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    Page 1-5
    The mumby roasting continues, so far he hasnt responded.

    Page 6
    An actual navy officer Alan Zummak gives his thoughts on Bleha:
    Excellent video

    Page 10
    As we all know by now, Bleha had a 48 inch waist at the time Anna the Ex kicked him out. Here IGotNext shows you what kind of pants a person of those measurements would have to wear:

    Page 25
    Bleha decides to pose shirtless again:
    Notice the cancer growing on the right side of his lower back:
    Also here's why he insists on pulling his pants up so high:
    Courtesy of everyone's favorite @zombie

    Page 38
    Bleha gets blasted on Sherdog forums:

    Page 50
    Igor Opeshansky from Vitruvian Physique takes a little jab at Bleha, shows a pic of him while talking about bad genetics:
    And this is his explanation for using that pic (LOL):

    Paged 59-61
    Bleha has now replaced squats in his "training" with hip thrusts:
    This fucking guy

    Page 63
    Bleha posts a picture of his fridge:
    50K a year yet this is what he can afford, think about that.

    Page 70
    Bleha changes his channel name to "Jason Blaha Strength and Power":
    Here's his cope explanation for the name change:
    But we all know the real reason he did it is to use Nick's Strenght And Power name to get more views

    Page 72 & 76
    It appears someone has bought the domain jasonblahastrengthandpower.com
    The link doesnt actually lead anywhere, pretty sure Bleha only bought it so Elgin couldn't cuck him again
    Also @zombie strikes again:

    Page 74-75
    Bleha finally fixes his channel name from "Jason Blaha Strength And Power" to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Power", too bad he only bought the domain name with one S letter:

    Page 80
    jasonblahasstrengthandpower.com (two S letters) redirects to Elgin's merch store!
    Also Bleha's arm is shaking again like early onset Parkinson's disease:

    Page 81
    Bleha makes an absolutely infuriating shitfisted video explaining his channel name change and talking shit about Nick's Strength And Power. Bleha even projects his wheelchair accusations from 2016 unto Nick:

    Page 84
    This is what Nick himself thinks about Bleha LOL:

    Page 86
    One of our newer members @RickJ who is pretty well connected in the powerlifting community and a damn strong powerlifter himself (we're talking like +500lb bench presses and 800lb deadlifts) went around talking to some people once he heard about Bleha being a powerlifting referee for BPU. So he finds out the truth behind Bleha's time at his first gym in the UK, which Bleha talks about in this post:
    But in reality, Bleha was supposed to pick up stray weights, change the bin liners and paper rolls and vacuum the floor in return for being allowed to train there. But he did such a half assed job that he was taken to task, then stopped showing up and started rumors that the gym owner had not paid him for work carried out.

    Page 91
    Bleha responds to Vitruvian Physique's jab with a bunch of incoherent mentally ill rambling, claims that Igor is weak because he can only squat 420 and deadlift 530 (WTF?) and Bleha also claims to deadlift 530 for reps then shows footage of himself getting destroyed by 515, at around 2:25 of this video:

    Page 93
    Bleha has now changed his channel name to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness", just make up your fucking mind you spaz

    Page 96
    Remember Dank Net who made that awesome video on Bleha? Here's Dank Net's video on the Jacked Jesus Through The Twisting Nether Beast Underground Muscle Shaman Expanding The Universe Creations:
    It contains a cardio gamer reference at around 5 minutes.
    Speaking of cardio gamer, Bleha getting trolled on facebook:

    Page 98
    Elgin beats Bleha to the punch again and buys off Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness domains:

    Page 108
    Alex Rosen officially joins the board

    Page 110
    Jason Christ is back and still can't spell publicly:

    Page 111
    Awesome video breaking down Bleha's VitruvianPhysique video and debunking every lie that comes out of Bleha's fat rodent mouth:

    Page 113
    There is a copy of Bleha's Stolen Valor Enthusiast channel that contains a bunch of videos that Bleha has deleted from the original channel:

