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    Blahautism: The Jason Blaha Story CLIFFS


    Blahautism 1.0

    Page 1-50
    Just people lolling at Bleha, much of the same stuff we talk about him right now; welfare leech, unemployed, cuck, acts tough over the internet, never leaves his cuckcave, on disability etc on page 2 @Discorecord posts a copy/paste of a random dude on the internet who claims to have been the one that gave Bleha the black eye that Bleha explained in his "chivalry" bullshit video, take the story with a grain of salt though:

    Page 31-32
    Bleha's prostate massage anal fetish is discovered for the first time:

    Page 50
    Fuckin KEKD at this team america reference
    Also the Jihad first began to assemble, people got sick of Bleha making death threats towards everyone and all around being an asshole...wish I had been here back then instead of being the raging nuthugger that I was (hate to admit it but at least I admit it)

    Page 65
    Bodybyfinaplix posts are found for the first time, courtesy of @JasonDB

    Page 72-73
    This is why Bleha doesn't comment on other people's videos anymore

    Page 74
    when you guys figured out he was buying likes, I always thought that was a made up claim but apparently it was true all along

    Page 81
    Anna the Ex is first discovered, also if you scroll far enough you will see Anna's biker past came out:

    Page 95
    Hajis figured out how to leave 10 dislikes

    Page 125
    The CIA is born

    Page 142
    Jason Bleha is cancer:
    And no this one is not photoshopped

    Page 172
    A shit ton of Bleha forum posts collected by @esplosion:
    Hitman delusions, 30 plate leg press, 22 plate hack squat, not bald delusions, hacker, study subject and more

    Page 173
    Bleha emails Nine:

    Page 182
    Somebody jizzed on a pic of Bleha's second wife Emily

    Page 187
    Bleha is full of fucking shit about his divorce with Anna:

    Page 189
    Some of Bleha's accounts on other websites:

    Page 208
    This just in: Bleha has been ripped before but all pictures burned up in a fire:

    Page 244
    Moonwhore does have an MBA...from University of Phoenix!
    For the unawares, University of Phoenix is an online college where just about anybody with enough money can get a degree, it's essentially worthless as far as employment goes

    Page 253
    Blahapedia is open, brought to you by @RoyJonzeJr!

    Page 266
    Some Bleha pics for everyone's free use:
    And some awesome photoshops:
    Some of this stuff may be NSFW

    Page 268 & 274
    @Kenny gives us the dislike script:
    var accs = [];
    setTimeout(function () {
    accs = document.getElementById("yt-delegate-accounts".querySelectorAll(".yt-masthead-account-picker-option";
    while(document.body.firstChild) {
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    iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
    iframe.src = accs[i].href;
    setTimeout(function () {
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    else {
    setTimeout(function() {
    accs = iframe.contentDocument.getElementById("yt-delegate-accounts".querySelectorAll(".yt-masthead-account-picker-option";
    window.location.href = accs[accs.length - 1].href;
    }, 1000);
    }, 6000)})(accs.length - 1);
    }, 1000);
    Second version:
    var accs, iframe, url;
    url = window.location.href;
    iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
    iframe.src = "https://www.youtube.com/channel_switcher";
    iframe.onload = function() {
    accs = iframe.contentDocument.getElementById("ytcc-existing-channels".querySelectorAll(".yt-uix-sessionlink";
    (function dislikeLoop(i) {
    iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
    iframe.src = accs[i].href.replace(/next=.../, "next=" + encodeURIComponent(/.*(watch.*)/.exec(url)[1]));
    iframe.setAttribute("style", "width: 100%; height: 100%";
    iframe.onload = function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
    if (i > 2) {
    dislikeLoop(i - 1);
    else {
    window.location.href = accs[1].href.replace(/next=.../, "next=" + encodeURIComponent(/.*(watch.*)/.exec(url)[1]));
    }, 2000);
    }, 2000);
    })(accs.length - 1);

    Page 276
    This is where it's first brought up in Blahautism that Bleha collected donations for the Layne Norton lawsuit but kept the money to himself

    Page 303
    Bleha makes an april fools day video where he admits he's bald, too bad he pretty soon afterwards went right back to denying it again

    Page 311
    @Private Potato first post

    Page 316
    The Exposed TV video where they contacted Anna the Ex is now out, Bleha actually used the dislike script on it

    Page 324
    Bleha responds to the Exposed TV video, doesn't address any of the things Anna said and just proceeds to smear her like the shithead that he is

    Page 325
    Skee Daddle reveals the darketernal:
    Pages after that are people discovering darketernal's forum posts and seeing it for themselves that it really is Bleha. He wrote a bunch of shit about being a reptilian, CIA assassin, illuminati insider and shit like that. But he didn't come up with any of it himself, he just copied everything from David Icke's writings and showed up on the forums claiming to be an insider and testifying that everything Icke said is true. Because Bleha cant just be a common schmuck with interest towards the stuff David Icke says, he has to be the fucking insider in the illuminati who lived through everything Icke wrote about and knows everything better than anybody else. Fucking lying narcissist cunt, always has to be the authority in every topic he talks about, I hate this guy so much.

    Page 334
    This may or may not be Bleha's reddit account:

    Page 338
    Bleha got blasted on Sodlike Productions

    Page 387
    Bleha said Princess Diana died because of a reptilian ritual

    Page 413
    Bleha's email is here, do as you please with it:
    Also Bleha's marriage and divorce record:
    As you can see, there is no divorce record between Bleha and Emily, they're still legally married.

    Page 421
    Irrefutable proof that darketernal is Bleha:

    Page 428
    Bleha is a shit - worst post ever:

    Page 430
    @BlahaIsDead creates a new script that systematically creates more sock accounts which @Kenny's script can use to dislike Bleha's videos, lol this is some mafia level shit right here

    Page 462
    Jihad finds out Bleha cant ban comments on his askjasonblaha channel, attack ensues

    Page 496
    @TheEx comes aboard

    Page 505
    The kkk writings are found:

    Page 547
    After trying to ignore it for over a week (and don't tell me he didn't know, hajis spammed that shit on his comment sections every day and he deleted every comment) Bleha finally addresses the darketernal shit by claiming that he was a paid fiction writer LMFAO. Not gonna link the video here because we're boycotting Bleha's channel. One day before making the video he first alluded to the paid writer bullshit in a youtube comment seen on page 512: https://i.imgur.com/YlujJwB.png
    Oh and just in case you were wondering, here's proof that Bleha was full of shit:

    Page 552
    Bleha is once again full of fucking shit about Anna the Ex

    Page 572
    Marc Pocketliner loves us

    Page 578
    Bleha makes the video where he tells the story of him and Marc Pocketliner finding a goat with her head stuck in a fence and Bleha tries to rape her.
    https://youtu.be/JXJmrYzjmIY?t=1525 not from his channel so dont worry

    Page 588
    @TheEx confirms Bleha's mom Connie was a Baptist and not jewish

    Page 596
    In response to Bleha's goat story Exposed TV makes their best video ever that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore

    Page 607
    @LizardBlaha joins the board

    Page 618
    The truth behind Bleha's "bicep tear" along with other Blahautistic forum posts brought to you by @LizardBlaha

    Page 643-644
    Bleha has to move out of his shitbox apartment, says it's because the landlord didnt keep their end of the agreement. This was proven to be a lie, in reality they moved out because Moonwhore lost her job and couldn't afford the rent anymore.

    Page 676
    Apparently Bleha's sister Andrea married one month before her 18th birthday and divorced a little over two years later.
    Marriage: 23 November 1996
    Divorce: 17 February 1999
    Harris, Texas, United States
    Courtesy of @Jason Blah-Blah

    Page 680
    Summary of Bleha's life:

    Page 690
    mooncrookie's criminal record is found:
    The next 20-30 pages are ment galore

    Page 692
    The truth behind Mooncrookie forming corporations in her pyjamas:

    Page 698
    The Tallulah-Sue blog is found. It may or may not be Moonwhore but they have the same date of birth, same stage name, same location, same club they worked in and at the same timeframe. Take that as you will.
    Bleha actually tried to disprove the blog by showing Mooncunt's divorce record with Daniel Barlow which stated they had no kids between eachother. The problem is, if you look at the divorce record which I have for you here: http://marriage-divorce-records.moos...Brittany-Clark you will see that they married in 2006. According to Tallulah-Sue's blog the kids were already 6-8 years old at that time, so the way I see it it's far more likely that LunarTrash had the kids with someone else and lost custody because she's a crackwhore and later on abandoned her kids altogether.

    Page 718
    Marc Davis phone call to Bleha's dad, Bleha was never a mercenary and never built hydrogen compressors, he did manual labor in a warehouse with compressors and engines

    page 750
    The court documents revealing Mooncunt's ex-husband Daniel Barlow beat her and shoved a bandana (or banana) down her throat. Fitmisc would like to buy this man a beer.

    Page 782
    This happens

    Page 861
    Layne Norton promotes the phone call to Bleha's dad video

    Page 862
    Jerry Ward joins the board

    Page 865
    Jerry Ward shares his text message convo with Bleha, check it out
    Blue is Ward grey is Bleha

    page 887
    Ex-2.0 Emily contacted, among other things she confirms theyre still married and I still cannot understand for the life of me why she chooses not to divorce Bleha:

    Page 898
    @delusional fatty joins the board

    Page 916
    University of Phoenix seems like a great place of education

    Page 924
    Moontrash defends University of Phoenix:

    Page 938
    Next level trolling on Bleha's comment section, pronounce this name out loud. Do it.

    Page 947
    @Cuckzilla joins the board

    Page 973
    Bleha makes the video defending Genova after the slapbox incident. I was a nuthugger at this time so I only saw another nuthugger or a Bleha sock account comment on youtube that the people on the Blahautism thread were scared shitless that Bleha would actually get some praise over the video, but now I know that wasn't the case at all. Some people on board did want to give Bleha props for defending Genova but the rest of the Jihadis saw right through Bleha and his bullshit. He didn't care about helping Genova, he only cares about himself.

    Page 999
    Bleha trying to generate doxxing on Nine

    Page 1017
    @Nine shows us the email conversation between him and Bleha

    Page 1020 & 1040
    Bleha's gym liked one of the troll reviews on facebook that insulted Bleha

    Page 1027
    Exposed tv gets shut down and bleha thinks he won. Later on in the thread it is revealed that the real reason why Exposed TV was shut down is because the british host accidentally put his real name out in the open, Bleha got a hold of it and sent him a bunch of threats. I knew about the british guy slipping his name out there but I never knew about Bleha threatening him, what a fucking dick move. Guys, this is why I do this, there's so much valuable information that was discovered in these threads but nobody can ever see it because much of this stuff is not on either Blahapedia or Exposed TV videos and no one's gonna read through thousands of pages... Well except me but I'm kinda mental so...

    Page 1034
    We have not violated any laws in this Jihad, FUCK YOU BLEHA!

    Page 1038
    Exposed TV is back

    Page 1044
    Spam, nothing but spam. Just move along.

    Page 1068
    Bleha spouting out his delusional bullshit to an undercover jihadi:

    Page 1071
    @Tactical Squirrel mentions Bleha's criminal record from 1999, some other people confirm it but for whatever reason this incredible reveal was only kept within the thread and not made into an Exposed TV video until 2 months later.

    Page 1072
    Apparently this guy was Bleha's defense attorney in the 1999 incident:
    Seems like a totally legit guy:

    Page 1088
    the clinton years video is out, royal ments ensue

    Page 1144
    Bleha used to post on Cheggit and Empornium under the name Blarharse, apparently he was pretending to be some huge porn promoter until he got exposed and bullied out of there. Information brought to you by @RickPiano. Also here's Blarharse reviewing a hooker:

    page 1151
    @Gisum Blowhole joins the force!!

    Page 1154
    Bleha is famous now, total celery

    The other Blahautism threads will be added here as I read through them.
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    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
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    Blahautism 2.0 http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...ha-Story-2-0**

    page 1
    Apparently some big gaming channel with million subs called out bleha over the clinton years video, as a result of that Bleha gets absolutely raped in his own comment sections.
    This screenshot collage from page 11:

    Page 27
    Bleha's damage control video, talks about the Eff Bee Eye and calls us muslim cyberstalkers

    Page 50
    This imgur post gets Bleha more subs: https://imgur.com/gallery/e8SJWxl
    Jihad ensues in the comment section and this post: https://imgur.com/gallery/CJGrG/new

    Page 52 & 84
    American Blano:

    page 105
    Bleha is a pubic figure:

    Page 111
    The popular military article is up.

    Page 119
    Nine Line Apparel denounces Bleha

    Page 120
    Laynester puts the article on spread

    Page 127
    Elgin puts the popmil article on spread and also The Veterans Site gets a hold of the article on facebook

    page 156
    Mooncrookie tries to prove that Bleha has no criminal record

    Page 174
    Exposed TV puts out this video that hints at Bleha's criminal record and all around is a middlefinger to Bleha acting like he got Exposed TV shut down

    Page 215
    Layne Norton's now famous facebook live stream is on. Laynester tears Bleha a new asshole and also reveals the real reason why Bleha got kicked out of his gym in UK (gave steroid advice to a trainer, gym owner asked Bleha to stop, Bleha denied everything, gym owner showed the email conversations to Bleha, Bleha still couldnt admit that he did it but instead mumbled something and walked away, gym owner had enough of that shit and told Bleha to fuck off)
    On top of that Laynester is absolutely hell bent on exposing Bleha, on facebook and twitter spreading screenshots of the death threat Bleha made towards Layne's family and he even put up some cash of his own to promote the popular military stolen valor article on facebook. Anyone who says Layne is a coward because he doesnt act... I'm sorry but fuck you. Laynester did literally everything in his power to destroy Bleha at the most crucial stage of the Jihad. Even though we would want him to do just a little more, we by no means have the right to demand that from him at this point.

    Page 259
    Iron City Gym gets a phone call from the Jihad and we all know what came out of that, Bleha is a confirmed pussy in real life

    Page 298
    Bleha tries to align with Vegan Gains, thread turns into a Vegan Gains discussion and some posters wonder if there should be a jihad for VG as well

    Page 306
    Devon Palumbo is made aware of Blehas bullshit and adviced to cease supporting Bleha, there was a soft blackmail attempt involved (about revealing Devon's g4p past) which I dont really know what to think of but oh well

    page 367-368
    @RoyJonzeJr reports Bleha made a facebook post claiming that he intentionally mispronounced POG to let people know he wasnt in the military.
    Also @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit confirms Bleha got banned from his gun range.

    Page 376
    Conclusive proof that Bleha dropped out of college:

    Page 387
    Coppertopp22 video surfaces, someone said "the fuck is this shit?"

    Page 431
    The Ex confirms that Bleha wasn't legally allowed to own firearms while they were together because he had a previous weapons charge. Also confirms that Bleha did not have a college degree.

