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    Lmao at your grade school logic.

    Apparently you missed the part where carrier has already admitted they are using the money to automate the facility? And far fewer jobs than was announced are actually going to be saved.

    Tax payer just got robbed.

    Quote Originally Posted by He who shall not be named View Post
    Typical Leftcel that doesn't know shit, here I'll wipe your ass, apply baby powder and fix your diaper for you.

    Let's make the numbers simple for the carrier deal.

    Spend $7,000,000/10yr or $700,000/yr to keep 1000 jobs.

    1000 jobs at an average $50,000/yr salary = a $50,000,000 payroll that yields $5,000,000 in federal income tax at 10% and $1,500,000 in state income at 3% plus all the additional cooperate spending in Indianapolis each year.

    Seems like a good deal but like all leftcels you don't know shit about the real world or how money actually fucking works.

    Trump can literally tweet something about a company and they shit their pants.

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    Normally I agree with your threads. However, this one is so misinformed.

    What screwed up Mexico was Peņanieto's silly energy plan. Add to that the dependency of people on the goverment and society (coupled with individualism) has resulted in chaos.

    The United States isn't far off from having the same thing happen. Most people would also resort to looting as they have no other sources of food.

    Instead of making thread to bash it would be best to be aware that being the same as all the rest and dependent on society could very well lead to your own death. Individualism...it's a dangerous idea in the United States.
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