    Page 137
    Fucking pathetic little man Bleha gets mad when somebody points out the obvious fact that Bleha doesnt have a car:
    We know for a fact that he doesnt have a car because he has his groceries delivered home (literally said this himself in a recent video) and before that he complained about legs being too fatigued for squats because he had to walk to the grocery store.
    Also he's lying about Mooncunt being the one who totalled the Focus:

    Page 151
    Jerry Ward comes back to us after over 2 year absence because of a video Bleha made about Ward becoming a pastor (Bleha still pretends to be a christian). Ward states he does religious services for free and not for profit like Bleha claims. Also Jerry Ward finally admits that basketball does count as cardio!

    Page 157
    About one year ago Bleha the little shit tried to use "ReputationDefender.com" to erase funny photoshops and websites that contain factual info of him from the internet. Failed miserably, only some pictures on google images were removed.
    Information brought to you by @Abu bin Abdulaziz

    Page 170
    Tight shirts are better for people who are swole!
    -Marc Steubing

    Page 174
    Jerry Ward goes on a condescending tirade with a haji and gets blasted into oblivion for it

    Page 180
    Bleha is reverting back to his Bodybyfinaplex sexcapades:

    Page 182-183
    Bleha gets blasted on reddit again:

    Page 195-196
    Vegan Gains channel has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.
    Bleha of course seizes the opportunity to make a shitfisted video about it

    Page 201
    Bleha says he's off his "TRT" now:

    Page 215-216
    And Vegan Gains got his channel back, also issued an apology video:

    Page 220
    Bleha leaves a comment on CopeDestiny's video (first time he's commented on someone else's video since 2016):
    Go kick his ass

    Page 225-227
    Bleha posts a new shooting video on facebook looking like a total doofus:

    Page 241
    Alex Rosen meets Bleha again for an interview:
    The last 50 minutes is the interview, the first 20 minutes is a phone conversation that happened the next day.
    Anyway the audio is all fucked up and you can barely hear what Bleha is saying, but Alex basically went through the list of Bleha's bullshit claims on Blahapedia and Bleha mostly just doubles down on them. The most noteworthy cliffs:
    At 27:55 Bleha is asked about his black belts claim and he actually admits that he doesn't have black belts in anything, but still insists that he took karate and taekwondo as a kid (probably a few beginners classes if even that) and that he can fight (<-LOL!).
    At around 46 minutes he tries to feed a major bullshit story that we made J Parker come here and post the stuff he posted, what the fuck?!
    At around 54 minutes Bleha's arm is measured on camera and it's 16 inches.
    At around 1 hour he's asked about The Mugshot but refuses to comment, what a surprise.
    At around 1 hour 7 minutes Bleha lists Nightwish, Tool and Evanescence as his favorite bands. After that he admits he went to Blinn community college and not Texas A&M, claims to have obtained degrees but of course shows no proof.
    At 1 hour 11 minutes Bleha's shoulder width is measured at 54 inches.

    Page 244
    Alex Rosen doxxes the place where Bleha gets his DXA scams:

    Page 247
    @Fitness Jones aka @Blason Jlaha returns to the board!

    Page 249
    A thorough summary of Bleha's life progress in january posted in one of the @CIA mirror videos:

    Page 251
    A 4 minute condensed version of the 20 minute phone conversation in Alex Rosen's video:

    Page 253
    blabla-haha writes a far more detailed summary of the Alex Rosen in-person interview than I ever could:

    Page 257
    Marc Steubing hits his best bench press fail ever:

    Page 261
    Bleha the supreme hypocrite is now doing isolation exercises:

    Page 276
    Bleha's home address being snuck into the youtube comments:

    Page 286
    Bleha backs down from a fight again:

    Page 290
    Alex Rosen aka Rosenberg doxxes Marc Steubing's home address and plans to go meet him

    Page 292
    Bleha denounces Marc Steubing (at 2:08):
    Also posts this on facebook:

