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A woman did me with a strap on a few times. While it wasn't really unpleasant once I had got used to it, it's not something I really enjoyed Feels at best like you are a taking a good shit in the morning after a heavy night of food and booze. If being Gay just involved being fucked in the ass,it would be much less popular than it is. My guess is that dude wanted to fuck you in the ass and that was his weak attempt of persuasion. Plus in my experience the men who like assfucking other men are the worst kind of gays, they tend to be straight on the outside, wives and girlfriends but it's all a big lie, and they aggressively pursue and fuck other men,they are angry at themselves for being homo and take it out on the assholes of other men. They like to surround themselves with other men doing manly pursuits, gyms, team sports etc etc.