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I don't think an app is going to change their entitlement or the confidence they get from make up. I don't even know how you would even change this whole hitting above your weight so to speak. I think people will always try to hit above their weight in the hopes to score someone better.

On a different topic, how is your hair? Did it make a massive difference? Does it look like real hair? How do you feel about it? I think I read you are super impressed and would recommend others to do it.
I mean it ultimately wont but they are so freaked out even by this little app that like 50k people will download its not like theyre going out completely bare like men with no adjustments, like imagine if females were judged as harshly as men and had minimal ways to fix their insecurities. Shit would blow over.

Yeah feel like a million bucks def happy with spending a car for it, massive difference in how i look/feel dont wear hats everywhere lol. Like i said under very hard lighting (i think thats the correct term) if youre looking and know what to look for it looks slightly thinner, but i can always have it bullet proof if I feel like spending more, but its gtg in like daylight or like normally.