    Page 293
    Apparently Bleha finally got a divorce from the ex 2.0 last october:
    Information brought to you by Cuckzilla

    Page 295
    Alec the 18 year old kid who deadlifts 600 pounds is an idiot:

    Page 297
    Rosenberg locates Marc Steubing's gym:

    Page 307
    J Parker posted this facebook update last november:

    Page 311
    From the CIA comment sections, a top 10 of Bleha's life progress in february (or "feburary" as Bleha himself would spell it):

    Page 325
    Here's a funny story from 2017 of Bleha playing runescape like a proper Cardio Gamer and crying about suicide and depression to the other gamers, also turns into full victim bitch mode when they ask him to hand over the "Bandos ChestPlate" (whatever that is, I dont play runescape):
    This ment was brought to you by Cuckzilla

    Page 329
    Apparently sister Andrea has said that Bleha used the family computer to download porn and infected it with an unfixable virus.
    This ment was also brought to you by Cuckzilla
    Also blabla-haha takes us back down the memory lane on Bleha's male model delusion, it was actually just one photoshoot in July 2004 for what looks like a pretty small company looking to build their portfolio. No modelling jobs ever.

    Page 334
    Coath Fuckface rejects Marc Steubing's video request for a collab due to overdose of sand in Blahina's vagina:

    Page 335
    Rosenberg links Marc Steubing's old myspace page:
    Pages after that the thread basically turns into Marc Steubing worship. Even though he's retarded he's just an all around likable guy because he's nice and always positive, can't hate on that. From his old myspace pics we also see that he used to be fairly good looking back in the day:
    We also find a possible explanation for his apparent mental retardation:

    Page 342
    Marc Steubing even gets his own fanclub on facebook!

    Page 347
    It appears Jenny Brady has a new man now, Bleha on the other hand is forever alone:
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla
    Also if you thought CopeDestiny and his followers are Bleha fans, check this out:

    Page 348
    So Bleha has been on discord chatting with CopeDestiny and others, apparently he has learned absolutely nothing from the 20 years he's been on the internet because he just can't contain his autism and conduct himself in a proper manner. Now CopeDestiny officially denounces Bleha:
    Also FraudAnalyzer99 denounces Bleha:
    Contains audio clips of Bleha being racist as fuck

    Page 353
    Bleha actually thought CopeDestiny and FraudAnalyzer99 wanted to do a podcast with him:

    Page 355
    Bleha being an edgelord on facebook talking about the Christchurch mosque shooter in New Zealand who killed 50 muslims and wounded 50 more (ages of the dead ranging from 2 to 71):
    Also Marc Steubing is blocked from Bleha's facebook:

    Page 357
    Larry Blaha has apparently lost his leg?
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 358
    Jerry Ward makes a great video giving his thoughts on Bleha's edgelord comments on facebook:

    Page 361
    Bleha makes a shitfisted cope video responding to Jerry Ward. Doesn't even address the facebook screenshots that Jerry showed in the video, just mental illness maxxes on not being a racist, babbles about his stupid fucking Czech flag on his wall and even claims that FBI tapped his phone for 6 months to conclude that Bleha is not a potential active shooter (FBI don't get to just tap any random person's phone as they please, it takes plenty of work to get that shit authorized so we know Bleha is full of shit):
    When confronted in the comments about the facebook posts and the audio provided previously by FraudAnalyzer99, Bleha just says it's all fake and he dindunuffin:

    Page 363
    Rosenberg slips in Larry's phone number

    Page 369 & 372
    @Simon Templar posts contact information for various google/youtube personnel

    Page 372
    Rosenberg calls Bleha on the phone one last time, but now he's not playing nice anymore and letting Bleha's bullshit fly, instead Rosenberg straight up confronts Bleha about the Christchurch comments and corners him pretty damn hard:
    At around 6:28 completely out of nowhere Bleha claims his dog Nova is dead and that we poisoned him, what the actual fuck?? No, we did not kill his fucking dog, holy shit. We wanted the dog taken away from him for sure (because he's selfish, negligent and irresponsible) but we wouldn't kill an innocent animal under any circumstances.
    People in the thread speculate what may have actually happened there, the most logical conclusions are that either Nova died because of Bleha's neglect or Bleha just gave the dog away and lied about the death.
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 379
    Bleha backtracking and lying about his facebook posts on the Christchurch shootings:

