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    Blahautism: The Jason Blaha Story CLIFFS


    Blahautism 1.0

    Page 1-50
    Just people lolling at Bleha, much of the same stuff we talk about him right now; welfare leech, unemployed, cuck, acts tough over the internet, never leaves his cuckcave, on disability etc

    Page 50
    Fuckin KEKD at this team america reference

    Page 50-130 the Jihad first began to assemble...wish I had been here back then instead of being the raging nuthugger that I was (hate to admit it but at least I admit it)

    Page 74 of 1.0 when you guys figured out he was buying likes, I always thought that was a made up claim but apparently it was true all along

    Page 130-270 birth of CIA, discovery of Anna the Ex, the dislike campaign, @Kenny and the script and other stuff

    Page 325
    Skee Daddle reveals the darketernal

    Page 311
    @Private Potato first post

    Page 496
    @TheEx comes aboard

    Page 505
    The kkk writings are found

    Page 607
    @LizardBlaha joins the board

    Page 690
    mooncrookie's criminal record is found

    page 750
    The court documents revealing Daniel Barlow beat Shittany and shoved a bandana (or banana) down her throat

    Page 862
    Jerry Ward joins the board

    page 887
    Ex-2.0 Emily contacted, among other things she confirms theyre still married and I still cannot understand for the life of me why she chooses not to divorce Bleha

    Page 898
    @delusional fatty joins the board

    Page 947 @Cuckzilla joins the board

    Page 973
    Bleha makes the video defending Genova after the slapbox incident. I was a nuthugger at this time so I only saw another nuthugger or a Bleha sock account comment on youtube that the people on the Blahautism thread were scared shitless that Bleha would actually get some praise over the video, but now I know that wasn't the case at all. Some people on board did want to give Bleha props for defending Genova but the rest of the Jihadis saw right through Bleha and his bullshit. He didn't care about helping Genova, he only cares about himself.

    Page 1017
    @Nine reminds us of the email conversation between him and bleha (dont know when he brought it up the first time)

    Page 1020 & 1040
    Bleha's gym liked one of the troll reviews on facebook that insulted Bleha

    Page 1027
    Exposed tv gets shut down and bleha thinks he won. Later on in the thread it is revealed that the real reason why Exposed TV was shut down is because the british host accidentally put his real name out in the open, Bleha got a hold of it and sent him a bunch of threats. I knew about the british guy slipping his name out there but I never knew about Bleha threatening him, what a fucking dick move.

    Page 1088
    the clinton years video is out, royal ments ensue

    page 1151
    @Gisum Blowhole joins the force!!

    Somwhere in the thread Bleha's criminal record was supposedly found since I saw a couple of posters talking about it but I can't locate it

    I kinda skimmed through the thread after page 130, skipping 10 pages at a time, hopefully I didn't miss out any important nuances. That would be extremely ironic since the reason I ever went to read the thread in the first place was to find those nuances.

    The other Blahautism threads will be added here as I read through them.
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