    Page 450
    Coppertopp22 revealed on exposed tv. It took a little over one hour from when the coppertopp video was first found to when his face was revealed by @Negan on page 391. The next 10 pages or so people in the thread speculated it's either Bleha himself in disguise or David Neet from one of Bleha's previous videos, meanwhile CIA figured out who coppertopp really is (J Parker O'Roarke) and all his other background information quickly and easily.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cuckzilla View Post
    literally within 15 minutes he was doxxed

    Page 457
    J Porker spergs out on disqus:
    Also Anna the Ex gives some more details: retarded Bleha nuthuggers harassed her in 2014 and Bleha himself wouldn't do anything about it, Emily contacted her before marrying Bleha asking her about Bleha's background, Anna confirms it took 3 years for them to divorce after she kicked him out, she refused to pay for it.

    Page 471
    Nine Line Apparels is awared of the coppertopp episode

    Page 473
    ABC 13 is awared of Bleha:

    page 491-494
    Jerry Ward talks about various stuff like how Bleha wanted to start his own supplement line (which has since then been confirmed true by Steve Shaw) and how Marc Lobliner was the only person out there offering Bleha the job of writing for tiger fitness and being affiliate etc and Bleha basically spit in his face. Also Ward shares some of his personal experience with Bleha:

    I'm not a fan of Jerry Ward but this made me

    Page 527:
    If Bleha was a movie...
    Courtesy of @Jason Genova

    Page 546
    Coppertopp22 doxxing results revealed in the thread, his workplace and social media links posted and on page 547 and 550 it is revealed J Porker has an extensive criminal record dating as far back as 2002, several criminal offenses and at least 2 of them are DWI.
    Here are his mugshots:

    Page 567
    @Shadow Man video surfaces and the video is brought to you by... @Snap City. Ramy Broude aka Shadow Man aka Snap City himself brought his own video to the thread and then acted like "who's this guy?". 100% pure microfiltered piss.

    Page 568
    Bleha's black friend from the Foci video gets doxxed, courtesy of @Cuckzilla:
    Also, rather unsurprisingly:
    Soliciting prostitution, Marijuana possession, multiple drug offenses, several assaults on family members

    Page 571 and 572
    It is found that Bleha and his family did indeed live in Farmington, New Mexico 1993-1995 and then moved back to texas

    Page 576
    Bleha's other friend from the foci video is identified: Seth McLane

    page 705
    Lunar Cunt's mugshots are found and spread across facebook:

    Page 726
    Bleha hides his subscriber count!

    Page 738
    Alpha Destiny aka Alexander Leonidas is on our side:

    Page 763
    @Michael Neo joins the force

    Page 790
    Bleha uploads Mooncrookie's powerpoint presentation, oh my god...

    Page 816
    Layne Norton email conversation with police after Bleha threatened to murder Layne's family:

    Page 829-832
    @SkeeDaddle cracks. The most pissening thing I have seen in my life.

    Page 849
    Bleha has a stroke mouth. You heard it first from @PaddedUnderwear

    Page 902
    @Shadow Man finally reveals himself after most people just ignored him and the few that did watch his videos thought he was either Bleha himself or Seth McLane because he green screened Bleha's couch into his videos, bunch of lol

    Page 918
    @Shadow Man signs up on fitmisc as Shadow Man even though he already had the @Snap City account

    Alright guys that's really all I have to say on that today, I hope that it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time.

    But first let me give you guys an ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! gif before I go:
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    Damn, this is so epic, and nice collection of evidence. So read it all and weep Jason Blaha!!!

    If any more information to post let me or another mod know by PM we can get it put up.
    Never give up, never give in, never go down without a fight

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    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
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    Sup @MindlessWork

    Blahautism 3.0

    page 6
    Elgin has a Bleha photo collection:

    Page 21
    @TheEx reveals Bleha had a 1991 Mustang at one point. Here's actual footage of him driving it:
    courtesy of @Pudding Head

    Page 29
    the Nick Wright feud begins:

    Page 83
    Bleha throws Emily under the bus over the death threat he made towards Layne Norton, not gonna link the video because boycott

    Page 112
    Bleha changes the name of his stolen valor channel from JuggernautTacticalTV to Jason Blaha Firearm Enthusiast, most likely due to this email exchange with the actual Juggernaut Tactical seen on page 123:

    Page 140 & 146
    Moonfuckie's twitter. Pure piss.

    Page 151
    Bleha's criminal record is now on youtube, just why couldnt it be earlier?

    Page 188
    Bleha tries to use the Jihad to get more views:

    Page 192 & 238
    @Cuckzilla reveals the truth behind LunarCunt's forensic accounting, she did data entry in the warehouse of this company:

    Page 194 & 195

    Page 224 & 239
    More PISS from Moondump's twitter
    Here she makes reference to her whistleblow litigation incident, which did actually happen but obviously not in the way she describes:
    Skip to Blahautism 10.0 page 341 to learn what really happened

    page 244
    Bleha spotted in the wild, the first "reptilian collective" video showing him waddling around in a parking lot

    Page 245
    The second popular military article is up:

    page 262
    Bleha goes on popular military facebook to complain about the second stolen valor article, the Jihad catches him and throws him right back into the cuck cave:

    Page 286
    The most legit Warrior of the World @IGotNext joins the force

    Page 293
    Already back in 2016 when Bleha first made his IG page he announced that BriTranny handles it for him, I guess he just forgot to tell BriTranny herself that she handles Bleha's insta because every IG post is written from Bleha's perspective and LunarCunt is referred to in 3rd person

    Page 302
    Bleha's dad receives a DVD compiling all the shit Bleha has been saying about him, courtesy of @Blaha The Turd

    Not much else to report on 3.0 after that, Shadow Man filed a copyright claim against coppertop22 and got Bleha to shut that account down but I'm sure everybody knows that already.
    I will take a couple of days off due to real life priorities but I will get around to do 4.0 within the next week so stay tuned.

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    I came inside her 3 times
    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 4.0

    Page 9-20
    @IGotNext cracks, absolutely hard to watch. Good thing our boi LizardBlaha was able to talk sense to him

    Page 28
    Bleha's cousin was a legit NFL player, information brought to you by @JuggernutzTV. This is the guy:

    Page 50
    Lmao fitmisc found me when I was a bleha nuthugger, courtesy of @Silly Nips:
    On page 53 someone thought I was Skeedaddle LOL. But this guy, @SonOfPoseidon gets it 100% right:

    Page 74
    Bleha is spotted at m4carbine.net posting as JasonB1, jihad follows him to put him in his place:

    Page 102
    Cassady Campbell challenges Bleha to a bench press contest for money and we all know what happened next; Bleha backed out like a pussy and Cassady went to Bleha's gym anyway and Bleha hid in his cuckshed

    Page 104
    Bleha has a blog. For obvious reasons I wont link it here.

    Page 115
    Some hotbabe on tinder that sort of looks like Moonshit:

    Page 178-179
    Bleha gets reported to the company that made the pictures Bleha uses as a background:
    Courtesy of @Michael Neo

    Page 196
    Bleha is reported to yet another company:

    Page 197
    The missing piece of Bleha's criminal record, the gun he was arrested for ended up being destroyed because Bleha was too much of a pussy to go and request it back within 60 days:

    Page 202

    Page 220
    Mooncrookie ethnic theory confirmed:

    Page 221
    Bleha's address is published in the thread:
    The place isnt nearly as fancy as it appears to be, as evidenced by these reviews provided by @Glory Hole of Mystery on page 236:

    Page 222
    LOL http://i.imgur.com/lMlW5UZ.jpg

    Page 228
    The reason why Bleha hates Ian McCarthy:

    Page 238
    Our own @IGotNext investigates a lunarcunt delusion:
    Basically Moonwhore made a facebook post about a bar/restaurant she used to work in but she cant just say she used to work there, no she had to be the fucking employee of a lifetime and bring in $10k extra income every month. No wonder she's with Bleha, theyre both the same type of delusional narcissistic compulsive liars.
    Anyway IGotNext made a couple phone calls and proved mooncookie's claims to be bullshit.

    Page 253
    Shadow Man discovers that Bleha used to post on GovTeen, if you dont know what GovTeen is go look it up, you wont be disappointed

    Page 256
    Not only did Bleha take steroids but he took insulin as well:

    Page 263
    Bleha used to post on GameFAQs and he's been banned from there:
    Courtesy of @FlexLuthor

    Page 265
    Bleha also used to post on UK-muscle:

    Page 306
    Bleha makes the video where he says "BRING IT, I WILL FUCKING END YOU."

    Page 317-323
    When Bleha came back to Tex-ass in 2015 he first lived with a man named Jason Wayne Mead who apparently is a complete loser and a failure at life. He's been unemployed for god knows how long, his female ex-roommate bolted on him after getting him to pay for everything and on top of that his daughter Brittanye Melinda Mathews is a stripper as well as a convicted felon, here's her criminal record:


    Courtesy of @Cuckzilla and @IGotNext

    Page 343
    @batsinthebarbell joins us for a moment

    Page 376

    Page 404
    @Shadow Man finds me after I had switched sides:

    Page 410-411
    Ground Zero Tactical actually exists and it's run by Bleha's buttbuddies David Neet and Royce Gest, Neet holds the FFL:
    Bleha himself has no part in the company, but supposedly he was going to enter himself in and have Neet and Gest sell Bleha's makeshift weapons while Bleha collects the profit.

    Page 422
    Shadow Man points out a resemblance between Bleha and Brett Keane, Brett used to be a big youtuber who got exposed and utterly demolished.

    Page 428

    Page 455
    @delusional fatty contacts the company that made these shirts:
    Turns out Bleha was cut off from the financial benefits of the shirts being sold, the company tried to contact Bleha first but he never responded to any of the emails.

    Page 468
    Jerry Ward introduces the idea of selling "OUR BOI HEMINGWAY" shirts

    Page 484
    Shadow Man got Big J to remove the Bleha collab video on youtube:

    Page 488
    @Our Boy Hemingway saves all of Bleha's videos to prevent losing them in a fire:

    And we're done. I'm gonna hit the fucking sack now and I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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    I came inside her 3 times
    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 5.0

    Page 1
    @TheEx Q&A for all the people with the most common questions for her

    Page 6
    Bleha deadlifts over 600 pounds, you think he cant kill you with his bear hands? Think about it. Think about that for a minute.

    Page 20
    There is a youtube channel called Blaha Media:
    The Jihad will kindly inform them a name like that is unacceptable.

    Page 34
    Mooncunt is trash:
    Circa 2013

    Page 42
    @Michael Neo states that his former work involved monitoring/infiltrating religious cults and one of those cults was the David Icke forums, Michael Neo came across Dark eternal already back then.

    Page 51
    @LizardBlaha hates @Shadow Man

    Page 89
    Jerry Ward makes a video to promote the our boi hemingway shirts:

    Page 91
    @LeftAnteriorDeltoidBrah presents the floorplan of Bleha's apartment

    Page 93
    Bleha makes a video talking shit about Jerry Ward in retaliation to the hemingway shirts. On the same day Jerry's dad died. Bleha is a piece of shit.
    Also Al Robbie from @Every Damn Day Fitness joins us for a little while.

    Page 114
    LOL @IGotNext uses the exact same line that I was posting in Bleha's comment sections back then at that time ("Fuck your mom. You know you want to", I cannot remember for the life of me which one of us came up with it first so I don't know if this was intentional on his part, I do know I came up with it on my own and haven't ever even seen @IGotNext use it until now. Could just be coincidence that we both thought of the same thing, either way it's hilarious.

    Page 126
    Context: In an exposed tv video Marc Davis called moonslut on phone and wanted to talk about Bleha, Moonslut said she doesnt have time for that and pretty much hung up. She then goes and makes this retarded facebook post and puts Marc's number up there to generate stalking on Marc Davis, basically the trailer trash cokewhore is doing the exact same thing she and Bleha accuse us of doing. Anyway that guy in the comments who said he could do some stalking called Marc Davis' number and babbled something about leaving his friends alone or whatever. The dude was doxxed by the CIA and turns out he's an actual veteran, his real name is not revealed but he is referred to as "The Specialist". Page 483 the next Exposed TV video has Marc Davis calling The Specialist back to confront him about the issue, he denies everything and Marc makes it clear he knows it was this guy and he also knows who this guy is, The Specialist pauses and hangs up.

    Page 140
    LunarSlut is repulsive:

    Page 154
    Jerry Ward cracks and rage quits lmao

    Page 170
    Mooncunt challenged Jerry Ward to a powerlifting contest, Jerry accepts and Bleha goes full pussymode:

    Page 180
    Shadow Man reveals a part of the private conversations he had with Bleha before revealing himself, Bleha is a delusional nutcase both in private and on youtube videos:
    Also according to Bleha @Nine is an "IP expert":

    Page 188
    CIA sent these around Bleha's apartment complex:

    Page 220
    Bleha finally posts new workout footage after going no less than 2 months without uploading any gym footage on youtube, for 2 months he was fused into his chair reloading bullets. He admits he's gained around 20 pounds but he insists it's not fat, yeah OK BUDDY!

    Page 250
    Preview of things to come:

    Page 270-280
    Exposed TV - SHE DANCED A BIT
    I remember watching that video when it first came out and holy shit the ments were unreal!
    Here's a nuthugger's reaction:
    And then the same guy went on to link this video to Nick Wright:
    Also Elgin shared the video:
    Here are some related GIFs:
    Bleha also responded to somebody asking about the incident with this comment:

    Page 278
    @IGotNext informs us of the bar where Moonslut's dancing took place.
    Address: 11902 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070
    Phone: (281) 807-9229

    Page 284
    Anna the Ex reveals some more ments of Bleha, like his pet parrot Legolas that he ended up giving away and how Bleha was so bad in the bed that she had to fake an orgasm just to get it over with.

    Page 292
    Bleha's hideous spelling at it again, "pubic statement"

    Page 298
    Anna the ex tells us the story of when she kicked Bleha out, so many ments you have to read it yourself.

    Page 300
    More ments from Anna, Bleha had a purple vibrator that he kept in his drawer.

    Page 301
    Bleha and Legolas

    Page 323
    Bleha's dickpic:
    Yes it's real.

    Page 346
    Anna gives us a picture of Uncle Mike, the uncle who supposedly molested Bleha:
    Other related pictures, courtesy of various people:

    Page 350-364
    HOLY SHIT LOL Uncle Mikes start appearing in Bleha's comment sections.
    Here's some examples:

    Page 379
    Picture of Bleha's aunt Libby who supposedly molested him:

    Page 404
    Bleha says he shaves his head to treat psoriasis:
    The claim gets dismantled in the thread. Shaving your head is not a treatment for psoriasis. Visit to a doctor, vitamin d and sunlight are.
    Timeline of Bleha's male pattern baldness:

    Page 440
    Bleha's shitfisted 5x5 program is off the tiger fitness website!

    Page 452
    Bleha gets blasted on AR15.com forums, brought to you by @InfidelinATL

    Page 453
    Fat Gay Men:
    Courtesy of @Cuckzilla

    Page 456
    Proof that Bleha's mom was not jewish and she was cremated:

    Page 472
    Exposed TV is on facebook:

    Page 484
    Bleha was on eroids as JasonDB:

    Page 504
    A nuthugger from youtube called Joe Budd:
    Also Mooncunt was a "cosmetology operator":

    Page 510
    The greatest hits video is out!