    Page 380
    Bleha makes an official statement on Nova's death:
    Funny how he has to go out of his way to mention that he will ban all trolls and shit talkers, meanwhile if anybody else posted about their pet dying (namely Nick's S&P and his hedgehog) nobody would even think about talking shit. Even Bleha himself acknowledges that he doesn't have that many actual fans anymore.

    Page 382
    If you want to show some support for Nova and share Bleha's facebook post, do it in this fashion:
    Courtesy of @AntonioC

    Page 384
    For once I hope he's lying:

    Page 388
    Simon Templar spoke to an animal cruelty investigator in regards to Nova's death and it's possible they'll look into it

    Page 391
    CopeDestiny releases more of Bleha's discord sound clips:
    8 minutes onwards. Racist as fuck, threatens to kill Shadow Man (<-LOL!) and claims to be a ladies' man (<-LOL!!)

    Page 392
    Bleha sent this text to Rosenberg:
    Claims that he took a 4 day vacation, which would obviously imply that he left Nova alone at the cuckshed for 4 days with no one to look after it and that is why the dog died.
    Also The Ex 2.0 facebook, posted by Cuckzilla:

    Page 393
    Bleha's maternal grandfather:
    Brought to you by One Off Man Mental

    Page 398
    Marc Steubing is growing tired of Bleha's bullshit:

    Page 403
    The world class cuck Chandiwira "Chad" Beza is back at it, texting with AntonioC:
    Previously it was found that Beza works in a car dealership, he's still listed as a staff member in that dealership so it's unlikely that he'd work as both a police officer and a car salesman at the same time:

    Page 408
    Summary of Bleha's March 2019 posted in the FBI comment section:
    Also FraudAnalyzer posts some more audio clips of Bleha in discord. Nothing particularly interesting here, just Bleha being a faggot:

    Page 418
    FraudAnalyzer/CopeDestiny puts out another Bleha video featuring cringe compilation and audio clips of Bleha being trolled on discord with food related questions:

    Page 426
    Seems like something has spooked Bleha, the little man feels the need to puff his (saggy) chest over the internet:

    Page 429
    Justice for Nova!

    Page 430
    Craigslist and Backpages are gone but not to worry! Any cuck finns out there who wanna send trannies to the condo at Timmons Lane will be able to do so through these two websites:

    Page 432
    Bleha takes his shirt off again and posts pics in his facebook:
    We're supposed to believe this melted marshmallow man looks like he lifts? LOL! Also on page 438:
    Courtesy of @Gisum Blowhole

    Page 442
    @strongerthanblaha goes through Bleha's ancestry on both parents' sides and concludes that Bleha has zero jewish ancestry and zero Cherokee indian ancestry. Also all of Bleha's ancestors were quite insignificant in their lives and never really made any name for themselves. Father's side of the family does originate from Czech and they moved to America in 1870's to escape poverty

    Page 444
    strongerthanblaha posts pictures of Bleha's ancestors:
    Also Bleha claims that the boots he wears in his videos are expensive Timberland boots (at 7:41)
    But that of course is easily disproven:
    Posted by WookieButter

    Page 449-450
    Bleha is posting more shirtless lifting videos and pictures:
    Notice the HPV induced filiform wart on his lower back and above it is a clear outline of a girdle.
    Also cuck finn posts a potential source for Bleha's rogue weights set:
    $6000 home gym my ass, it's all cheap chinese knock-off shit

    Page 454
    Rosenberg uploads a new youtube video where he chats with a friend at Bleha's home address and then they together put up posters all over the yard area:
    This was the poster they put up:

