Intros can be long winded, so I'll just list some bullet points which should paint a general picture.

-I've been lifting since 2012. I'm 6 foot, (185cm), and 80kg, relatively lean. I'm 23 years old currently
-My athletic background in adolescence was purely from fencing in high school.
-I don't play any sports. I've work in an office full time since graduating
-I've got a slipped disk, initially from squatting in my first year lifting, caused by a single bad rep
-It has been aggravated several times since then due to previous work, and trying to get back into training lower body
-I woke up with nerve damage on the entire left side of my lower body in Dec 2013, which took a year to go away
-To this day I can't train my thighs with the necessary workload without degradation of my back occurring
-I train my legs once a week with 3 sets of front squats in order to maintain my lower body
-I enjoy the gym as one component of my life but understand it's limited importance and prioritize it accordingly
-I'm very interested in exercise science and also in personal experimentation in the gym
-My lean body mass has changed very little in several years. My progress is gradual and not out of the ordinary

I'd like this log to have two purposes. One purpose for myself, and one purpose for the reader. For myself, I'd simply like to get a sense of both relaxation and of knowing that I'm providing some kind of value with these posts. For the reader, I'd like to provide something that can help them, whether it be methodology, perspective, or just an alternative point of view, whether about lifting or something else entirely. Maybe I'll learn something from you too.