    Page 514
    The first mirror channel is created

    Page 515
    @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit posts a full disclosure of an operation where he messaged tons of Mooncookie's friends and associates, you gotta read the whole thing it's insane:

    Page 516
    Moontramp's mother:
    Brought to you by Cuckzilla

    Page 518
    The second part of the forementioned operation, conversation with LunarCunt:

    Page 531
    Layne Norton challenges Bleha to a debate:

    Page 535
    The Messiah Supreme himself Layne Norton joins our board!!!! He proves his identity by tweeting "bloho is a cuck"

    Page 540
    After ignoring Layne's challenge and blocking anyone asking about it Bleha finally responds, unsurprisingly with a barrage of shitty excuses:

    Holy shit 5.0 has been insane. She danced a bit, Legolas, Big Giving Mike, Bleha's dickpic, Laynester joins us, conversation with the Lunar Whore....I had more fun reading this one than you would think, trust me.
    Now let's see if number 6 can live up to the standard...the ments will never cease.
    And I mean
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    I came inside her 3 times
    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 6.0

    Page 27
    Bleha has been talking to Agent Collins from the movie Signals (2008)

    Page 29

    Page 62
    Shadow Man received documents from Laynester concerning the lawsuit, Bleha only interacted with Layne's lawyers via written messages since he refused to speak with them on phone (gee I wonder why...) and Bleha talked to the lawyers the same idiotic way he talks to people on youtube, it's almost like the fat fucker can no longer separate the internet from real life. Also when he had to show up at court to declare his assets he had nothing but a nokia phone and some pocket change. He also claimed he had an insider at Layne's law firm LMFAO. You can check out the full story in the youtube video Layne Norton Sums up the Jason Blaha Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6K98impbeI

    Page 84
    Bleha makes up a new lie to justify the bullshit he posted back in the day:
    Also @blabla-haha provides some more menty Bleha posts, including this romantic detail of Bleha's relationship with the Big Giving Mike:

    Page 86
    Looks like @TheEx was also a BBMiscer at one time:

    Page 110
    Steve Shaw e-begs money to fix his car, thread pretty much turns into Steve Shaw discussion for a few pages

    Page 124
    @AngelOfDeath tells us everything we need to know about Alex Viada.
    Also the 40 Year of Delusion video series is out, courtesy of @I Laugh At Autists

    Page 128
    @blabla-haha proves that Bleha never tore his bicep

    Page 134
    @IGotNext dispels another Bleha lie about a restaurant they didn't actually go to:

    Page 157
    @cuck finn joins the board

    Page 164
    LunarCunt has a review page at mylife.com, Jihad gets a hold of it and ments ensue:

    Page 174-175
    Cuck finn goes rogue and makes the craigslist ad:
    Royal ments ensue! Actually you know what, I know I'm posting cliffs here but you'd better off just read the whole thread from page 174 onwards, there's ments in just about every page.

    Page 188
    Cuck finn's operation keeps going like crazy and Bleha responds by posting this shit on instagram:

    Page 199
    Bleha is absolutely shook:

    Page 206
    Instagram ments:

    Page 208
    Bleha getting blasted on facebook:

    Page 209
    Bleha waddles around his apartment complex carrying a gun, we've all seen the videos

    Page 235
    Bleha threatens black dudes at gun point, we've seen all these videos as well but here's one of them to refresh your memory:

    Page 244
    Popular Military is informed of Bleha's recent "rampage":

    The rest of the thread is pretty much just aftermath. People debate whether the movement has gone too far or not and @Blaha=shit quits the Blahautism on page 252, Exposed TV gets shut down, Bleha is reported to the police and his apartment complex management and the black dudes who got threatened at gun point chose not to report Bleha to the police. Of course they're not gonna do that, if they did they would have also had to explain why they went there in the first place and there aint no way in hell they're gonna admit to that. It's bad enough that their faces are on video spread across the internet, these guys are not gonna have their names linked to meeting up a tranny for casual sex. We got a great deal of ments but in some ways the whole thing feels like a Pyrrhic victory.

    However strictly on the scale of ments, 6.0 ended up being the shortest Blahautism thread so far but goddamnit it's quality not quantity! At the end of 5.0 I was wondering if 6.0 could live up to the standard. Now after reading 6.0 I gotta say, the last 84 pages are up there. They're fucking definitely up there.

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    I came inside her 3 times
    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 7.0

    More aftermath, @uncemikeisalive contacting the management on page 7 and Bleha being a complete fucktard on page 10:

    Page 16-17
    @Menty calls the police

    Page 19
    Popular military writes an article about the incident:

    Page 20
    Bleha is a stolen valor faggot in real life:

    Page 50
    By the way should go without saying but the whole bomb squad thing with Bleha was a lie, nothing in the news about a bomb scare in Bleha's area

    Page 76
    @Gold pudding gives us an update from the police, basically Bleha is classified as paranoid and is under investigation for being a potential active shooter. Bleha himself gave the police a long sob story about his history with Layne Norton and the police thought the whole thing sounded childish. This episode was no ego boost for Bleha, he was shook beyond belief.

    Page 84
    The fuck is this shit, Bleha opened his own Exposed TV:

    Page 96
    For what it's worth, according to @Gold pudding the police confirmed there were only 2 victims in this whole cuck finn episode. But Bleha said he did it to 6 people? Lies! In truth he was cowering inside the apartment not opening the door until he read fitmisc and figured out what was going on.

    Page 106
    @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit seizes the opportunity on Bleha's gym:
    Also Bleha responded to one of the troll reviews on Iron City facebook but deleted his post when the Jihad started coming down on him

    Page 107
    Iron City Gym owners doxxed: Doug and Sheila Benditz

    Page 109
    Shadow Man teases a part of the Layne Norton lawsuit where Bleha had to declare his assets after losing in court, he claimed to have rights to oil overseas and bullshit like that

    Page 113
    Bleha makes a cope video to explain the cuck finn saga, "conspiracy to commit murder" LOL OK BUDDY!

    Page 114
    Bleha getting blasted on facebook

    Page 120
    Bleha gets one more visitor, this time it's a black tranny who unfortunately was forced to witness Bleha's disgusting naked body

    Page 121
    Bleha is found in the Farmington school yearbook from 1995

    Page 134
    Courtesy of @Jason Genova

    Page 138
    Anna the Ex shares some of the text messages Bleha has been sending her, anyone out there who wants to tell me we've gone too far at any point of the Jihad, anyone who wants to feel sorry for Bleha, anyone who thinks Bleha doesn't deserve to have his fucking guts chewed out and suffer an excruciating death, read this and then go fuck yourself:

    Blue is Anna yellow is Bleha

    Page 145
    Bleha's sister Andrea text messages with cuck finn:

    Page 159
    Shadow Man teases Bleha's asset declaration some more, remember that nokia phone I mentioned earlier?
    2.31GBP are Bleha's life savings at this point:
    By the way he also has an insider at Withers:

    Page 176
    Bleha's sister Andrea was arrested for theft in 1996

    Page 178
    Bleha's sister Andrea makes the news

    Page 200
    Bleha fitness advertisement:
    Courtesy of @Juggernaut Fitness TV

    Page 201-209
    @Shadow Man is a dick

    Page 214
    At one point on Elite Fitness forums Bleha posed as a woman and catfished men:
    This is the fake profile he created which in the posts is referred to as "FBC":

    Page 225
    What the fuck happened to this dog?

    Page 234
    Speculation begins that the Gruesome Twosome have been evicted

    Page 260
    @Abu bin Abdulaziz confirms that they have indeed been evicted!!! This is the time when they moved in to Grannycookie's trailer

    Page 276
    Further confirmation, Bleha's old shitbox available since January 15th 2017
    The floorplan of said shitbox was posted earlier but here's a more accurate version:

    Page 292
    Cuck finn phone calls Bleha, Bleha starts babbling about echelon system and assassinating Obama because he's so fucking stupid that he thinks this will get the FBI to trace the call:

    Page 322
    Cuck finn calls mooncunt's uncle Anthony and he says a bunch of stuff about Bleha, like that Bleha is leeching off of an 80-year-old woman and when Anthony met Bleha nothing but lies came out of Bleha's mouth. Anthony also makes sure to point out he's locked and loaded at all times so if Bleha were to cause any actual trouble he'd take care of it.

    Page 352
    Bleha's gym Iron City Gym in cypress changes their google page so that when you click on the website link, it links to Blahapedia!

    Page 356
    The salad bar that Bleha frequents, Jason's Deli, just did the same thing! The website link that google provides links to Blahapedia

    Page 361-366
    Some idiot @Claire Mitchell trolls the thread and gets banned

    Page 379
    Magic Mike's online obituary is found and defiled

    Page 383
    Cuck finn phone calls J Porker, Porker still denies having anything to do with coppertopp22 and cuck finn just mercilessly roasts him. An actual quote from the phone call:
    J Porker "I remember the last time I got laid"
    Cuck Finn "What was his name"

    Page 426
    Natural Gallant Bodybuilding roasts Bleha:

    Page 429-430
    Mooncunt delusion
    Also check out this sweet comment somebody made on that same instagram post:
    The next 4 pages is BriTranny basically communicating with the forum through more and more bullshit instagram posts which all get refuted in the thread. She even posts a picture of her passport in page 434:
    And this is the Jihad response:

    Page 435
    Bleha claims to have threatened yet another man at gunpoint, while at the same time the fuckface inadvertedly admits he's living in a trailer with Moonwhore's 80-year-old grandmother

    Page 442
    Bleha's max deadlift:
    Courtesy of @MassacreBlast

    Page 444
    Courtesy of @MassacreBlast

    Page 447
    LOL J Porker at it:
    Blehaman giving advice to Porkman:

    Page 448
    J Porker is forever alone and Bleha is cringe:

    Page 464
    Porkman sperging out on facebook:
    Also LOL KEK:

    Page 468
    Anna @TheEx says the Big Giving Mike had many victims in the family including some of Larry's cousins and siblings, not just Bleha.
    Also on page 469 she reveals Bleha is allergic to shrimp

    Page 472
    @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit initiates an operation to get J Porker fired from his cushy warehouse job, this operation turned out to be successful as Porker is currently forced to slave in construction work 10 hours a day under the Tex-Ass sun

    Now before we get to 8.0 let me point out that there is another Blahautism cliffnotes thread that @Tom Platz of Cyberstalkin was updating for a while and he got to cover the latter half of 8.0 as well as the beginning half of 9.0 before he quit. As I fill out this thread I'm just gonna copypaste all of his findings here if he doesn't mind and if he does...you know what? Fuck you kid.

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    I came inside her 3 times
    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 8.0

    Page 7
    Courtesy of @MassacreBlast

    Page 29
    Best video ever:
    Courtesy of @Jason Genova

    Page 34
    Anna @TheEx flat out says Bleha has a small dick, maybe 5 and half inches when hard!!

    Page 57
    Bleha's name is of Czech origin, check out what it means in English:

    Page 60
    Bleha's first cousin got shot in the back of his head by his 14-year-old son, story brought to you by @Blaha The Turd

    Page 63
    Flyers sent to everyone within 3 block radius in Bleha's neighborhood:
    And a special one to Mooncunt's grandma:

    Page 64
    Bleha's excuse to not post gym footage

    Page 71
    Also a trainer at Iron City confirms Bleha is no longer a member there:

    Page 78
    The Porkman lying about why he got fired:

    Page 80
    Bleha gives an update on the Layne Norton debate, he wants Norton to pay him december's youtube income and he claims this sum of money is $4200

    Page 81
    Gruesome Twosome no longer live with GrannyCookie, some hajis suggest they moved in with J Porkman but I cant see adequate evidence of this

    Page 103
    Fitmisc is banned from google, the site doesnt appear on google search

    Page 109
    Cuck finn's brother on the left of this pic, don't know who's on the right it may or may not be cuck finn himself:

    Page 111
    J Porker's phone number published in the thread by @Section8

    Page 116
    Bleha tries to take credit for fitmisc being off google, "wheels of justice turn slow blah blah google working with authorities blah blah" fuck off fatboy!

    Page 120
    Jason Blaha Martial Autist youtube channel begins reuploading all of Bleha's icecreamfitness videos

    Page 125
    Everybody remember Bleha's poorly fitting suit?
    @TheEx just confirmed that is the exact same suit he wore in their wedding!

    Page 128
    Some interesting pictures linked to a movie Moongash does hair & makeup on:
    Also @TheEx describes a typical day with Bleha:

    Page 130
    Anna tells the truth of what an alpha male Bleha was:
    I honestly think I wanted him to be better than he was. It is like I told myself/made myself believe he was more or better than he was in reality. I set most of the standards for our dad life. We did the swinger thing at first because I wanted to. We stopped because I wanted to. Although he pushed to keepb it up. I wouldn't. We had sex only when I would finally agree to it. Became less and less over time and finally I just stopped. I had to take charge most of the time in our relationship.
    Also according to her, Bleha "always had an obsession with asses"

    Page 134
    Porker writes an absolutely pissening response in a conversation with @Tactical Squirrel

    Page 140
    Tactical Squirrel response to Porkie's pissening email:

    Page 143
    KEK is off the charts with @zombie!!

    Page 158-159
    Anna talks about her miscarriages during her marriage with Bleha, she had 3 miscarriages with Bleha and 2 with the father of her daughter whom she met later on. She never bothered telling Bleha about the 3 miscarriages because Bleha didn't care, Bleha is a piece of shit who only cares about himself and not those who care for him. Anna was suicidal the last 2 years they were together.

    Page 160
    And I call bs on the dick twice a day. He has no stamina.
    Page 165 & 169
    Anna developed back issues because of Bleha's shit training advice

    Page 167
    @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit writes a summary of the operations he lead against J Porker, heres part 1 where Porker's friends and family are made aware of what a shitstain Porker is:

    Page 168
    Fitmisc is back on google, JASON BLEHA YOU FUCKING FATASS

    Page 175
    Part 2 of @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit operation disclosure, how Porker got fired:

    Page 185
    @MassacreBlast makes a Bleha soundboard:

    Page 192
    Bleha sock accounts getting terminated

    Page 196
    @blabla-haha shares a post where Bleha admits he had never been in a long term relationship at 27

    Page 198
    Bleha is a pedo:

    Page 209
    Shadow Man's real name is hinted at for the first time, "Shadow Man aka Abu Ramy Bakr al-Broude"


    Page 218-226
    After much debate the Ex confirms Bleha's dick pic is real, he was "hard" and sucking in his stomach.
    The Ex also drops the following on Bleha:
    1. He made 33K at Coorper Camercon Corp warehouse. Less the next year because he only worked three months.
    2. He is lazy.
    3. He lives on pasta or rice and beans and coffee or soy milk.
    4. She was relieved to leave him, didn't cry.
    5. After he stopped working, his hygiene went to shit "he was covered in food from sitting at computer desk and constantly eating".
    6. Did not receive welfare welfare while they were together
    7. Bleha rubbed her friends the wrong way.
    The search for the Gruesome Twosome continues, though several top jihadis hint at incoming ments and craigslist ads.
    P.S. Top jihadis are convinced that Bleha has tendencies towards pedophilia because of creepy bodybyfinaplex and alt account posts.

    Page 226-231
    Psychopath Watch receives another copyright strike from the human algorithm.
    Cuckzilla creates an equation and estimates Bleha's sub count to be 11,282. However, he believes this is estimate is a little low.