    Page 460
    Full blown STD infected stroke mouth getting worse by the day:

    Page 461
    Jihad invades the google reviews section for Bleha's apartment complex, some SERIOUSLY funny shit there lmao. Check it out by searching "Fleur de Lis apartment Houston" on google.
    Also NotAll posts some of Bleha's old facebook posts from 2011 where he admits he has dyslexia and he had to take upon special education all through his school years:

    Page 462
    Abscess in his mouth since 2011:

    Page 465
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla
    Also if you read between the lines in this:
    Bleha cried to Jenny Brady about wanting to kill himself and she took it to her facebook friends instead of giving this ratfaced bastard a pityfuck

    Page 469
    The irony of Mooncoonie's aunt (the one in the pecan pie video from 2015) looking to rehome a dog:
    Also this random instagrammer claims to have spotted Bleha in a Taco Bell:
    Nearest Taco Bell to Bleha's cuckshack is about 1,8 miles away, as determined by our buddy @JDBHorseGrin

    Page 471
    Some douchebag wannabe fitness personality who calls himself The Dolce Diet:

    Page 472
    Rosenberg informs us that Bleha tries his best to keep his youtube life away from his personal life, apparently Bleha is friends with some 40 year old recovering drug addict (sound familiar?) and she doesnt know anything about Bleha's internet reputation (apparently the thought of typing her friend's name on google never occurred to her)

    Page 480
    Rosenberg informs us that Bleha called him on the phone, SHOOK AS FUCK, and threatened to press charges against Rosenberg for putting up those posters! Fucking LOL that's not gonna hold up in the court of law

    Page 487
    Jenny Brady is now having a baby with her new man

    Page 489
    Cuckman Bleha pussies out from a debate with Vegan Gains:
    Oh yeah and he makes 5k a month but doesn't have a car, seems totally legit.

    Page 493
    Courtesy of everyone's favorite @zombie

    Page 494
    Cuck finn starts contacting Bleha's relatives:

    Page 500
    Rosenberg posts audio of the BETO spectacle from Blahautism 11.0 page 146

    Page 501
    Bleha forgets that he has claimed to be part-jewish multiple times:

    Page 503
    Rosenberg meets Marc Steubing in person and they workout together and talk about stuff:
    Steubz comes across as a super likable and approachable nice guy

    Page 506
    Rosenberg posts a video of him phonecalling Mooncookie back in January:
    At around 3-4 minutes in she says that Bleha would sometimes just take her phone and go through the messages and stuff, but other than that she doesn't really say anything that we don't already know

    Page 512
    Rosenberg is in talks with somebody who spotted Bleha in the wild, at a local Walmart. View the text message convo here:

    Page 517
    Summary of Bleha's April 2019 posted in the FBI comment section:

    Page 530
    Rosenberg tries to visit Larry Blaha but Larry just locks himself inside his cabin before they could get to him

    Page 531
    What the actual fuck lol

    Page 535
    S A V A G E
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 536
    Fuckface Blahino contacted Rosenberg's mom on facebook with his "pressing charges" bullshit, mom thought Bleha is a psychopath so to spare her from further concern Rosenberg quits the movement

    Page 538
    AntonioC calls Bleha on the phone on mother's day:
    "Good idea calling him on a day you know he will be free."
    -cuck finn
    Also at 11:28 Antonio successfully manipulated Bleha into admitting he's incel

    Page 540
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage

    Page 543
    Another part of AntonioC phone convo with Bleha:

    Page 544
    The forum administrator @Omega bans @cuck finn for a week due to religion bait (happened outside of Blahautism) and gets blasted in the thread for it

    Page 546
    LOL the world class cuck Chandiwira Beza gets fired from his job (as a cop or prison guard or whatever the fuck he was) for being an idiot on social media!

