. Best way I cut? Reps for good
  144. Question about bulking
  145. Load EC Stack for a previous user
  146. 6 day split theory
  147. noob 5x5 question
  148. cutting advice?
  149. So I'm gonna do intermittent fasting , need some advice though (REPS)
  150. How Many Years Of Lifting Does It Take To Be Able To Bench 315 Pounds?
  151. Does The Body Process Rice And Beans Like Other Protein Sources?
  152. Gonna get back on track, brahs! Training log of peace!
  153. Quick dieting question
  154. GOAT Bulk food
  155. what kind of diet do people use before a comp
  156. Is it stupid not to do weighted ab exercises?
  157. Caffeine PWO
  158. Motivational Lifting Pictures Thread
  159. How to make cauliflower pizza dough hard?
  160. wtf @ chicken thighs.
  161. Can you build a good physique without Barbell Bench & Deadlift
  162. add 1 inch to calf muscles in a month
  163. Melatonin
  164. Cutting and Training Log / Keto-Diet
  165. 2 pressing exercises + 2 squeezing exercses vs 3 pressing exercises + 1 squeezing exercise
  166. Please rate my routine
  167. Reparing liver damage?
  168. Need some advice (injury while cutting)
  169. Fysiker's log.
  170. scientists used actual performance of chimpanzees in specific movements to estimate that a highly trained silverback gorilla might deadlift 1,800 lbs whereas the world's strongest men might deadlift 900 lbs. An average man might deadlift 200 lbs
  171. best routine for nattys
  172. Anybody got good casserole/crock pot recipes?
  173. Which deadlift variation has the least risk of injury?
  174. Rep Max Calculator
  175. What did you eat today?
  176. A really good video on how to overhead press.
  177. my bulking log
  178. Injured me back yesterday
  179. log
  180. 455lb D/L almost made it, maybe 1 inch off tff
  181. Rolo's Cutting Log
  182. It has come to this
  183. Rate my simple, poverty budget diet
  184. Should hardgainers do powerlifting routines for optimal growth?
  185. Whenever I start eating clean, I shit blood
  186. Bodybuilding vs powerlifting
  187. FormerCoath cutting log
  188. In this thread we are good at pull ups
  189. Seated Row tweak
  190. I give you YarakVerens advanced routine!
  191. Is there any good guide or advice out there on training to improve my vertical jump?
  192. who is the strongest natty you know?
  193. Why would you not use test atleast?
  194. Mike Menzter Training
  195. Protein bar recipes? (SRS) (NOTROLL)
  196. Is it normal to be able to OHP almost as much as you bench?
  197. overactive hip flexors (srs)
  198. I don't think you lose LBM on PSMF
  199. Training twice a day (while enhanced)
  200. Any suggestions to get this section better?
  201. Squating everyday?
  202. Summer Body Comp Goals
  203. If you loose weight but maintain/gain strength does it mean you're getting leaner?
  204. Trying to cut
  205. oblique workouts Do you?
  206. nutrition that ben followed for batman
  207. REP QUALITY VS WEIGHT: Why Grinding Keeps You Weak
  208. Bloat.
  209. Looking at cutting. Has anyone tried Ultimate Diet 2.0?
  210. So we eating whey which was bleached now.
  211. The Return of DedicatedBrah
  212. Meals I eat (IIFYM) (Macros included)
  213. Keto question
  214. Feeling exhausted from Compounds
  215. Cheat Meal Brahs Get in Here
  216. Wtf can I eat to keep myself regular ?
  217. Any of you ice injuries? Here's why you should rethink it
  218. hnnggg looks like i didnt loose too much strength
  219. Ideal body fat For a natty.
  220. Can green stool be because of a fast metabolism?
  221. Keeping your physique looking best at all times
  222. BIGPIG can you help me fix my diet ?
  223. Have I been benching incorrectly?
  224. What's a good split while cutting for a natty?
  225. cutting diet right now, can't sleep so
  226. Ankle Mobility Routines?
  227. The Return of DedicatedBrah - I'm Back & It's Bulking Season (GTFIH for Pure Motivation)
  228. Trying to achieve more lower pec hypertrophy - Any advice?
  229. Wtf did i do wrong?
  230. Ab/oblique training?
  231. Increasing cals by adding fat over carbs. Any difference?
  232. Female cut
  233. LOL @ "powerlifters" that tell newbies they don't need isolation
  234. Cereal with best macros for cutting?
  235. The 'Aesthetics' Big 3
  236. Hemp protein?
  237. What's a good bench press for a natty ?
  238. Does working your side abs create a blocky physique and kill the taper?
  239. GOAT bro split?
  240. Chicken at Costco
  241. Do you prioritize overhead extensions?
  242. Thoughts on this routine & volume etc...
  243. Big chest/back small arms and delts
  244. Mind to muscle connection! Is it common for...?
  245. The Creatine Thread
  246. Flex and Clive Log
  247. Low cal cutting foods that taste decent?
  248. Food Thread! (Post healthy food choices)
  249. Anyone prefer cables over dumbbells? (for isolation)
  250. Slingshot bench press : 495lbs