    Page 240-245
    @Daedalus posts a link to a live stream YouTube video revealing a glitch. Basically, when a person unsubs from a channel they unsub themselves as well as another subscriber. As a result, if a person keeps subbing and unsubbing they can put a significant dent in a channel's subscriber count. However, after a while the sub button stops working, thus necessitating the use of several sock accounts.
    With this information, the cyber stalking ring and their legion of sock accounts proceed to wage a jihad on all of Bleha's accounts. However, the long-term impacts of these efforts has yet to be confirmed. As of 2/9/17, the glitch has been fixed.

    Page 245-251
    Anna the Ex says she would not go back to Jason or help him even if he was "broke, broken, lonely and suicidal"

    Page 251-258
    @Shelley Frantzen debuts a new Blauhatism themed shirt. According to the website, part of the proceeds will go to the @biolayne Foundation.
    Shadow Man receives another copyright strike from Bleha. This time on his "Review of Jason Blaha's Female Girlfriend" video.

    Page 276-282
    @Private Potato posts a screen shot of the Jason Bleha Fatness Social Blade page showing that views on the channel are down 370,877 or 71% in the past 30 days. Though the exact reason has yet to be confirmed, several hajis present some plausible explanations such as videos being taken down ( @JBL ), YouTube purging fake views ( @delusional fatty ), or a glitch caused by YouTube changing how it reports views ( @Cuckzilla ).
    Additionally, Private Potato's Social Blade screenshot shows the Jason Bleha Fatness channel has a net change of 0 subscribers in the past 30 days. This indicates that the glitch exploitation efforts of 2/8/17 were unsuccessful. @Psychopath Watch also says that the fatman has filed copyright strikes on four of his videos:
    1. Clinton years and stolen valor
    2. video where he aims gun at black dude
    3. video where he aims gun at the other black dude and steals his ID
    4. video where he says "I will fucking end you legally" with gun in his hand
    Shadow Man says that recent copyright strikes confirm his "theory that he temporarily lost the ability to make copyright complaints maybe as a result of strikes" indicating that "his channel may have been closer to total termination then we realized".
    Furthermore, Tactical Squirrel confirms that Gruesome Twosome's location is known, but being kept classified. To this end, @IGotNext says this information will be used to ensure Bleha doesn't provide false contact information when disputing copyright claims.

    Page 282-288
    @The Real Janoy identifies Bleha's gym. The name of the gym is also being kept classified.

    Page 288-293
    @The Real Janoy releases the particulars of the gym:
    Anytime Fitness
    12407 N MoPac
    Ste 350B
    Austin, TX 78758
    https://www.yelp.com/biz/anytime-fit...tin-11?osq=gym @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC says this has been confirmed by an underground splinter cell. However, top hajis request that people not leave blahautism reviews or contact the gym as it might jeopardize current operations.

    Page 293-302
    In a stunning turn of events, it is revealed that the Anytime Fitness gym revelation was a Psyop executed by top hajis. @The Real Janoy reveals the actual gym is:
    Achievement Fitness Center
    24922 Tomball Pkwy, 106, Tomball, TX 77375
    (281) 255-0286

    Additionally, @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit releases the following info:
    1. "The other gym was a decoy while I (he) went behind enemy lines to gather intel"
    2. "After being awared by me (FBI CSU) personally the gym owner Todd Lynch a former US Marine decided to block me (FBI CSU) and support his star pupil Jason Bleha whom he even allowed to run a deadlift seminar AT HIS FUCKING GYM FOR 10 PAYING FUCKING MEMBERS as Bleha is a "competitive deadlifer" Todd Lynch is clearly a potato of epic levels."
    With this information, the cyberbullies proceed to unleash a holy war on the AFC FB and Google page and Todd Lynch's PT company, the likes of which has never been seen before.

    Page 302-312
    Achievement Fitness Center takes down the Bleha dead lift seminar flyer from their social media. They also release a statement apologizing to their customers for the recent deluge of negative reviews and pledge to do something about it.
    Jihadi FB sock accounts are being reported, positive reviews are being left and AFC rallies back from 2.7/5 to 3.1/5 rating. Jihadi's such as @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit are also suspicious that a rival gorilla faction is using sock accounts to thwart the efforts of the jihad. @Omega also provides a link to the AFC yelp review page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/achievement...center-tomball

    Page 312-316
    @Arlindo posts a screenshot showing only five people attended Bleha's seminar.
    Clerics @janoy_giovani and @In4theMents post cliffs on the iron autist's Q&A Parts 1-4
    Cuckzilla posts links to two infidel websites promoting the Blaha 5x5 of plagerism:
    @FBI Cyber Stalking Unit also provides an update on the holy war: "Before Achievement Fitness Center - 5/5 stars - Now - 2.8 stars
    Before Achievement Personal Training 4.7/5 stars - Now - 3.4 stars"
    Later that day @The Real Janoy reveals that "Achievement fitness center rating crawling back up to 3.6 and a lot of the one star reviews have been deleted".

    Page 316-319
    Thread derailed. Pure piss

    Page 319-327
    @JasonGenobli lists the amount one star ratings for AFC showing that some of the Jihadi one star reviews are being flagged and reviewed. The post also shows that the AFC had rallied back to 3.4/5 and AFC PT to 3.7/5. Eventually, the jihad anally pounds AFC into submission (2.9/5 for AFC, 3.2/5 for AFC PT), but the AFC manages another small rally.
    FBI Cyber Stalking Unit posts email links for the owner of AFC, Todd Lynch:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    In a tragic turn of events for the monster, Psychopath Watch reveals that Bleha has lost all four of his copyright claims against Psychopath's channel.
    Bleha releases a video supporting Milo Yiannopoulos in Milo's pro-pedophilia scandal. Additionally the fat ass posts another video about the Layne Norton debate. Also, @sickening_sith_lord posts a screen shot from the Layne Norton video with a bank statement and a couple police report cards. Evidently, Bleha has submitted a police report for a "terroristic treat". A deluge of speculation ensues on what exactly these videos and picture might indicate:
    1. @Biomechanics points out that the previous account balance was $8.37. Hajis speculate that the 8 dollar previous account balance shows Bleha is in a dire financial situation or is manipulating the number purposefully.
    2. @BlueBlood states that the bank statement print is very poor quality and not notarized visibly. In general, the cyber terrorists seem very skeptical about the authenticity of the bank statement and encourage Laynester not to take the bait.
    3. FBI Cyber Stalking Unit suggests starting a Jihad on the Fatso's bank, but this idea is quickly shut down.
    4. For the hajis, Bleha's unorthodox views on teenage sex in the Milo vid is more evidence that Bleha is a sexual deviant. "He literally said having sex with a 13 year old is not an act of pedophilia" (FBI Cyber Stalking Unit).
    5. Hajis such as FBI Cyber Stalking Unit believe that the Klinefelter Athuleete bringing up the debate after he said he wouldn't do it indicates he is becoming more desperate for money.

    Page 327-335
    @I Laugh At Autists shows a screen shot showing that it is possible to hold back adsense payment for as long as a year. He speculates that Bleha might have withdrew both his November and December payments together. Additionally, Shadow Man states that "we know that the coppertopp22 video and the video he stole from me (Shadow Man) was monetized and the money going to his own adsense as well probably. Who knows what else he's monetizing from other sock accounts we don't even know about. So Biolayne should definitely insist on seeing the full tax returns before paying him based only on the bank statement (which only shows the overall sum he got from adsense)".
    In congruence with the screen shot, I Laugh At Autists posts an equation showing Bleha's earnings to be
    "November: $1,550
    December: $2,674
    Total: $4,224, which was shown on the bank deposit." @ITrainedAtTheFarm and other exotic terrorists post that AFC have eliminated the review section from both of their FB accounts (gym and personal training) indicating that a key battle has been won in the jihad.

    Page 346-351
    Exposed TV make their triumphant return.

    Page 356-362
    FBI Cyber Stalking Unit shows a post from Bleha's Instagram with Eleiko bumpers. He believes this indicates that the gruesome twosome have switched gyms again. @The Real Janoy posts the information to a texmex restaurant he believes the Gruesome Twosome frequent:
    El Rincon
    9001 Louetta Rd
    Spring, TX 77379
    (281) 826-3807

    Page 362-369
    @The Real Janoy says Todd at ACF has put the ratings back up on their FB pages. @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC posts a y00tube screenshot showing that Bleha still wants the debate and will roast Layne if he backs down.
    Fearsome warlord Cuckzilla hints at the now widely known speculation that Bleha was sexually involved with a 13-year-old girl back in 1995 when he still lived in Farmington, New Mexico with his family and this is the reason why they moved back to Texas. Bleha the child molester was 18 at the time. However no concrete evidence exists of this incident, all we've found to this day is some local newspaper articles that talk about an incident between an 18-year-old male and a 13-year-old female but no names were mentioned. There's no concrete evidence, just speculation. Otherwise it would be all over Blahapedia and Exposed TV. (ps that last paragraph was me talking, not Tom Platz of Cyberstalkin)
    Cuckzilla drops another bomb. Seasoned Blahautists will recall that top hajis ran @olygirl12 off the thread a while ago because they suspected her of being a mole or one of the gruesome twosome. Cuckzilla links an extremely awkward video doxxing OlyGirl12 where it is revealed her name is Shelby. You can watch that video here:
    Cuckzilla responds to another user asking about Exposed TV saying "our green screen & reloading rig hasn't arrived yet". This may be a Freudian slip indicating Cuckzilla is one of the criminal masterminds behind the legendary channel.

    Page 369-379
    @Bagpuss7 posts some quotes indicating that the 8 buck cuck has received and denied pedophilia allegations in the past. @JasonGenobli posts a video where Bleha denies pedophilia allegations at the 8 second mark @Gayson Nohome posts a link to a website with Bleha's senior class alumni list where you can leave messages to any student:
    The cyber stalkers get on the scent and begin to defile the page.
    The slanderous jihadists post some quality photo shops of Bleha lurking on little kids that are compulsory viewing at this point. @prdula posts 2 screenshots of elgintensity photo shops (bottom of the page) that are also worth a look.

    Page 379-390
    The Real Janoy posts that AFC have once again removed their FB reviews section.
    Fierce, autistic debate over whether Bleha has tendencies towards pedophilia or hebephilia and what exactly constitutes pedophilia. Would recommend avoiding these pages completely srs.

    Page 390-393
    @Private Potato posts a Social Blade screen shot indicating Bleha's views have been increasing. Cuckzilla and @Just For Laughs! attributes this to the Mike Rashid and Iron Addicts name drops among others. Additionally, Private Potato believes Bleha's ability to create custom thumbnails again is contributing to greater views.

    Page 393-396
    @IGotNext posts a screen shot of Moontrollop's Instagram picture of her stationary bike screen showing 95 minutes. Very PTSD inducing, click at your own risk.
    blabla-haha posts some very humorous Blaha posts where he discusses falling down the stairs from manure's disease and getting caught at the airport with a sock stuffed in his pants to create a bulge. @ManInMotion posts a screen shot of a y00tube comment (same link as blabla-haha comment) where a person points out that Bleha said "shart" in a video and Bleha responds by saying he is hearing impaired.

    Page 405-412
    Fierce debate sparks among the haji's about value of cuck finn and the validity of his claims.
    cuck finn posts a screenshot of some messages to Bleha's sister as well as a message he received from a trannie after Blaha sent away the trannie. Also he posts another shot on this page of a text to one of Bleha's relatives.

    The copypasting will continue around halfway through 9.0 then I will take over again.

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    I asked her afterwards if she was on birth control
    Thank God she said yes
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    Blahautism 9.0

    Page 2-9
    Exposed TV launches a new video titled "Exposed TV: Is Jason Blaha Attracted to Underage Girls?"

    Page 9-14
    @Muuker says that Bleha has regained access to his AskJasonBlaha channel.

    Page 14-20
    Cuckzilla finds the Instagram of the mercenary who was called in to reinforce Bleha's cuck compound during the trannie wars.
    blabla-haha releases the following info on the cuck:
    - In May 2004 Bleha fell in love and started to get involved with a girl living above him. It turned out she only pretended to be single while her bf in the Marines was stationed elsewhere...
    - Bleha used to sell/trade on the farmer's market in College Station,Tx, when he used to "run" his father's peach orchard while going to school...
    - Bleha wasn't banned from BB.com by Layne Norton. It was a moderator called memcop who did it; memcop said he never spoke to Layne about it and actually admitted to liking Bleha...
    - According to Mike McCandless, Scivation owner, the lawsuit Bleha lost was worth 400k...
    - Bleha joined Greenpeace in summer 2012...
    - There was no reception at Bleha & Emily's wedding, they decided to save money...
    - As you know, Bleha had Legolas, a green conure. He also had Lucy, a boxer (dog) and she died when he was 15...
    - Admitted to walking in on Larry masturbating once...
    - Bleha likes Madonna's music...
    - Bleha thinks he could kill both Mike O'Hearn and Simeon Panda if he wanted, but chooses to kill neither...
    Shadow Man posts a screen shot from a old Bleha video where he appears to be in a kid's bedroom and there is a picture of a young child taped up behind him. Speculation ensues on what this could mean.

    Page 20-31
    IGotNext posts an Instagram link to one of Moonslut's photos and the location of the club where it was taken:
    "Walter's Downtown" 1120 Naylor St, Houston, TX 77002

    Page 31-41
    The hajis discuss the possibility that Bleha making videos writing off reloading expenses on his taxes might be considered fraud. Shortly after, Bleha makes a video discussing the topic.

    Page 41-48
    IGotNext posts an IRS link where individuals concerned that Bleha may be committing tax fraud can find the resources necessary to alert the IRS. Basically, it's a Form 3949-A that you print out, and mail in.

    Page 48-53
    @nosaj ahalb posts uncensored pictures of Shadow Man. He also doxxes Shadow Man as Ramy Broude. Pics here:
    Backstory (from me again): when Shadow Man first signed up on fitmisc he used his actual email address which I won't say here because it's private information but the address contained his real name Ramy Broude. The information was passed on to some CIA members who were able to locate Ramy's facebook page which is where all those pictures are from (Ramy has since then set his facebook private), but really at that point even I could have found his facebook. Anyone of you out there could have found Ramy's facebook when you know his real name, just type it in the search bar lol.

    Page 53-58
    Shadow Man posts a YouTube link to a podcast of Layne talking about Bleha. Check it out here:

    Page 64-68
    Exposed TV release new video about Bleha's views on body building.
    Layne suggests that Bleha was receiving a pension at the time of the lawsuit and may be at this time as well. He sends this info he attained during the court case to a haji named @FlexLuthor.

    Page 68-70
    Layne says that Bleha's income was "marked 'department of social security' at 614 pounds (UK) per month". He also says that this money was from the U.S. government.
    The jihadists speculate about what exactly Bleha received welfare for.

    Page 70-73
    @Psychopath Watch posts a screenshot showing he submitted a tip to the Eff Bee Eye.
    @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC says Bleha hasn't uploaded on his fatness channel for a day.

