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2016-09-27, 05:35 AM
Watched a bit of a Joe Rogan podcast where him and his guest spoke about niche trends like crossfit and other fitness trends that tend to almost dominate your life, another example he gave was ultra marathon running, how they only hang out and speak to other ultra marathon runners and sorta look down upon the ordinary peasants.

The guy on the show mentioned there was some article published which showed that as we become more secular people gravitate toward these cult like trends, crossfit and being vegan come to mind.
Where you can feel superior to people who do not partake and also speak to like minded people - as folk would have done at and after church.
What do you lot think of this?
Is it legit?
I can't imagine there being a massive presence of these things in deeply religious countries, cause I guess they get their belongings from their fellow christians/Muslims or whatever and they probably just go to the gym like a normal cunt.

2016-09-27, 06:08 AM
I think there are believer types and non-believer types. The same people who find their identity in a religion will look to find it and belong/ adhere to any other kind of social grouping.

The others are self ego-based who craft their identity based on being individuals and find happiness in separating themselves from any group.

In a sense both are weak because the idea of a personal identity is just a weak trick the mind plays on us

Das wat I think

2016-10-09, 02:33 PM
Some people want to 'belong' to something. To be apart of something.

2016-10-20, 04:40 PM
My religion is Blahautism.