    Page 553
    Rosenberg deletes all of his Bleha videos and makes a new video explaining what happened:
    So his parents decided to talk to Bleha and they bought into Bleha's bullshit, they made him delete all of those videos

    Page 556
    Another fine addition to your collection, courtesy of zombie:

    Page 565
    CIA's mirror channel gets terminated because youtube caught him using a bot to automatically upload the Bleha mirror videos, but he prevails on a new channel named NSA:

    Page 566
    Rosenberg managed to save a couple of the videos that he had to delete, here's a part of the in-person interview:
    And here's the one where they put up the flyers:

    Page 568
    Zombie is back at it again:

    Page 585-586
    Jonny Fucko's prophecy from 11.0 is coming closer to fruition:
    Also zombie sums up the entire recent content of Bleha's channel in this awesome picture:

    Page 591-592
    Bleha starts talking about his plan to pre-record dozens of videos in order to get extra spare time from his usual 4 videos a day schedule, this leads to the suspicion that he might be planning to move out (again) some time soon. Only this time Rosenberg will be there to keep an eye on him and locate his next address, whatever it may be. Also Rosenberg mentions that his parents no longer buy into Bleha's bullshit. His new youtube channel here:

    Page 596
    Jason Bleha has the worst teeth ever:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 597
    Check out this sweet banner for y'all

    Page 598
    Bleha said in a youtube comment that Rosenberg's dad called Rosenberg autistic, this of course was not true and Rosen's dad never said such thing. Rosenberg then told Bleha off in a text and Bleha went crying to Rosen's dad again, what a whiney little bitch

    Page 601
    Those of you who have paid attention to Bleha's comment sections (on his actual channel) already know that for a while now his comment sections have been a playground for trolls addressing him by various names such as couch, clip, cake, crunch, grinch, clutch, crouton etc. Now here's a comment where somebody calls him "Cumstain" and he just takes it! LMAO

    Page 604
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 609-612
    Bleha ends one of his videos by getting up from the chair and revealing that he's wearing no pants other than blue underwear, for FUCK's sake lol:
    He ended up editing that out from the video but NDA saved the clip in his personal stash:
    Fucking lol at Cumstain's self awareness, shirtcocking it like a proper pedo

    Page 622-625
    Bleha measures his height on video:
    He acts like this proves he's 5ft9 but the actual video shows him to be 5ft8

    Page 626
    Very accurate map of Bleha's teeth, courtesy of RandyAverage:

    Page 629-630
    Mooncosmetologist let her cosmetologist operator license expire??

    Page 633
    LMAO Jerry Ward just made his best video EVER (this time for sure!) promoting his multivitamin supplement while taking jabs at Bleha:
    Mentions his baldness, his rotting teeth, his kyphotic posture, his fucked up breathing and even his autism pauses!

    Page 638
    Bleha's excuse to not respond to Jerry Ward's video:
    This comment leads to people speculating for the next 20-25 pages whether Bleha might be moving out or if he had a strike on his channel (the way youtube's current algorithm works, if you get a strike you won't be able to upload anything for a certain period of time) or both

    Page 640
    @CIA compiles a list of every single word used in Bleha's video titles as well as the number each word has been used:

    Page 641
    @CIA gathered a list of every single video (URLs & titles) Bleha has on his channel right now:

    Page 645
    Bleha feeds into the speculation that he may have moved out, also intends to sell online coaching (haha good luck!):

    Page 655
    Finally Bleha will respond to Jerry Ward:
    The response video itself is a complete shitshow of cope and denial, he is visibly holding back tears and sounds shook as FUCK. Claims that he didn't watch Jerry's video but it's obvious that he did. Gets brutalized in the comment section and desperately tries to excuse his baldness and rotting teeth:
    Also just FYI, british dental care being bad is just a meme, in reality the NHS provides high quality dental care and the only britts who have bad teeth are the ones who never go to dentist and generally don't do jack shit to take care of their teeth

    Page 659
    Summary of Bleha's response video to Jerry Ward, courtesy of zombie:

    Page 660 & 662
    Bleha threw away the green screen he's been using in his videos for 3 years:

    Page 661
    As it turns out, Cumstain didn't move anywhere, he just moved his homegym setup to the living room!