    Page 73-79
    Anna the Ex says that she stopped paying Bleha's medical bills after they split up in 2008.
    The Ex also provides the following info on Bleha's "illness":
    "It all started by him claiming he was getting dizzy driving to work and saying he had to pull over to throw up. He began calling into work a lot. Saying he was too dizzy to take out the trash or help with things around the apartment. After we moved into a new apartment which was further from his work. 20 mins using the toll road and he had an easy pass. Deducts automatically from your account no stopping. Finally his work said they needed something from a doctor."
    Additionally, The Ex also says the following about Bleha:
    1. He went to good doctors and after a litany of tests they all found him to be healthy.
    2. He often refused medication and made The Ex buy him a cane.
    3. Larry pulled some strings to get him on short term disability.
    4. He played video games and hung out with friends, but didn't do any chores while "sick at home".
    5. He claimed to have motion sickness as a child and would tell doctors he had Manure's disease.
    6. He gorged on food, which may have made it easier for to vomit on command.
    7. Told The Ex he would get disability in the US, then in the UK as well
    She also says that her little sister was staying with them at the time, but was not home very often..........awkward.
    Michael Neo says that Meniere's is easily triggered by doctors to diagnose it, so there is no way Bleha actually had it.
    p.s. Jihadists are becoming increasingly suspicious that the Gruesome Twosome have moved again due to different filming set up/acoustics.

    Page 79-85
    @ManInMotion posts a picture from Bleha's Instagram, Hajis believe this picture and the Insta tags are another indication that the Gruesome Twosome have moved again.

    Page 85-90
    IGotNext points out the cuck has been reusing his thumbnails frequently.
    Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC posts a imgur link showing Bleha was without internet for a while.

    Page 90-94
    @michaelhunt1774 posts a link showing that Richard Rodriguez is reaching out to Bleha. One can only speculate about what information is being passed on, but because of Rodriguez's connections it's likely some insider information on Mike Rashid and the Iron Addicts situation. michaelhunt1774 also posts a y00tube video from Rodriguez in which he e-begs for legal funds. Michael Neo believes this video shows that Rodriguez is a broken man.

    Page 94-98
    @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC posts a link to the 8 buck cuck's "Woman In A Hijab Walks By & Ignores One Of The London Victims From This Morning" video and asks people to flag it.
    @Cucks With A Fist asks if the CIA know exactly where the Gruesome Twosome are living. Tactical Squirrel responds by saying that he doesn't want to give a direct response, but Bleha "should be pretty frustrated".

    Page 100-104
    @One Off Man Mental says he emailed one of the companies advertising on Bleha's firearm channel. He got a response saying that a third party is responsible that advertisement, but the marketing department will be made aware of the situation.

    Page 105-110
    blabla-haha gives a screenshot of a 2011 era Blaho post where he talks about getting a scale with a bioimpedence feature and finding out he was 223 with 38% bf. @AngelOfDeath says this means he had a lean mass of 139 lbs on gear haha.
    @Jason Blaha points out that Bleha vids are lacking ads. Hajis speculate that at what is causing this and if it is happening at all. @Jason Blaha says this is because y00tube is demonetizing controversial content which is unfriendly to advertisers. @Shadow Man says an advertising boycott is what is responsible for the lack of ads. @Psychopath Watch points out that y00tube is demonetizing AAS vids, and Bleha's most popular vids are about that topic.

    Page 110-117
    @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC had an undercover discussion with LunarCunt. 100% pure microfiltered piss. (and this is again me, not Tom Platz of cyberstalkin)

    Page 117-124
    Hajis continue the flagging Jihad and according to some accounts when browsing in restricted mode, some of Bleha's videos are blocked or his channel disappears all together.

    Page 124-128
    The flagging efforts continue and many hajis are reporting successful results. The basic premise of these efforts is that by flagging videos, they are no longer viewable on restricted mode. Additionally, all videos that cannot be viewed on restricted mode are not eligible to be monetized. Thus, flagging videos should have a big impact on Bleha's bottom line.
    The Ex says that Bleha had a 48 inch waist when they split up. She knows because she was buying his clothes.
    Michael Neo states that the Gruesome Twosome tried to make off with several antique "guns from Granny's trailor when they left".
    FBI Cyber Stalking Unit says in a previous psy op over 200 of J Porker's friends, family and even grandmother were awared about his coppertop video as well as being awared about his trips to thailand to fuck underage ladybois.

    Page 128-132
    @Jason Blaha noticed that Bleha's videos have been on 2760 and not rising. Additionally, he says that on Social Blade the cuck has -561 views. @Jason Blaha believes that this is evidence that Bleha has been deleting suspect videos and going into damage control.
    One Off Man Mental states that "Out of nearly 3k videos, only 85 are left showing on his fitness channel when in restricted mode".

    Page 132-134
    Elgintensity posts on Instagram that ads can still be played on restricted videos.

    Page 134-138
    The flagging efforts continue and appear to be achieving some level of success. @Reloading Cuck says another two videos on the firearms channel were just demonetized.
    @Abu Janoy Al-Blahino posts a screenshot of a Bleha YouTube comment where he says he has only had 10 videos demonetized between his two channels.
    @Gisum Blowhole posts a GIF where it sounds like Bleha is recording in a storage unit.

    Page 141-145
    @Reloading Cuck posts a Facebook screen shot of Bleha saying that he has evidence that Lobliner "loves" HGH. On the same page he also posts the edit history of the cucks Facebook comments where he makes another veiled threat and then edits it out. Pure piss.
    FBI Cyber Stalking Unit posts a video of Bleha commenting and showing said receipts. At 2:10 he says he has his own deep throat and is sassier and more smug than ever.

    Page 145-149
    @Private Potato says "so it turns out the receipt for Pocketliner ordering steroids is fake. Several people from elgin, IL confirmed that the zip code doesnt exist. Several people under the video are getting on Bleha's stupid ass about it. Jason reporting fake news and drama again for clicks again? What a surprise! Another fail for Bleha. Stupid fuck couldnt even do his research to make sure it was legit."

    Page 149-154
    @BadGenetics posts cliff notes of the Steve Shaw video about Bleha's time at Tiger Fitness
    - Bleha was hired as "a writer" by Steve Shaw not Lobliner (mainly to increase traffic from his anti-supplement channel to supplement selling website, LOL)
    - his salary was based on basic market rates and determinde by Shaw, not Lobliner
    - Bleha was fired directly by Shaw, not Lobliner
    - Bleha said that he wrote each article one hour - Shaw confirmed this and added that his writings was basically "puked words", he also called his articles "steamed turd" and "hot mess", Shaw took 3-4 hours to edit Bleha rambling to "make it sound intelligent" LMAO
    - web stats confirmed that Bleha articles alone "underperformed", without Bleha fanboys views and their reviews Shaw described them as "mediocre articles"
    - they werent upset when he ended affiliate program, Shaw said that Bleha subscribers generated marginal profits, comparing to other youtubers who are making 10 times more revenue than Bleha on monthly basis.
    Many times he called Bleha "underperformer" LOL.
    The discussion of the validity of Bleha's insider receipts continues. Hajis are also discussing the possibility of Marc Pocketliner suing Bleha. @To The 33rd Degree posts a screenshot of a YouTube video comment section where Marc says that he tried reporting the video and wishes that he could sue.

    Page 157-160
    Hajis are trying to aware different news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Young Turks and Alex Jones, so far to no avail.
    blabla-haha posts screenshots of the monster's forum posts where he talks about hanging out with the upper echelon of society.

    Page 160-164
    @Jason Blaha says that he has been reporting bleha for having his poverty AR 15 pattern rifle in view and now it is no longer in view. This maybe an indication that the flagging jihad is having an impact.
    @Blason Jlaha post a screenshot of bleha in the comments section swearing he is not on disability. In the same comment thread bleha says he was on SSDI which he says is basically early retirement for medical reasons and needs to be signed off on by a team of doctors.
    @BadGenetics says on one of bleha's latest firearm channel vids he claims to have spent 12k on firearms last year.

    Page 164-167
    @Cucks With A Fist says in the same video BadGenetics was commenting on, Bleha was claiming this money as a tax deduction.
    blabla-haha posts a bunch of screenshots of bleha talking about his welfare.
    Bleha makes a video in which he claims he is not hurt by y00tube advertiser boycott and gets flagged videos reinstated within a day. Michael Neo says bleha claims he still gets a mellon views.

    Page 167-171
    @Jason Blaha points out that bleha has started using jump cuts again in his latest vids. He believes this is a sign that bleha is trying to become compliant and avoid getting flagged.
    Michael Neo insinuates that the location of bleha's cuckold shack is known. Since there has been background noises in new videos, hajis are speculating that the cuck is living in some paper-thin-walled poverty housing of some type.
    @Silly Nips provides a screenshot where bleha swears Marc or his laahhyers haven't contacted him or been able to get his address.

    Page 171-174
    Bleha made a video talking about how reloading on camera is safe titled "Jason reloading ammo while talking on camera is unsafe! Oh Lord". @Private Potato believes this is further evidence that the flagging jihad is working since hajis have been flagging his videos for this reason


    Page 178-182
    What happens here is just an example to show that the Blahautists are not fucking around. If I wasn't previously convinced of how powerful the Jihad really is, I sure as fuck am now. So moonwhore posts a picture on her instagram saying it's taken from her balcony. Unfortunately the picture doesn't exist anymore but it was just a pic of the outside view, focusing mostly on the sky with a little bit of other houses and stuff visible at the bottom of the picture. The instagram post is linked in the thread and literally 7 and half hours later the exact location of that apartment is exposed and posted in the thread
    The apartment complex is called www.estateswoodland.com and it is a complete shithole in the worst neighborhood, it's so bad that they literally offer first 2 and half months free of rent!
    Now obviously it doesn't take much to figure out that the Jihad is powerful and capable of many things, all you have to do is look at some of the previous operations like the coppertopp thing, "The Specialist" etc so in that sense it shouldn't surprise anyone that they could do this... but you know, when you actually see it happen right in front of you, when you're actually there to witness an operation, that's just something else. That's something that commands respect.
    I was very late to join the Jihad but I was there to see this and I was sold.

    Page 198
    Cuckzilla shares some info of the time when Bleha got that black eye:
    June 22, 2015 - Date Brittany Mooncookie Leigh reported to serve her 45 days in the Houston County Jail
    June 25-26, 2015 -Date Jason Blehe received the black eye in a bar fight.
    Brittany was locked up while Blihi was getting his ass kicked.

    Page 202
    Dumbass Bleha doesnt get the reference

    Page 204
    Floorplan of the estates woodland shitbox:

    Page 222
    Cuckzilla tracked down every high school yearbook of Jason Diane Bleha. He does not have one single picture in any of them. His name is listed under "no photo available". He was never on any sports team (track), club (FFA) or extra curricula activity (honors jazz).
    It appears Bleha was a social outcast, probably morbidly obese and possibly in a special needs class

    Page 223
    Cuckzilla and another jihadi found a past teacher of Bleha and they also found this same teacher spent many years in special education, you can draw your own conclusions from that

    Page 235
    Some fuckface nuthugger is helping Bleha financially, this report was brought to you by @Trained at the farm. Jihad will reign over the asshole nuthugger.

    Page 239
    Jihad invades the trailer for the movie Moongash did makeup on

    Page 246
    Larry and the son he wished he had

    Page 249
    Bleha works out at 24hr Fitness

    Page 253
    Courtesy of @Silly Nips

    Page 260
    @brummie git posts the dislike script but it serves no purpose for the Jihad since youtube changed its system so that all likes and dislikes count as money, anyway you can get it here if you wanna use it for something:

    Page 265
    @Online Warlord joins the force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Page 268
    Bleha is not big, he's just fat

    Page 269
    Bleha weighs himself on instagram and it's 240 pounds, holy shit what a fatass

    Page 274
    AlphaDestiny feud begins

    Page 275
    Cuckzilla banned for 7 days, got unbanned in 3

    Page 280
    Bleha invades houston gym, information brought to you by Cuckzilla
    [email protected]
    Also AlphaDestiny has a message to Bleha:

    Page 285
    Operation Alpha Destiny begins

    Page 296
    blabla-haha shows a forum post where Bleha admits he has ridiculously low testosterone levels:

    Page 305
    Larry's lake house is found

    Page 307
    Cuck finn announces that he will go to Texas to confront Bleha and he's taking donations to fund the trip.

    Page 316
    A known nuthugger RZFitnessTV crashed his testosterone levels and now needs TRT because of Bleha

    Page 330
    Another picture from the woodland shithole:

    Page 344
    LOL OH MY GOD @blabla-haha shows us Bleha's old forum posts where he talks about slurping his own cum out of a girl's pussy, the guy is literally a cum-guzzler!
    "Don't knock it until you've tried it"

    Page 347
    This is why Bleha cant stop bitching about Kali Muscle:
    Time stamps 6:50 and 10:10

    Page 356
    Bleha spotted on Tommy's Garage for the first time:
    Jihad goes on to aware the people at Tommy's Garage

    Page 360
    Cuckzilla provides facebook pages of people in Tommy's Garage
    Also Bleha has been pushed to the back corner:

    Page 362
    @Blason Jlaha tells us of Rosie Rosenkratz the host of the show, he's a former cop and his wife died in 2015.
    Also that reference game /10:

    Page 364
    Just look at this cuck's head movement!
    Look at it!

    Page 399
    @Online Warlord makes a poverty shop via paint
    Kind of an obscure reference but I'll give you a hint: BaSin City

    Page 402
    Laynester talks about his affair, he admits he did wrong and accepts all responsibility. Even in a situation like this Layne is more of a real man than most of the degenerates on this forum.

    Page 413
    TheEx confirms that Bleha's cumswapping fetish is true, he wanted to do it with her too but she refused because it's fucking disgusting

    Page 416
    Exposed TV makes a video about Bleha in Tommy's Garage

    Page 424-440
    Shadow Man gets blasted in the thread, pure piss.

    Page 425
    Courtesy of @BrotherBlaha

    Page 428
    Courtesy of @zombie

    Page 436

    Page 442
    Bleha is so totally shook by Alexander Leonidas, he banned a hundred subscribers simply because they were asking if Bleha would respond to AlphaDestiny's video and then he finally made this video that got even some of his most loyal nuthuggers to call bullshit:
    https://youtu.be/yHg4jwVNlzs it's from the mirror channel so it's ok to click on it

    Page 449
    What the fuck is that?

    Page 458
    Shadow Man is shat on once again so @Online Warlord creates a separate Shadow Man hate thread

    Page 479
    Mooncunt's damage control:

    Page 489-495
    Civil war levels of infighting, MindlessWork asks for opinions on if Blahautism should be shut down (spoiler: it didn't happen) and all around pure piss, don't bother reading.

    This is where the movement pretty much hit the wall, Tommy's Garage operation concludes in 10.0, Shadow Man fucks up and is permanently excommunicated and Cuckzilla drops a couple of interesting ments but other than that nothing really happens anymore. We'll see if 11.0 can change that.

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    Page 5
    Bleha conversing with an undercover jihadi, 100% unadulteraded autism

    Page 8
    Cuck finn has a new burner phone, he was kind enough to post a picture of it (not srs):

    Page 15
    @uncemikeisalive phone calls Bleha's gym, the employee identifies Bleha as John Blano!

