- they're effeminate men
- they smell (srs)
- being rude = normal
- being rude to customers = more than normal
- always strike
- yearly retirement age for so many jobs that have to do with public services (civil servants) and other branches like for example train drivers go with retirement at 50-52 years old
- coming late is normal
- french streets are covered in dog feces and cigarettes
- supposedly best health services in the world = you can way more than a day at emergencies, where relatively medium size hospitals have stroke units in neighboring countries they don't have them in france unless it's a huge hospital
- hated me while I lived there because I was foreign
- they refuse to learn foreign languages
- they're very envious of people who speak other languages than french
- left wing shit country impossible to reform politically
- drive like idiots

In short fuck France and fuck the french.