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  1. Injectable orals are fuarking goat m8.
  2. Off Topic AAS Discussion Thread (Part 1)
  3. Compounds and their effects...
  4. Noobs guide to pinning supplies
  5. get all the stickys back
  6. Strength. NPP vs Tren ace
  7. US Domestic Reviews: UGLs, Chems, and more
  8. Do you think the chinese will be able to make decent gh in your life time?
  9. What's a good anabolic to start with?
  10. Darkweb Vendor/Gear Review Thread
  11. What would you do in my position
  12. Lat injections are legit!
  13. Cruising on 500mg test
  14. UK/Europe Reviews: UGLs, Pharma, Ancillaries.
  15. can u give fm15 the password
  16. Anyone here done a "Dreamer Bulk" while on?
  17. The Frauding Nattys
  18. Deca vs. NPP for those who have experience with them
  19. Withdrawls from dopamine agonists (caber/prami)
  20. Superior Labs
  21. Midge has arrived fellas
  22. T3 and hunger
  23. DNP Guidelines and Info
  24. Canadian Lab Reviews
  25. Pinning every 4 days vs every 5 days: Any big difference?
  26. Anyone heard of Drakon Labs?
  27. Dragon labs/euroking anyone?
  28. cutting blast ideas - almost spring fellas post goat cut stack ideas
  29. post yor on blast/cycle vitamin/health stack
  30. FM15 facial bloat research committee
  31. Umm, is this still kinda a drug forum?
  32. Trolling in the AAS section
  33. AAS Section Rules - Read Before Posting
  34. Cycling Steroids Doest Work... thoughts?
  35. Do some men not feel low estrogen symptoms?
  36. clomid and aromasin pct
  37. SHBG too high, wut do numisc?
  38. Starting deca
  39. Switching from Deca to NPP
  40. Why do so many people here blast and cruise?
  41. legitimate coaches?
  42. Prohormones?
  43. first time running tren
  44. what email do you guys use?
  45. Minor Lactation
  46. RoidMisc.forumotion.com
  47. Is ADC legit?
  48. Realistically how much can you run orals before permanant damage is done?
  49. Whens the most recent time u ordered from Superior Labs?
  50. smoking and aas?
  51. Non-responder to AAS?
  52. FM15 Wizard Subsection?
  53. Bodybuilder recipes, youtube channels, etc
  54. so much conflicting info ffs - using ai during pct
  55. mastereon worsening tren aggresivity?
  56. caber
  57. 30 week blast: Ideas?
  58. would you still run gear if-
  59. Deca versus NPP
  60. Favorite bulking blast?
  61. Which is a better bulking blast ?
  62. good bulking prohormone?
  63. am I g2g to use a .5 inch 30g slin pin for intra muscular injection until i get better pins???
  64. Drinking Alcohol and Orals...
  65. No more legal alternatives soon? Senate makes designer steroids a controlled substance
  66. H.R.4771 was passed yesterday, say goodbye to legal designers and prohormones
  67. Have any of you guys actually noticed a difference in rate of strength gains with SPLIT dosage of DBOL?
  68. Aussie AAS Thread
  69. I just wanna get some Arimidex bro
  70. is phil heath natural?
  71. best way to be natural and make it as a pro bodybuilder
  72. Thoughts on 50ml jugs.. Use or split?
  73. I've found the cure to obesity
  74. ***Official Progress Pics Thread***
  75. blood pressure
  76. Where to buy ephedrine irl?
  77. anavar "abs"
  78. Superior G2G?
  79. Rate planned blast
  80. Is it legal to discuss AAS here?
  81. just did my first injection
  82. anyone here not afraid of showing face pics?
  83. Blast & Cruise
  84. AAS black market is about to fucking explode
  85. more test vs stacking test & deca
  86. What are top Men's Physique competitors running, and what does it take to get there?
  87. Is superior really a miscer?
  88. What to expect Pharm Grade T3/Clenbuterol/Caffeine ?
  89. Serms
  90. Anyone heard of Balkan Pharmaceuticals?
  91. [SRS] Very bad PIP . ┬┐Possible infection?
  92. Halodrol vs Epistane
  93. DNP question
  94. Homebrew Section?
  95. advising low-test natty friend on self-administered THT therapy
  96. Boldenone Cypionate
  97. Injection problem...
  98. Xcel sports nutrition 50% off prohormones tonight only
  99. got my free tesosterone numbers from labcorp (not currently using)...wtf is this shit?
  100. is perthius around on this new forum?
  101. experience on drol so far
  102. Strength and estrogen
  103. deca and npp affect on cardio performance?
  104. one of the last legit kigtropin physiques
  105. feel bad for all the guys out there jumping through hoops for HRT
  106. [SRS] Finally got lab results back
  107. Any Canadian ordered from Extreme Peptides Canada?
  108. kinda looking for places to buy quality narcotics
  109. Private MD Labs Discount Codes?
  110. Gear Talk With Jason Trenbolone Fat Burning Fact Or Fiction
  111. how long to feel tren ace
  112. possible for e2 taking long recovery?
  113. Where to get EPI now?
  114. First Quad Injection
  115. Cruising for life?
  116. Taking T3 as a natty?
  117. Why.
  118. How often do you give blood to lower red blood cell count?
  119. Why wait longer than 18 to cycle?
  120. my skin has a reddish complexion???
  121. Ostarine
  122. Online bodybuilding coaches
  123. Post your favorite compounds you juice heads
  124. Should i get a coach?
  125. Is there medical evidence to show people respond to different AIs?
  126. Oral Methyltren > Tren A?
  127. Anyone noticed any mental changes on Tren?
  128. can i run my 15 cycle then cruise for another 6 weeks then pct??