    Page 28
    @CoathK joins the team, also Cuckzilla finds out that these girls in Tommy's Garage audience are actually paid models with a company called Joli Promotions:

    Page 39
    @Big Bad Wolf aka Dameon MacLeod aka Daemon M'Cloud joins us.
    Also sickening coaching skills from Bleha: https://i.gyazo.com/df1e79bde4dbf307...ea7418329c.gif

    Page 48-57
    Daemon M'Cloud gets a little criticism and he responds with pure pissening autism, worst case of PTSD and "can dish it but can't take it" EVER. Then he commands us to spread his shitfisted videos as if he has the power to tell us what to do and on top of that he even threatened to sue Michael Neo just because Neo removed some of this guy's spam videos from fitmisc. This shithead's story is continued here: http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...17#post1743517

    Page 50
    The new guy CoathK shows great enthusiasm as he goes on to report Bleha's stolen valor to various places:

    Page 51-52
    Some asshole spams child porn all around fitmisc, including the Blahautism thread. Obviously he's banned, posts deleted and Nine gave all his personal info to police. Also our own @Michael Neo becomes a moderator!

    Page 94
    This is why we call them the "Gruesome Twosome"

    Page 95 & 97
    Tommy's Garage ments:

    Page 102

    Page 110
    It's game on for Tommy's Garage now

    Page 126
    Meet Joey Tirado from Tommy's Garage:

    Page 137

    Page 138

    Page 140
    Tirado's stand-up comedy pursuit:

    Page 146
    Bleha gets blasted by Steve Shaw

    Page 156
    Bleha needs 5-10 minutes of rest after doing 5 reps on push press:

    Page 158
    Tommy's Garage has a new sponsor:

    Page 160
    Bleha got kicked off Tommy's Garage!!!
    Find the comment by Matt Miller posted on August 3rd 2017. Alternatively you can read it here:
    Bleha getting booted from Tommy's Garage was a direct result of us contacting TG's sponsor:

    Page 166
    More confirmation Bleha got booted

    Page 173
    Bleha is a certified powerlifting referee

    Page 179
    E-mail from Tommy himself:

    Page 180 & 182
    @Shadow Man is specifically told not to make a video about the Tommy's Garage operation, this will be important later on:

    Page 183-184
    Fucking Broudean Bitch ShadowHymie makes a video about the Tommy's Garage operation anyway!

    Page 186
    ShadowBitch gets another hate thread in his honor:

    Page 190
    LOL greatest youtube username of all tme!

    Page 233
    Exposed TV make their video of the Tommy's Garage spectacle:

    Page 234
    Macc Trucc sucking up to Bleha, this is from a video where Bleha talked about Rich Piano's coma at the time:

    Page 235
    A little gif to sum up what went down with Tommy's Garage:

    Page 236
    Bleha literally looks like Homer Simpson, except shorter of course:

    Page 248
    Bleha now has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica:

    Page 256
    This happens:

    Page 270
    Bleha said Jesus Christ was a reptilian!

    Page 271
    You cant fucking make this up, John Blano was an actual person and he had a son named Larry

    Page 297
    Bleha once again proves what a piece of shit he is by slandering Rich Piana on the very same day Rich died, claiming that Rich was a steroid dealer while showing absolutely no evidence as usual. As a result of that Bleha gets raped in the comments:

    Page 311 & 317
    Anna @TheEx reveals that Bleha wasn't allowed alone at his dad's house because Larry knew Bleha would try to steal something.

    Page 319 & 321
    @Captain Reznov analyzes Bleha's living place:
    (imgur screenshots for those who dont have platinum membership)
    and also compares Bleha's life to that of a prisoner:

    Page 331
    Bleha the pedobear:

    Page 341
    @Cuckzilla reveals Moonwhore's whistleblow attempt on her former boss. She worked as an office girl in some company, the company hired a new CEO who brought in a new HR/payroll person, that person goes on leave and LunarCunt gets her place, labels herself CFO and gets fired. Years later the CEO is fired as well but he gets a job as a legal counsel. Moonfuckie tries to file a whistle-blower litigation against her former employer and the former CEO person but her case is rejected. Full story here:

    Page 342
    Moontrash had mortgage on this house:
    She bought the house in 2005 for $135,000.
    She sold the house in 2011 for $112,500.
    Also, she had a mortgage rate of 8.57% which is extremely high for 2005 - almost double what the standard rate was.
    Courtesy of @Cuckzilla

    Page 356
    @Psychopath Watch takes us down the memory lane back to the thread 5.0...

    Page 359
    Moonwhore has a profile on disqus
    She left a negative review of blahapedia, check out the other people responding to her lol:

    Page 367
    Bleha used to steal nuts from the supermarket
    On page 373 Anna the ex confirms this was true

    Page 375
    If you think for one second that Bleha knows about training and nutrition, look at this:
    Courtesy of @RoyJonzeJr

    Page 378
    @jacked as fuck joins us for a grand total of 4 posts!!
    For the unawares: jacked as fuck was a very popular poster around fitmisc until some rather unflattering pictures of him were found and posted, after which he immediately left the forum and no one has seen him since.

    Page 380
    Bleha is gay:
    Courtesy of @blabla-haha

    Page 390
    Read this shit while keeping in mind Moonwhore is the who handles all of Bleha's instagram:

    Page 392

    Page 402
    Awesome gif:

    Page 404-405
    Some cuck finn hate. Cuck finn states he's received 100 dollars in donations and claims to have spent 5 times that on burner phones.

    Page 409
    Uncoordinated mentally retarded Bleha:

    Page 411
    Sara Methqueen Heimis secretly filmed her husband Rich Piana when Rich was in a severely confused state (could be high on drugs, diabetic seizure or whatever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq1GsaTG5Dg), fucking Bleha gets a hold of the footage and uploads it on his askjasonblaha channel. Jihad reigns over this piece of shit so hard that Bleha ended up completely disabling comments on that video.

    Page 412
    At this point it becomes extremely obvious that Jonny Bravo is the one who has been feeding inside info to Bleha, thread turns into a Jonny Bravo blast for a while and eventually the fuckface gets his own hate thread: http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...ick-chronicles

    Page 421
    @NotAll joins our team

    Page 428
    Bagpuss gets replaced:

    Page 432
    Real rape victims don't use their past trauma as an instrument of their superiority complex like this self-righteous narcissist scum here:

    Page 471
    @biolayne bids his farewell to us. Very sad to see him go but in all fairness, we've done such great job at destroying Bleha's reputation that nothing he says or does affects Laynester in any way anymore. Nobody watches his videos and nobody takes him seriously anymore. Layne's part in this story is over, it's down to us and Bleha now.

    Page 479
    Oh my fucking god unsubscribe script!
    Also Bleha claims 2000lb leg press

    Page 489
    Nick Wright bench presses 405 pounds, Bleha is being a faggot about it on facebook and gets completely raped in the comments

    Page 490
    Bleha is bullshitting about being a street racer and gets immediately exposed:

    Page 514
    Bleha the firearms expert:

    Page 520
    Blahafail gif is born, courtesy of @NotAll

    Page 528

    Page 540
    Al Robbie loves us:
    timestamp 35:20

    Page 546
    Moonbish before meeting Bleha:
    Courtesy of @blabla-haha

    Page 552
    Bleha was on outlawmuscle.com

    Page 555
    Jason Bleha wears the same shirt for 13 years straight:

    Page 560
    Elgintensity buys www.jasonblahafitness.com and uses it to sell anti-Bleha merch!

    Page 571
    Bleha speeds up squat footage and says he's just explosive, bunch of lol:

    Page 574
    Shadow Man's youtube channels get mysteriously eradicated and nobody knows why it happened. This actually raised a wave of sympathy for Ramy in the thread because as much as we hate to admit it, his videos were useful for the movement and quite a few of them appeared on the very first page when you searched "Jason Blaha" on youtube. Somebody went to Bleha's comment section to call him out on it and Bleha responded with this:
    Honestly, I think Bleha is telling the truth in this case for several reasons, first off he actually responded to the guy and didn't just delete the comment despite him calling Bleha a fat bald coward. Also, Bleha didn't even try to take any credit over what happened, previously when Exposed TV got shut down and Fitmisc was off google Bleha always bragged about the wheels of justice and all that bullshit, this time he didn't do any of that or even imply to it. Instead he flat out said that he completely ignores Shadow Man and bans anybody who talks about him, this is certainly not something Bleha would normally admit. Also even Shadow Man himself doesn't know why youtube shut down his channels. Overall I just don't see any reason to believe that Bleha could have done something to get Shadow Man shut down.

    Page 578
    @BadGenetics has plenty of Bleha pics:
    Also @Jason Blaha VC, DSC, MC awared one of Moonslut's clients:

    Page 582
    ShadowHymie is back on youtube with his explanation of what happened, also begs for paypal donations

    Page 594
    Bleha lying about his youtube earnings again, posts an obviously tampered deposit where he couldn't even get the numbers straight lmao

    Page 598
    Courtesy of @blabla-haha

    Page 600
    @Abu bin Abdulaziz confirms that Bleha has been told not to film in the gym anymore

    Page 609
    @Jasmine Blaha makes a conclusive post on Bleha's arm size:
    Also Eric Bugenhagen leaves a positive comment on one of Bleha's videos, which causes a massive uproar in the Blahautism community because Eric is massively popular and him leaving a comment on Bleha's video brought many of Eric's fans over to see the comment which in turn gets Bleha views and that in itself is unacceptable. I'm a big fan of Eric Bugenhagen myself and I absolutely hate Bleha, so you can imagine seeing those 2 be friendly to eachother is what nightmares are made of. However Bleha himself tried to kiss Eric Bugenhagen ass in the comments but Eric completely ignored him and just responded to some of the fans. The comment can be seen here: https://i.imgur.com/kjhS4so.jpg
    Also if you're interested Eric made this video to expand on the comment that he wrote (no mention of Bleha): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X_IR6xqxsI

    Page 615
    Bleha sets his instagram private:

    Page 619
    According to this site Bleha has 2 criminal convictions on his record:
    We all know one, so what's the other one?

    Page 626
    Bleha loves Lyle McDonald but apparently the feeling is not mutual:

    Page 632
    Bleha's necklace:

    Page 638
    Jonnie Candito gives Bleha a shoutout in his video here:
    This is much worse than what Eric Bugez did, at least Bugenhagen never once mentioned Bleha by name. What Candito did here is completely inexcusable and his video got a ton of hate comments and dislikes for it. On page 656 our own @Shelley Frantzen aka HeridaV from youtube contacts Candito on instagram and advises him to stay away from Bleha, Candito acknowledges and obeys so all is well now:

    Page 639
    cuck finn's burner credit cards:

    Page 643
    @Cuckzilla located Bleha in a new gym

    Page 648
    Mooncunt is hideous:

    Page 649
    cuck finn and his burner airplane

    Page 650
    cuck finn's burner outfit:
    And his burner car:

    Page 651
    Look at this instagram post and keep in mind Mooncrookie is the one writing it:
    Let that sink in.

    Page 655
    Bleha is a "Punisher" alright...
    Bleha's Homer Simpson aesthetics from the front:
    And back:

    Page 657
    cuck finn's burner hotel room:
    Also @blabla-haha compiles some memorable Mooncrookie moments

    Page 658
    cuck finn himself after he left those burner credit cards in his pocket:
    cuck finn's christmas:

    Page 660
    @JDBHorseGrin joins the force and he immediately embarks on a personal mission to document Bleha's rotting teeth.
    Also Bleha wearing his Punisher shirt on December 15th:
    And this is 7 days later:
    Bleha wears the same shirt for 7 days straight, not just on videos but also in the gym and when going out.

    Page 671
    Kinobody shows up on Bleha's comment section and absolutely annihilates Bleha:

    Page 676
    Previous year Bleha said he made $4,2k in december, now he claims over $6k
    Funny how he knew what his december earnings were going to be even though december wasn't even over yet.

    Page 679
    This unaware dunce makes this video defending Bleha:
    Jihad does the right thing and explains to this guy what he's dealing with, as a result of that he deletes the video.

    Page 682
    Martin Berkhan pimps Bleha, Jihad will get him for it:

    Page 693
    @Online Warlord decides it's time to get aware and so the cliffs thread is born

    Page 700
    The cliffs thread is officially born, part of the thanks goes to @Gisum Blowhole for giving me suggestions and ideas.

    Page 705
    Bleha getting REKT on instagram again:
    Also LOL KEK:
    Courtesy of @Gisum Blowhole

    Page 714
    Bleha's sister Andrea has a new man:
    Courtesy of @Cuckzilla

    Page 718
    Moonhoe needs a proofreader:

    Page 723
    Bleha posts this screenshot to prove that he made $6k on december:
    If it's real, he most likely did the same trick he did previous year delaying the youtube payments, I don't believe for one second that Bleha made that kind of money with just barely above million views even with december's increased ad revenue. Worth noting is that he mispelled "still" as "stiff". Another thing definitely worth noting is that if you look at the sum of money that was paid, it says $6258,62 of youtube earnings and it says his ending balance after the payment is also $6258,62. So this means he had literally nothing in his bank account? Oh my fucking god this is even worse than the $8,37 from previous year, STRONG LIFE FATMAN!

    Page 731-735
    This is where the board got completely sick of cuck finn and his bullshit, he tried to feed us some more bullshit to explain why he hasn't done what he said he was going to do and he complained about us not donating him money for a "burner" car. At the end Tactical Squirrel shrinks him down to a size and then Menty says
    @cuck finn - get out of this thread and don't come back.
    in remembrance of how JasonB1 was bullied out of that one thread in M4C forums.

    Page 732-733
    The guy who totally sizemogged Bleha back in 2015:
    This is the guy, Bryan Troianello and he's not 310lbs as Bleha claimed back then to justify looking like a midget next to him:

    Page 748
    Macc Trucc gets friendly with Bleha:
    Thread turns into Macc Trucc blasting until the end. On page 752 this thread along with the Genova thread part 14 get abruptly closed and are kept hidden for about a month due to reasons which I do not know the full story of nor am I in any liberty to discuss the matter. 11.0 was created immediately after 10.0 was shut down.

    Enjoy this sweet gif made by @zombie:

    ps. look who made it to the front row!!

