Running test tren cardarine.

The cardarine helps with getting gassed out so quick on tren
I usually try to run longer distance of minimum 4 miles at about a 6:30 minute mile pace
I also walk about 5 miles at work daily
I run every other day and do 3 on 1 off for lifting

Ever since i ramped up cardio it seems like my legs are fatigued. Its getting to the point its effecting my performance in the weight sessions. I dont feel that same power in my legs doing back and legs. Im also cutting probably lower calories than i should. Im not losing strength but that motivation and glycogen to do those extra reps arnt there.

Im at the point where my goals need to be focused on running and calisthenics but i have a passion for weight lifting i dont want to ever drop and want to continue. So dropping cardio isnt an option nor lifting