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respect the srs tag brooo

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honestly i dont care if banning people creates a lull in activity because thats always been temporary, happened plenty of times

back in my day when i came back to fitmisc (numisc) and that retard DLTBB was doxxing people and turning this site into his personal fan page, i took over demodded him then put ALL of them in their place (alpha move), they all went to some obscure kik group, did the same old bullshit that wickr crew does, try to lash out, dox people, intimidate people, but eventually they disappeared and new people came.

honestly if these stupid nerds think they're important at all to fitmisc they have another thing coming.

cringe hard at anyone trying to act all mysterious and badass "oh i can ruin ur life with one button" go kys.
ye doxing aint kewl tbh, but shood of taken care of the issue right away to not let it get out of hand, if u temp banned the first geek others wood of got the messages

yet u banning people half a year later, wat r u, slow?