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    Blahautism 11.0

    Page 1
    October 12th, 2018. The Crash
    Blahautism 11.0 was up to 850 pages or so when the entire site abruptly crashed during a routine update and backup systems failed. It took 2 days to restore the site but only the data up to February of 2018 could be restored, which means pretty much the entire content of 11.0 was erased as well as a huge chunk of this cliffs thread. Also @Michael Neo lost his moderator position as per collateral damage but he never came back to reclaim it.
    However, through sheer miracle that only Allah could bless us with, @Gisum Blowhole was able to recover google's cached version of the cliffs thread as it was before The Crash. Combining that with my personal back up of this thread (I was foolish to not update that backup frequently enough but not having a backup at all after all the work I put into this would be unimaginably stupid) I was able to restore everything in full.
    On page 4 I reposted cliffs of everything that happened in those 850 pages that were lost, here are the cliffs of cliffs:

    -Bleha deactivated askjasonblaha
    [email protected]Tactical Squirrel reveals plenty of important details from the time when the Gruesome Twosome lived with Mooncunt's grandma. He explains how insanely dependent LunarWhore really is, that she will literally die before she leaves Bleha, he also explains why they left Palazzo (couldn't afford rent), why they moved in with the grandma (to hide from muh stalkers), how they ended up leaving from there (mooncunt got into a huge argument with the Grandma and she ended up kicking the Gruesome Twosome out) and other stuff.
    [email protected]BadGenetics compiles all of Bleha's threats, hate speech and other scumbag behavior into one video https://youtu.be/aVlRNT3BAI0
    -Bleha would swallow horse sperm for money https://s17.postimg.cc/sonu36jj3/blaha_horse_jizz.png
    -Bleha's patreon lived and died as a failure
    -Bleha and Moontrash have profiles on Hi5.com which is probably where they originally met https://i.imgur.com/wkx2Ybn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Nxylvhr.jpg
    -Bleha is famous again, but in the good way: http://www.breitbart.com/big-governm...ration-videos/
    -LunarCunt is still a "cosmetologist operator": https://i.imgur.com/E7lTL2Q.jpg
    - @Inshallah_blaha phonecalls Bleha: https://youtu.be/BScvMQn7wio https://vocaroo.com/i/s0vrbqImUtqH
    -Bleha starts homegym
    -Nether Beast Underground Muscle Shaman aka Jacked Jesus, real name Bogie Ison gets exposed
    -Cuckzilla namedrops some interesting people from Mooncoke's life:
    Marie "Mimi" Mason /Tucker = Grandma whose trailer the Gruesome Twosome lived in
    Deborah Lobner = Mother
    Renee Tucker -Flores = Aunt
    Jenny Lobner /Porter = sister
    Daniel Barlow = ex-husband who physically abused Moonbish
    Brandon Johnson = ex fiancee that kicked Mooncookie out and left her homeless until she found Bleha (Brandon dumped her and kicked her out because of her drugs, alcohol and mental deterioration. She remained homeless selling her possessions and sleeping on friends' couches for almost a year, then she met Blaha and they moved in right away and shortly after she went to jail for 30+ days.)
    -Bleha shirtless: https://img07.cweb-pix.com/images/20...Curl540-10.gif
    -Bleha links his vids on 4chan for desperate extra views
    -Bleha used to work in Lowe's in the early 2000's until he got fired
    -Bleha DXA scam: https://imgur.com/a/DRo67kr
    -Moonwhore's facebook friend pokemon themed strip show: https://youtu.be/8_nK-Vst9QY
    -Bleha's sister Andrea's husband runs this company: https://i.imgur.com/TSmu8T9.png
    -Bleha's old ICF logo was molded into Ed Corney's body: https://i.postimg.cc/KYNZpy93/44.png
    -Dislike campaign starts again, make 10 accounts and dislike Bleha videos
    -Bleha's sister lives here: https://www.realtor.com/realestatean...4_M88064-99676
    -Bleha's nuthugger by the name of Marc Steubing, youtube that shit
    -Dank Net puts out a great youtube video that sums up Bleha's character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVCspMdX4os
    -Bleha shaves his beard and hits 100k subscribers: https://i.imgur.com/Q6zF5IR.jpg
    - @NotAll's excellent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO13obWb1eY
    -Bleha's phone number is 936 419 1800
    -inshallah_blaha creates http://www.jason-blaha.com/
    -The current mirror channels:
    Jason Blaha Fitness - Review Critique
    -Cuckzilla reveals that he's had people in Houston gathering intel on Bleha for a year now, they are the real reason why Bleha doesn't work out in public gyms anymore
    -Bleha files copyright claims against Alan Roberts but Alan prevails on the counter claims
    -Bleha admits he was never a mercenary, instead he just trolls as one on the internet
    -Bleha would take it up his ass for money: https://i.postimg.cc/Px1S1f7h/blaha-...-for-mil-1.png https://i.postimg.cc/7ZbXmnRK/blaha-...-for-mil-2.png
    -Bleha's gun range is Top Gun Range in Houston, Texas
    -Big Mike's daughter: https://m.facebook.com/kristine.faus...f&pn_ref=story
    -Bleha's ASMR Cardio Gamer channel is found https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzU...lxuYPC3vDIxnIg
    -Bleha is selling merch: https://i.imgur.com/mwfNkKM.png
    -Rumors of Moonsnatch leaving
    -Bleha converts to christianity

    Bunch of other stuff too, check the rest here: https://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showth...=1#post2045658

    Also on Page1
    This fucking cuck 3liftsapparel is helping Bleha with the shitty merchandise:

    Page 4
    3liftsfaggot stole the silhouette design from Alan Aragon:

    Page 5
    I wish Bleha had hired Gisum Blowhole to design his logo:

    Page 10
    Look at his face!

    Page 16
    Bleha makes a shitfisted video about his current cut, says he's lost 40 pounds so far and thanks Alan Roberts for motivating him by talking about how Bleha has no business giving fitness advice because he's a fat fuck. First Al Robbie got Bleha to admit he was never a mercenary, now he got Bleha to drop weight down to smallest he's been since 2015, I think it's safe to say that my main man Al Robbie has successfully acquired real estate inside Bleha's head.
    But one funny thing is that Bleha has lost 40 pounds but looks exactly the same:

    Page 23
    At this point it's safe to say that the Gruesome Twosome are no longer together:
    Moonscum is trying to pawn the Monster off to someone else

    Page 25
    Moonskank profile on hairbrained.me

    Page 27
    Bleha confirms on video that they have indeed broken up, the whole video is a gigantic piss stain of cuckling and cope.
    Link to a mirrored version: https://youtu.be/oIaTyIK0twc
    Also from the comments of the original video:

    Page 35
    Bleha makes a half-hearted apology video to all the veterans he offended when he was pretending to be a mercenary

    Page 38
    Bleha's extensive research background in nutritional sciences is really just 27 hours (equivalent of a 3-day seminar) of courses in Blinn community college from where he dropped out anyway, as we all know by now:
    Courtesy of @blabla-haha
    Also apparently Bleha sent Ian McCarthy 50 bucks for a haircut:

    Page 39-40
    Mooncunt posts a picture of Bleha with his new girlfriend, the fuck?

    Page 41
    It seems Moontrash is the first one to start airing dirty laundry:
    Let the games begin...

    Page 42
    Instagram comments from other people:

    Page 43
    LunarBish dropping more bombs on Bleha:

    Page 45
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 48
    Bleha's new girl getting doxxed, she's recently divorced and has 3 kids:
    Apparently she met her ex-husband at christianmingle.com and the kids are not her biological children, they are the husband's.
    Courtesy of @Cuckzilla
    Also Moontrash dropping more pipebombs on Bleha:
    Bleha was lazy and disappointing in the bed! By the way the name that she mentions there, Jen Brady, is indeed Bleha's new girlfriend but Brady is not her maiden name. Her maiden name is kept off the thread for the time being.

    Page 51
    @Menty reveals more info on "Jen", her husband is the one who wanted the divorce and he also filed a temporary restraining order on her. Can't make this up.

    Page 52
    MoonTurncoat is MERCILESS:
    Also this is the house where Jen used to live when she was married:

    Page 53
    You might as well just read the whole thread from say page 39 onwards, this is a fucking ment galore!
    "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" doesn't even begin to describe it.

    Page 55
    And now Bleha responds the only way he can, playing the victim and being a complete fucking bitch:

    Page 56
    Case No. 18-DCV-252518

    10/03/2018 Agreed Judgment Agreed Judgment 11
    10/03/2018 Judgment Notice Mailed/Rule 306A3 X Judgment Notice 306a.3 2

    Courtesy of @Zippy2Dix
    See full details of their divorce settlement here: http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...=1#post2059730
    And here: http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...=1#post2059739
    Basically she gets to keep their bed, TV, Sofa and Buick Rendezvous car and he has to pay her 425 bucks a month at least until june 2019. Also their house is to be sold and she is to get her share of the money.

    Page 57
    More instagram comments from Moonwhore, pay close attention to the last person commenting in this thread:

    Page 58
    This just in, Jen Brady has not just one divorce but two divorces on her record! The first husband was a software engineer at intel and the second one is Ryan Brady, a lieutenant in US coast guard

    Page 64
    Some more doxxing on our girl Jenny Brady, here's a video from her facebook:
    Her phone number is 971 404 5187
    And her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-brady-42a409b0/

    Page 64-65
    Some more info on Jen Brady courtesy of @IGotNext, she was involved in the children's ministry back in Oregon and she attended an "open access comprehensive community college" for all of one year

    Page 69 & 71
    Bleha keeps playing the victim and throwing Mooncrookie under the bus:
    LunarCrook intimidated Bleha and the Pussiboi called the police on her! Also "I'm not going to sit here and trash talk Brittany" then does it anyway, classic shithead Bleha.

    Page 72
    Jenny Brady, real estate agent in Sugar Land:

    Page 74
    Whitepages search results for Jenny Ann Brady aka Jenny Ann Grewell:

    Page 77
    The search for Bleha's home address continues

    Page 78
    Bleha makes THE MOST SHITFISTED VIDEO OF OUR LIFETIME about the breakup with Mooncoonie:
    As we can all see, Bleha is the God fearing, not bald, kind, hard working, financially dependent, honest man and Brittany is the crazy psychotic, leeching, suicidal, home breaker. Because Jason Motherfucking Bleha says so.

    Page 80
    Jenny Brady received text messages:

    Page 83
    NotAll posts a recap of the ments so far

    Page 85
    MoonScorn strikes back:

    Page 86
    This just in, Jenny Brady says she's not Bleha's girlfriend and never was. They were indeed introduced by LunarScorned but it never worked out romantically so Jenny friendzoned Bleha!

    Page 88
    Cuckzilla's take on the recent events (and all the info he gathers on his own) is as follows:
    Bleha & Mooncookie have been a couple in name only for at least the past 6 months
    Mooncookie supported Bleha for the first couple years.
    Bleha is a clinger who needs a woman to cling onto.
    Mooncookie started planning to get out of the relationship by getting her own place.
    Mooncookie introduced Jen and Bleha hoping that they could "rebound" together.
    Bleha as usual goes all out for the new girl and tells Mooncookie that she just can't come over to get stuff, train or hang out any more.
    Mooncookie flips out because she has been the only person who has had Bleha's back over the past 3-4 years.

    Page 89
    ScornCookie strikes again:
    Also IGotNext brings some news from the good old Tommy's Garage, apparently this woman by the name of Jaime Cruz has taken MoonWookie's place in the show:

    Page 90
    MoonWrath dropping bombs, Bleha was lying about being on TRT! He makes his own sauce and never once went to a doctor:

    Page 91
    LunarScorned is talking with Anna the Ex now!

    Page 94
    Also some more inside info courtesy of LunarScorned:

    Page 96
    There's just no end to this scorn...

    Page 99
    Bleha is being a faggot again:

    Page 100
    @Shelley Frantzen reveals the reason why Blahautism 10.0 and Genova 14 threads were hidden, I said before that I wasn't in liberty to discuss the matter but I guess it doesn't matter now. I was told that those threads were hidden due to a threat that was made towards the forum and that's all I ever knew about the incident. Now Shelley Frantzen aka HeridaV reveals that it was JONNY FUCKING BRAVO who threatened this forum and tried to shut us all down.
    Show no mercy to this motherfucker. BURN Jonny Bravo.

    Page 99-101
    At around 6 minutes into this video Bleha literally begs for our forgiveness:
    Bleha if you want forgiveness, delete your youtube channel AND GET A FUCKING JOB. Do it and I can delete this thread.

    Page 102
    The fuck is this autism lmao:

    Page 104
    Some fucking cucks defending Bleha on LunarBisquit's instagram:

    Page 106
    MoonWrath responds to one of the cucks:
    Also Tacoman shares some more convos from instagram:

    Page 107
    Jonny Fucko warns us of an upcoming youtube adpocalypse:

    Page 108
    Nobody watches Bleha's shitfisted videos and I'm glad for that:

    Page 110
    LunarScorned tells the truth about how poorly Bleha takes care of the dog Nova and on the same post she gives out Bleha's location!!!!!
    On the next page we doxx that shit:
    All it took was the name of the street.

    Page 114
    Bleha practicing animal cruelty on video:

    Page 118
    Bleha justifies his animal cruelty and if youve got a problem with that, BRING IT HE WILL FUCKING END YOUUUUUU

    Page 121
    Now we know who Bleha's landlord is: Tiffany Trask owns 3401 TIMMONS LN # 1
    Also more MoonScorn chronicles:
    Speaking of Moonscorn, she is facebook friends with Tiffany Trask!

    Page 122
    Youtube cracking down on Bleha's fake subscribers again:
    Also time to have fun with Bleha's home address...

    Page 125
    Some next level fun with Bleha's home address!!

    Page 127
    The gloves are off for good now, no need to play it quietly anymore:
    Also we found a church Bleha might be going to, him being a born again christian and all:

    Page 130
    @cuck finn is back and doing what he does best, which is making Bleha's life miserable via craiglist:
    Pizza delivery coming Bleha's way, courtesy of @Fxckblaha:
    Also the church that was mentioned earlier just got email about Jason Bleha, courtesy of @BlueBlood:

    Page 133
    The fucking fat idiot just confirmed that we have his correct address!
    Timestamp 2:06

    Page 135
    Cannot make this up, @Cuckzilla just reported that Bleha removed the number on his door in a weak attempt to throw us off! LOL!

    Page 136
    Cuckzilla shows us a part of a conversation he had with Jen Brady, confirming that she is not dating Bleha:

    Page 138-139
    Trolling continues, now we are renting out Bleha's apartment:

    Page 143
    Jason Bleha Animal Abuse Enthusiast:

    Page 146
    Some more fun coming to Bleha's home, courtesy of @Fxckblaha
    Also reverting back to his Texas faggot persona, claiming that he's started running our people off:
    It could also be that this post is a fucking lie and in reality he just hid behind his door, opened it a crack to show his poverty AR-15 and then closed it right away. Just saying.
    Anyway, this is what he was talking about:

    Page 151
    Bleha is losing this:

    Page 152
    Mooncookie is back:

    Page 155
    Bleha decides to address the Farmington pedo rumors instead of just deleting the comments like he always did before, and he responds with lies:
    We already know that he's lying about leaving Farmington in 1994 at age of 17 because we already know he was still in Farmington in 1995 at age of 18, but let's remind ourselves:

    Page 159
    History repeats itself as this dumbass @Untamed joins the board to troll us like @Claire Mitchell / @wtf_r_u_doing / @The Emperor did back in 6.0 during the cuck finn saga. This guy warns us that we need to stop fucking with Bleha's home address or he could go crazy and kill someone (yeah right!) and in one hilarious post on page 163 this guy says that if Bleha goes to jail he could manipulate the inmates into believing all his delusional stories about being a hitman, bodybuilder, martial autist, whatever and thus become their feared and respected prison gang leader LOL! Many people in the thread believe this guy to be Bleha himself (wouldn't be the first time he's posted in Blahautism hiding behind some pseudonym)

    Page 171
    Abu bin Abdulaziz reports that the police were called to Bleha's address on the weekend of 09/27/18

    Page 172
    Bleha will receive a package from shitexpress! Courtesy of @Ahmed Abad Duude
    Shitexpress is a real site that you can pay to send literal shit to somebody anonymously.