  129. Why run anything but test and tren?
  130. This is what happens when an NFL player does crossfit
  131. Do AAS/Peptide websites ship on xmas?
  132. Can i swap deca for tren?
  133. Aspirating
  134. Is 500mg/ml EQ realistic?
  135. Running Clen
  136. masteron e vs primo e can any fitmiscer compare them?
  137. If you had $3-$400 to spend what would you buy/run
  138. Joint benefits of EQ - Personal experiences?
  139. post of full list of all the gear
  140. Protein intake & steroids
  141. Rate blast/10
  142. Anyone ever run BuySteroids.com orals lol
  143. dicustingly bad pip
  144. Pinning sites in order of best to worst.
  145. Numisc picks my next blast
  146. Wish there was a AAS diet creator
  147. On Cycle Routine Suggestions?
  148. Test/NPP to Test/Tren Cycle thoughts?
  149. Blasting 1200mg test. AI dose and Bulking calories?
  150. Help!!! On clen for the first time shaking everywhere!!!
  151. srsly guys, did i dun goof?
  152. Post your favourite broscience quotes you heard since becoming aware
  153. Debating on cruising or doing pct
  154. What's your ideal bulking cycle?
  155. Been blasting test at either 250mg or 500mg per week for a year straight now
  156. Anyone have any AAS questions?
  157. Knee swelling from quad injection.
  158. MT II brah tell me your best protocol
  159. Tren no ester.
  160. ECA, benadryl, DNP, T3 cutting cycle madness
  161. Planning a cutting cycle for a show - what to select?
  162. Thoughts on HCGenerate?
  163. test/tren ratio
  164. [FM15] cialis brahs GTFIH ( thinking about running low dose ) ( hands on experience only pls fgts )
  165. NPP vs. Deca (Water Retention)
  166. Clen sides diminishing, even after ramping up dose
  167. Marijuana and DNP?
  168. Ways to prevent acne on test/aas
  169. Post the routine that you're currently on / your favourite routine ITT
  170. How do you dispose of your needles?
  171. How many different ananbolics can I be on at the same time?
  172. what do u guys do with the leftover orals that you have after your blast/cycles?
  173. Cutting on a cruise?
  174. low estrogen or high estrogen... symptoms so similar
  175. CKD diet on bulking cycle
  176. Where the fuck is the PCT sticky?
  177. Original BBmisc PCT protocol by Axebrah
  178. Scar tissue a product of oil volume or just the fact you're pinning yourself?
  179. Drug Half-Lives and Detection Times
  180. anyone actually used transformix peptides cuz of Bostin Loyd
  181. New Years Sale Bitches. GTFIH!!!!
  182. pre meet blast
  183. Dianabol and Side Effects
  184. Enhanced Vs Natural
  185. Can I get into fm15 section?
  186. Are steroids safe? Give unbiased opinion here
  187. chug egg whites vs proton shakezzzz, which one do u do
  188. 2nd Cycle. Critique plz
  189. Benefits of Preworkout Alcohol
  190. We should put up old stickys
  191. Blood work in Australia?
  192. Acctuane Wizards
  193. why is this forum trying to copy gh15.
  194. superior tren E bunk
  195. What's a good beginner cycle?
  196. Planning summer cycle
  197. Interesting article about testosterone and prostate cancer.
  198. Requesting fm15 access I have lots to contribute
  199. Rate these two routines / 10
  200. Opinions on stack for lean mass cycle this spring?
  201. Pretty significant shortness of breath
  202. What are the odds that I'll die on DNP 500mg/day?
  203. What to add to my second cycle?
  204. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pip?
  205. High test vs high deca
  206. What exactly is T3?
  207. sites like ADC
  208. Trenbolona
  209. Military and AAS
  210. Rate my routine / 10
  211. Deca vs Tren E for bulk
  212. Golden Age 70s bodybuilding Cycles
  213. Starting Andro 5a. Any bruh's try it?
  214. Feeling great on 500mg DNP, any reason to stop early?
  215. Cruise on test 400 ?
  216. How long is clen good for?
  217. Where do you guys shoot your slin pins?
  218. Decided to cut first
  219. caber and tren
  220. Getting rid of sensitive nipples
  221. Permablasting *SRS
  222. Superior Labs: Labmax'd Tren Ace, Dbol, Masteron Enanthate (1/12/15)(ALL LEGIT)
  223. Guide to draw your own blood.
  224. I just realized why this forum seems dead
  225. reversing gyno - pls get in here
  226. Easy fix to bad lipids from AAS
  227. AAS and illness
  228. What should the DNP daily cap schedule look like?
  229. Viagra fix deca dick?
  230. First cycle
  231. 6 weeks of test and no sides without an AI. Time to add more compounds?
  232. Is it safe to drop acid on aas?
  233. Blasting and Cruising at a young age?
  234. [FM15] megadose equipona crew,,stand upppp
  235. What was your heaviest cycle?
  236. Mike O'Hearn and Rich Piana armworkout
  237. Lower bodyfat = reduces estrogen conversion?
  238. What should i cycle next?
  239. just tried to inject my lat with 25g 1.5 inch lol
  240. Anyone here ran insulin without GH? Experiences?
  241. Greg Plitt Dead???
  242. what compound to add to bulk?
  243. Drunk pinning. Who's done it?
  244. whats the most you crazy fuckers ever pinned into one muscle at once
  245. Can you eat fastfood/pizza/etc on DNP, as long as
  246. Lifting twice a day
  247. not losing weight on tren and dnp
  248. DNP does NOT shut down the thyroid
  249. Anyone else have a face like a sponge on test?
  250. Low test, High tren or High test, high tren? For bulk