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    Thinking about training changes to make for the start of the next training cycle. Regarding my pulling, things are going well. My nautilus row went up, my hyper-extensions went up, my cable shrug went up, and so did my overhead cable curls, seated rope curls and facepulls. One change I'm thinking of is that there's a shrug machine in my gym, plate loaded, with handles that put my hands in a neutral position, no bar in front of me. I tried it today, (I just did neck curls, neck extensions, my token leg press and the crunch machine), and am able to bend over slightly and hit my mid-back and upper back pretty evenly, without massive weight. I may do these on light day instead of cable shrugs due to exceeding 20 reps on the first set meaning I should go slightly heavier.

    My pressing however is garbage and I need to make big changes. I'll focus more on overhead pressing for a little while, while also throwing in pec deck and tricep isolation. Specificity hasn't really helped, so fuck it. I'll program dumbbell OHP the same way I program my nautilus row, and bench once a week to keep it familiar enough. The number of reps below are just approximates with RP meaning rest pause and the rep range just being that for the first set.

    Heavy Pull day: Hypers 5X10, Nautilus Row 4X6, 4X10, Cable Shrug 4X8, Overhead Cable Curl 4X8, Seated Rope Curl 4X10
    Light Pull day: Hypers RP 5X20, Nautilus Row 4X8, RP 5X15, Cable Shrug 5X20, Overhead Cable Curl 4X15, Seated Rope Curl 4X15

    Heavy Push day: DB OHP 4X6, 4X10, Facepulls 5X12, Close Grip Press 4X10, Tricep Extension 5X10, Machine Laterals 3X10
    Light Push day: DB OHP 4X8, RP 5X15, Facepulls 5X20, Close Grip Press 5X10, Tricep Extension 5X20, Machine Laterals 3X15
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