How does this sound:

12ish% bf

Currently recomping on 300test e 500tren a, week 3 now. Seems like im getting leaner, bigger, stronger all at the same time wich is good. But I don't want to waste too much time tbh. Rather just cut fast, and build quility muscle at low bf after.
The plan is to drop the tren to 150 and keep test the same and do a 14 day DNP cut once i get my t3 (this week?) to get single digits bodyfat.


250mg DNP
50mcg T3
300test e
150 tren a
Standard DNP ancillaries and anti oxidants vitamins etc.

2000kcal with 60 min cardio ED.

THEN, time to get huge and freaky like regan grimes.

900mg test e (300mg 3 times a week)
350mg tren a (50mg ED)
50mg tbol ED last 4 weeks
12.5mg asin ED

Caloric intake will be at a moderate surplus, depending on how i feel / look. Prob do this for like 8 weeks.