View Full Version : This is why democrats will never win again.

He who shall not be named
2017-01-23, 01:01 PM
They are too condensed into the major cities, so they will never win the house back unless they spread out, which would take years (if it ever happens again.)

The senate is impossible to win back until at least 2020 because in 2018 only 8 R's are up for re-election (7 are in deep red states, the other is Nevada) and 20+ dems are up for re-election (many in states that Trump won) If anything, the R's will gain MORE power.

They also lost 74% of all state legislatures (4 of the states that Dems won the legislature, will have a republican governor.) If they can't win them back by 2020 (which is slim-to-impossible) they will be out of power when the voting blocs are decided (every 10 years) and when the electoral college values are re-evaluated (every 20 years.)

Truth is: Some cycles are way more important than others. Democrats fucked themselves over for 20 - 40 years by not winning anything this cycle. This was their waterloo.

Without the supreme court in their favor, Dems will 100% neutralized for a long fucking time.

Prove me wrong.