    Page 665
    PROOF that he just moved his shit into the living room:

    Page 666
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage
    Also Jerry Ward makes another video, this time gives cutting advice:

    Page 668
    Fat fuck Bleha threatening to shoot Don Shipley:

    Page 673
    Stroke(mouth) of luck or a gift from God?

    Page 678
    Courtesy of zombie:

    Page 682
    Bleha appears to be getting tired of talking to trolls on the phone every day so now he tells all callers that they have to pay him 100 bucks for a one-hour chat, for fuck's sake lol

    Page 687
    Rosenberg confirms that Nova did indeed die because Cumstain left it alone at the cuckshack for 4 days without food or water and no one to look after it

    Page 692
    Bleha will launch his online coaching business...as a facebook exclusive! Will only take 5 clients and charges 200 bucks a month:

    Page 694
    I want to 3D print this:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 696
    Oh this just in, Bleha will not help you out with your diet if you hire him as your online coach:

    Page 701
    Rosenberg posts excerpts from a convo Bleha had with FraudAnalyzer back in last March, this one we've already seen:
    And here's a couple we haven't seen:
    The blocked out part says "I come home to that bullshit and possible having my dog murdered by fucking stalkers". Fuck you Jason Blaha. You and you alone are responsible for Nova's death. Not us, you.

    Page 702
    Cumstain claims that he's got his 5 clients now:

    Page 704
    Predictable ratfaced fuck will not show you how well his clients progress under his coaching:

    Page 707
    Pure BullFit destroys Bleha's non-existent credentials and soon to fail online coaching pursuit:

    Page 711
    It appears Cumstain has cried to google and got his apartment's business page (google reviews) removed

    Page 719
    Bleha makes a video offering his coaching services to Jerry Ward and Eric Kanevsky. However he will NOT offer coaching to Marc Steubing:

    Page 720
    Jerry Ward accepts Bleha's offer to be his coach by making this awesome video where Jerry shows off the results he's got for his own clients while at the same time requesting Bleha to show his credentials (which as we all know don't exist):

    Page 723
    Meet Gaetano Thoma Mortillaro, one of Bleha's most active fans on facebook:
    He is also anti-gun and a huge Bernie Sanders supporter,plus he doesn't/is unable to lift/work out. Absolutely nothing in common with Bleha.

    Page 724
    Bleha's subscriber count keeps dropping...

    Page 725
    NDA and other mirror channels as well as Shadow Man and VKVDM youtube channels have been taken down

    Page 728
    Subscribe to the new mirror channel F Bee Eye:
    Also Bleha is full of shit about the youtube channels being taken down:
    Muh criminal investigation, muh inside information, muh business relationship with google, shut the fuck up you fat faggot!

    Page 729
    Another mirror channel:

    Page 730
    Tiffany Trask contact info posted by NotAll:
    She owns the apartment #1 at 3401 Timmons Lane and she must be informed of the damage her tenant Jason Blaha is likely causing to the floors and walls by tossing heavy barbells and Rogue plates around.

    Page 733
    The average watch time for most of Bleha's videos is less than 5 minutes LOL
    Also Bleha admits he's destroying the floors in Tiffany Trask's apartment:
    Also here are the names of every apartment owner at 3401 Timmons:

    For the last 5 or so pages people talk about reporting Bleha's online coaching endeavor to the IRS since Bleha most likely hasn't reported that extra source of income himself and internet links as well as other contact info necessary to report Bleha's tax fraud are posted in the thread. Also our very own @Cuckzilla becomes a moderator!

    These are the current mirror channels for Bleha videos:
    The Bear https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-...5CvocMRuGzgvUQ
    Jason Blaha Stories & Fatness https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5...8T7REf6bXk5r5A
    F Bee Eye https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtp...sQfpct4zOhtibQ

    Now on to the next one, but don't forget to brush your teeth twice every day and floss regularly!

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