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    just send her a halfmast @Aziz
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    I advise through PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DidNotReadL0L View Post
    A.) she got cold feet because she's in a relationship or dating someone else
    B.) she was only attracted to you while she was drunk
    C.) embarassed of slutty behavior
    D.) a combo of some of the above

    pick one.
    Quote Originally Posted by harstem View Post
    She has a boyfriend.
    Interestingly enough earlier that night my friends gf was talking to her while she had her phone out and i heard her telling her "no don't even reply, don't txt back, stop". So maybe u guys are right, im thinking maybe perhaps shes still "talking" with her ex and that's why my friends gf was trying to get her to stop txting him and move on to other guys, aka me.
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