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    DAY 10

    Fast yesterday was difficult but stuck with it, ended up consuming 166 calories all day, starting at 8pm on the 12. November and finishing on the 14. November at 7am. Weighed today and I’m down 3kg from when I began but that’s probably a lot of water weight (I keep carbs quite high regardless of cutting/bulking so unsure if that’s a factor in anything).

    Today I’m going to do a push day at the gym around 8:30pm, my push days are a bit weird as I do legs too, just because it’s easier for me to do time wise (usually just squats, calves, leg press and extensions as well as the actual benching/OHP/shoulder exercises).

    Decided that 1 hour of LISS outdoors and 20 minutes MISS cardio cross trainer is all that’s needed so will take 3 leg exercises out due to the amount of cardio that’s being done. It’s only going to go up too so will probably just keep squats in there. Diet is fine and I feel decent with less food, surprisingly so yesterday when I ate no food.

    Also, had way too much caffeine again today, gonna cut it out diet a lot more from tomorrow

    Calories – 1814
    Macros – c 216, f 31, p 162

    132g porridge oats, 300ml 1% fat milk, skinny latte w/ extra espresso shot – 771 cals

    300g turkey breast, 100ml xtra hot sauce, can of low calorie monster energy drink – 385 cals

    Fat free natural greek yogurt 500g – 275 cals

    Graze lemon curd protein flapjack, starbucks skinny latte w espresso – 383 calories

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    dropped my calories to 1500
    have no desire for food atm not even using any fat burner
    i only desire now my death when will it happen
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    everyones gonna run out of the club out of panic when they see my cobra traps
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