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    Do you even lift you fucking faggot who are you?
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    Page 1-5
    The mumby roasting continues, so far he hasnt responded.

    Page 6
    An actual navy officer Alan Zummak gives his thoughts on Bleha:
    Excellent video

    Page 10
    As we all know by now, Bleha had a 48 inch waist at the time Anna the Ex kicked him out. Here IGotNext shows you what kind of pants a person of those measurements would have to wear:

    Page 25
    Bleha decides to pose shirtless again:
    Notice the cancer growing on the right side of his lower back:
    Also here's why he insists on pulling his pants up so high:
    Courtesy of everyone's favorite @zombie

    Page 38
    Bleha gets blasted on Sherdog forums:

    Page 50
    Igor Opeshansky from Vitruvian Physique takes a little jab at Bleha, shows a pic of him while talking about bad genetics:
    And this is his explanation for using that pic (LOL):

    Paged 59-61
    Bleha has now replaced squats in his "training" with hip thrusts:
    This fucking guy

    Page 63
    Bleha posts a picture of his fridge:
    50K a year yet this is what he can afford, think about that.

    Page 70
    Bleha changes his channel name to "Jason Blaha Strength and Power":
    Here's his cope explanation for the name change:
    But we all know the real reason he did it is to use Nick's Strenght And Power name to get more views

    Page 72 & 76
    It appears someone has bought the domain jasonblahastrengthandpower.com
    The link doesnt actually lead anywhere, pretty sure Bleha only bought it so Elgin couldn't cuck him again
    Also @zombie strikes again:

    Page 74-75
    Bleha finally fixes his channel name from "Jason Blaha Strength And Power" to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Power", too bad he only bought the domain name with one S letter:

    Page 80
    jasonblahasstrengthandpower.com (two S letters) redirects to Elgin's merch store!
    Also Bleha's arm is shaking again like early onset Parkinson's disease:

    Page 81
    Bleha makes an absolutely infuriating shitfisted video explaining his channel name change and talking shit about Nick's Strength And Power. Bleha even projects his wheelchair accusations from 2016 unto Nick:

    Page 84
    This is what Nick himself thinks about Bleha LOL:

    Page 86
    One of our newer members @RickJ who is pretty well connected in the powerlifting community and a damn strong powerlifter himself (we're talking like +500lb bench presses and 800lb deadlifts) went around talking to some people once he heard about Bleha being a powerlifting referee for BPU. So he finds out the truth behind Bleha's time at his first gym in the UK, which Bleha talks about in this post:
    But in reality, Bleha was supposed to pick up stray weights, change the bin liners and paper rolls and vacuum the floor in return for being allowed to train there. But he did such a half assed job that he was taken to task, then stopped showing up and started rumors that the gym owner had not paid him for work carried out.

    Page 91
    Bleha responds to Vitruvian Physique's jab with a bunch of incoherent mentally ill rambling, claims that Igor is weak because he can only squat 420 and deadlift 530 (WTF?) and Bleha also claims to deadlift 530 for reps then shows footage of himself getting destroyed by 515, at around 2:25 of this video:

    Page 93
    Bleha has now changed his channel name to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness", just make up your fucking mind you spaz

    Page 96
    Remember Dank Net who made that awesome video on Bleha? Here's Dank Net's video on the Jacked Jesus Through The Twisting Nether Beast Underground Muscle Shaman Expanding The Universe Creations:
    It contains a cardio gamer reference at around 5 minutes.
    Speaking of cardio gamer, Bleha getting trolled on facebook:

    Page 98
    Elgin beats Bleha to the punch again and buys off Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness domains:

    Page 108
    Alex Rosen officially joins the board

    Page 110
    Jason Christ is back and still can't spell publicly:

    Page 111
    Awesome video breaking down Bleha's VitruvianPhysique video and debunking every lie that comes out of Bleha's fat rodent mouth:

    Page 113
    There is a copy of Bleha's Stolen Valor Enthusiast channel that contains a bunch of videos that Bleha has deleted from the original channel:

    Page 137
    Fucking pathetic little man Bleha gets mad when somebody points out the obvious fact that Bleha doesnt have a car:
    We know for a fact that he doesnt have a car because he has his groceries delivered home (literally said this himself in a recent video) and before that he complained about legs being too fatigued for squats because he had to walk to the grocery store.
    Also he's lying about Mooncunt being the one who totalled the Focus:

    Page 151
    Jerry Ward comes back to us after over 2 year absence because of a video Bleha made about Ward becoming a pastor (Bleha still pretends to be a christian). Ward states he does religious services for free and not for profit like Bleha claims. Also Jerry Ward finally admits that basketball does count as cardio!

    Page 157
    About one year ago Bleha the little shit tried to use "ReputationDefender.com" to erase funny photoshops and websites that contain factual info of him from the internet. Failed miserably, only some pictures on google images were removed.
    Information brought to you by @Abu bin Abdulaziz
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