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    Should I go to my high school reunion of 5 years?

    apparently we have one in two weeks. I didn't receive an invite but rather heard through someone else. I want to think it's because they were unable to find my facebook, rather than just excluding me, but there's no way to know.

    only 110 kids in my class. Tight knit group of people from a small town, but I was classified as the silent loner/school shooter type.

    normally I'd say fuck no but there were a few chicks in my grade I still have mild crushes on till this day. I never stood a chance back then. In 5 years I've only seen a handful of these people around town, but none of them recognize me so I don't bother interacting. Just as well I guess.

    I also heard someone in our grade started a rumor that I was on steroids because of how big I had gotten since high school. Something tells me I'm just going to end up standing in the distance awkwardly with the two or three kids I know as per usual, while everyone regards me as an over compensating loser.
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