    Page 173
    Mooncookie is back and now claims Bleha planted cocaine into her belongings and then called the cops on her:

    Page 178
    Bleha coping so hard over the fact that we know where he lives:
    Also Cuckzilla posts IP info on the Untamed guy, the guy seems to hide his real IP via cloudfare
    IP Address:
    Handle: NET-162-158-0-0-1
    Registration Date: 5/23/13
    Org: Cloudflare, Inc.
    Org Handle: CLOUD14
    Address: 101 Townsend Street
    City: San Francisco
    State/Province: CAPostal Code: 94107
    Country: United States

    Page 179
    Bleha's neighbors have received flyers about Bleha!

    Page 180
    Bleha being a Tex-Ass faggot again:
    Also more SHIT coming to his doorstep again:

    Page 183
    Cuckzilla talks to a handful of fitness youtubers and they have all collectively decided to ignore Bleha

    Page 185
    Bleha's patreon down to 24 patrons

    Page 191
    Marc Steubing loves me:

    Page 192
    Mooncookie chronicles continue, in this one she admits she was going out at night leaving the cuck at home:
    Jabs at the "idiot she used to date":

    Page 198
    Cuckzilla reports that Bleha and Mooncookie tried to get on Dr.Phil back when they were together but got rejected! Instead they were only given a list of therapists in Houston

    Page 200
    Mooncookie is asking for donations to help her recover from Bleha:

    Page 206
    Mooncookie update, she has a new apartment but still needs more money:

    Page 207
    Who are these fucking cucks who appeared out of nowhere to support Bleha?

    Page 208
    One of those Bleha supporting cucks gets doxxed:
    Also the guy is a bitch:
    Courtesy of NotAll

    Page 213
    Maybe Mooncookie will finally drop the rest of the ments, one can hope...

    Page 216
    Bleha and his cuck bromancing:

    Page 221
    This Chandiwira Beza guy is a world class cuck:
    Courtesy of @AntonioC
    Also NotAll reveals that Chadiwira actually works in a car dealership

    Page 223
    What a pathetic little man who feels the need to lie about his piss poor finances all the time:
    50K a year but doesn't have a car. High credit and all but has to rent instead of buying. Makes so much sense.

    Page 224
    Good old friend David Johnson aka DC got a new job as a "criminal justice organizer":

    Page 227
    ScornCookie is back at it:
    Cliffs: she has previously unseen video footage of Bleha, she has seen Bleha cry more times than can be counted and Bleha lied about giving her 1000 bucks after their breakup

    Page 228
    More scorn:

    Page 233
    Courtesy of @NotAll

    Page 234
    Mooncookie is literally trying to sell us the ments:
    Rampant debate on whether or not we should pony up and pay her ensues

    Page 238
    A new member strongerthanblaha says something negative about the David Icke forums and this triggers our good friend Gisum Blowhole (a former member of those forums) into explaining what the David Icke forums really were about:
    Spoiler: it's not a place where goofballs come to ramble about reptilian conspiracies

    Page 239
    Mooncookie is getting close to her first 20 donors which means she will answer one question in detail, our friend @Simon Templar starts putting up a list of possible questions

    Page 250
    Mooncookie teasing us with the Bleha reveal:

    Page 253
    She got her 20 donors now:

    Page 254
    Our hero @Inshallah_blaha phonecalls Bleha again:
    Still full of shit, still demonizing Mooncookie and playing the victim, still lying about his income, claims to be self-conscious (<-LOL) etc Some noteworthy cliffs:
    At around 3 minutes in he goes on a rant over how he's not a cuck (<-LOL!), also admits she cheated on him.
    At 25 minutes or so he names cuck finn as the Blahautist he hates the most.
    At 30 minutes he admits the "She Danced a Bit" episode was some of the most humiliating shit ever
    At 32-33 minutes he basically admits Mooncookie was telling the truth about him crying
    At 35-36 minutes inshallah_blaha calls Bleha a cockroach and the cuckman just sits there and takes it
    So all in all Bleha is still a shit.
    Also Mooncookie thanks us for the donations:

    Page 255
    Mooncookie posts a disgusting picture of Bleha's droopy mammary glands:

    Page 259
    @BlueBlood hates @CoathK

    Page 263

    Page 265
    Bleha takes his first physique pic since 2015 and he looks like shit:
    Saggy gynecomastic tits, loose skin all over the place, fat upper pussy area hidden under the pants, barely any signs of muscle

    Page 275
    23 cucks pooled together 256 dollars for LunarCrook to post this:

    Page 276-282
    Thread derailed. Political correctness baiting, jewish semantics, infighting...straight up piss lmao

    Page 280
    Interestingly enough Moonbitch has made her instagram public again:
    Also created a new one:

    Page 281
    Lots of Bleha shops brought to you by @Jason Genova
    Screenshots of crazy/stupid shit Bleha has said: https://imgur.com/a/rV5EB
    Funny impersonations: https://imgur.com/a/npGtH
    Bleha art gallery: https://imgur.com/a/hsPRB

    Page 283
    Who is the dyke holding the phone?

    Page 284
    Moonskank stopped sleeping with Bleha in february:

    Page 289
    Moonscum gives details of Bleha's roid stack:
    Also explains the trickery behind Bleha's shitty selfie:

    Page 290
    LunarTramp is a white trash nigger lover mudshark:

    Page 296
    MoonShit is still begging for money:
    If you want more money for nothing then open your legs you fucking tramp

    Page 297
    MoonCrutch claims to have proof of Bleha's steroid lab and that Bleha got caught for disability fraud:

    Page 301
    LOL she thinks Bleha will shoot her:

    Page 308
    Some MoonWookie tidbits courtesy of @JUST GOOD FIENDS:
    Her mother who has 2 daughters with 2 different men:
    Her father whom she never met:
    Ps. no marriage record between the mother and the father

    Page 310
    This is the type of people that watch Bleha's videos these days:

    Page 313
    "I cannot appreciate my dear friends"

    Page 315
    Just when you thought you had seen it all, J Parker joins our board!! Lol!!
    He says he will prove his identity by posting a certain text on his facebook and then 3 minutes later he goes and does just that:

    Page 319
    J Parker says he and Mooncookie dated just out of highschool for about a week or 2

    Page 320-330
    Jack the Parker explains his side of the coppertopp saga, basically he owed Mooncookie 800 bucks for a rifle and Mooncookie offered him a chance to pay some of it off by reading the script on video and Parkman of course accepted this offer without giving it any further thought. When the piss started pouring down on everybody, Mooncookie apologized to Coppertopp and told him he can keep the rifle and forget about whatever money was left on the debt. He had no idea what he was getting into and he admits it was a mistake on his part. The reason he refused to admit his involvement before was out of loyalty to Mooncookie because they've been friends since teenage or so. Now that Mooncookie broke up with Bleha, Parker has no obligation to protect Bleha.

    Page 324
    J Pork opens up about his criminal record. Knifefight at 19 years old, possession of pot and DWI in early 20s

    Page 330
    J Park posts a spoon pic as his avi:
    Also he starts looking into the mountain of evidence we have on Bleha's scumbag behavior and he is agreeing with us!

    Page 337
    Bleha has a massive crater on his gimp left arm:
    By the way that little dot you see right under the bicep is an injection spot, wonder where he got that? Probably just B12

    Page 338
    Seems like Mooncrotch is backing up Bleha's manure disease bullshit:
    Spinal tap is not indicated for meniere's disease diagnosis. MRI is much preferred.

    Page 340
    Coppertopp contacted Mooncookie and asked her to join our forum, this is golden.
    Also he unfriended and blocked Bleha LOL.

    Page 342
    Marc Davis has a message to Jack the Parker as well as everybody else in Blahautism:
    J Parker was rung once by me. We wanted to make sure he was aware of what he was letting himself in for, as we had just uncovered his identity and a lot of his info was freely available online. We were going to offer to keep him anonymous if he cooperated. The recording you all heard is what transpired. He was rung once, and sent a few texts straight after to confirm that if he wasn't the guy in the Coppertopp video then he had nothing to worry about, and we were only interested in Jason. The call was passed on to the people who make the videos and the other behind-the-scenes investigators, and that was the last time Parker was contacted. Anyone ringing his friends and family, or his place of work, had nothing to do with the Exposed TV team, and we would have advised against it if it had been suggested. I take Parker at his word, and I respect the fact that he's willing to defend his friend to such an extent. He made a stupid decision and fell victim to Jason Blaha - just as so many others have done. I wish Parker well, and hope that his appearance here helps to put things into perspective: Blaha is still freely operating on YouTube and ruining the lives of everyone he comes into contact with.

    So in case it's not clear at this point, J Parker is officially cool in our books now so anybody out there who has been giving him or his family members and acquaintances prank calls and stuff, please stop doing that.

    Page 344-356
    @JUST GOOD FIENDS aka @Jason Blah-Blah cracks hard from the PTSD and a total civil war breaks out in the thread. At one point the thread even derails into conspiracy talk lmao. Absolute fucking piss, don't even bother reading. He's banned now though so we can all relax.

    Page 345
    JP opens up about his personal experience meeting Bleha, Bleha is an insecure tryhard who needs to convince you that he's badass

    Page 350
    LOL J Parker tells us a story of how he saw Mooncookie stripping once!

    Page 357
    J Park agrees to a phone conversation with our expert inshallah-blaha

    Page 362
    LMAO Parkman tells us the story of when he met Blehaman for the second time, this was at a pool party that Parker himself hosted. Bleha was sizing him up and thought that J Park looked like a serious lifter (Parker doesnt go to the gym ever, he just works construction and manual labor). Bleha didn't even get into the actual pool with the women in bikinis and all that good stuff because he was carrying a gun tucked in his waistband with no holster (good way to accidentally shoot your dick off, by the way).
    You have to read the whole story yourself, ment galore:

    Page 365
    This picture sums up the current state of Bleha's facebook "fanpage":

    Page 366
    Mooncookie's GoFundMe has been taken down, payback is a bitch motherfucker!

    Page 370-371
    People in the thread start sharing their experiences on how they started hating Bleha

    Page 372
    Jack the Parker tells us about the third time he met Bleha, so Bleha phonecalls Parker and raves on and on about how cyberstalker terrorist jihadis have zeroed in on their location and they need to get off the grid so the logical solution is of course to bring all that shit over to JP's house. J Parker lets them in and they're both complete nervous wrecks freaking the fuck out over fitmisc mujahideen terrorists coming after them. They bring all their stuff with them of course, expecting J Parker to let them just move in to live at his house. Bleha uses the opportunity to take a free shower and eventually Mooncookie realizes that Parkman is clearly frustrated over these 2 fuckos coming into his house, so the Gruesome Twosome leave.
    I guess the people back in Blahautism 8.0 who speculated that Bleha and Mooncookie were living with J Parker were right after all, even though their stay probably didn't even last one hour.
    Again you gotta read the whole thing yourself:

    Page 373
    J the P-man goes into behind the scenes of the coppertopp video:
    The script was pulled out of his "go bag" prewritten, typed up.
    I read it three or four times, figured I had it down, sat back in my chair, he then asked me to turn more to my left so he could get one of my racks in the shot, I recited the lines to the camera once all the way through. And he put his camera away.
    There were five of my friends waiting on me in my living room as it was a weekend and we were partying, so I went back and began prepping the meat for the grill. We all had a nice meal and just kind of chilled in the back yard having a few beers. One of my friends that served in the British military was asking Jason a lot of questions and it looked like Jason was getting uncomfortable. I saw my buddy shake his head and walk off to get another beer, I intercepted him by the cooler and asked him what was up. He said "that guy is just kind of off, I do that know, I don't think I like him. We laughed about it and just pointed out that Brittany was the one I was friends with so don't worry about it. We had music and beers and everybody was chill. Then everyone left. I remember when I walked back into my den, I turned my chair back right and thought how weird that was but didn't give it another thought untill the calls and messages started pouring in.

    Page 380
    Bleha dipping below 900k views per month now:

    Page 381
    Parker tells us that when he let Bleha know he was gonna start posting here, Bleha claimed that the whole coppertopp22 thing was actually Mooncookie's idea! Some fucking alphamale right there!
    Also gave a half-hearted apology for "his part" in the coppertopp episode and pleaded J Park to not join us

    Page 384
    Steve Shaw is still on our side:

    Page 385
    Moonskank spent the weekend getting dicked down by Malik:
    Fucking white trash nigger lover, I'm disgusted as fuck

    Page 387
    One more scorn from Scorncookie:
    While at the same time trying to maintain Bleha's dangerous killer charade:
    Also @Cuckzilla tells us that he had a fitmisc account before his Cuckzilla moniker, this account was named Connie Blaha (Bleha's mother) and had Connie's picture as the avi. He only survived one day posting about "Uncle Mike playing hide the sausage" until Nine changed his username to @Blahaa and banned him. Check his posting history, some funny shit lool

    Page 390
    The youtube mirror channel guy @CIA joins us!

    Page 407
    Bleha gets blasted by Big Rob, a known lolcow in the Jason Genova saga:

    Page 412
    @Shadow Man does the right thing by bringing J Parker's story over to youtube:

    Page 424
    Imagine being Jason Bleha and living in a place where all your neighbors have seen this:
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 430-431
    Bleha's thanksgiving was exceptionally sad this year:
    So much bitterness and visibly holding back tears while eating pie and pretending to have teeth (at this point everybody knows Bleha has zero back teeth left in his rotten stroke mouth). Poor Janoy Bleha...no girlfriend...nofamily...no friends...all alone. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW AND YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!
    Related pics and gifs, courtesy of various people (you guys know who you are, I love you all):

    Page 432
    Bleha's 5x5 yard:
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla who also informed us that Bleha didn't exit his cuckcave one time during the whole day of thanksgiving

    Page 434
    Simon Templar provides info on Moonskank's workplace MD Anderson, Houston TX. She works as a cleaner either directly for them or through a 3rd party.
    Meanwhile Moontwat crawls back to Bleha for rent money because her gofundme got shut down:

    Page 439-440
    MoonTranny is a complete good for nothing narcissistic mentally retarded lying piece of shit scum of the earth:

    Page 444
    Reportedly Bleha has moved his cuckstation into the dining room of the cuckhovel that used to be filled with LunarSkank's stuff but not anymore

    Page 460

    Page 464
    Homosexicle fantasies!!
    Also Bleha getting trolled in his comments:

    Page 469
    Moonwhore is a whore:

    Page 473
    CIA mirror channel is terminated because of spamming (??) but reincarnates as FBI:

    Page 477
    Cuckzilla reports that a former co-worker of Marc Steubing follows the Anti-Bleha instagram page. He said Marc is just a weird guy, was a little off, would intimidate co-workers just by being loud and retarded and was dim witted.

    Page 478
    Bleha moves his homegym setup to the room that he previously used for cardiogaming and recording shitfisted videos. His dining room used to be Moonskank's make up & hair studio but since she left and took her stuff with her, Bleha was able to convert the dining room into a recording studio.

    Page 479
    What the hell is that disgusting thing on his neck?

    Page 486
    This fucking fat retard thinks taxes are theft and should be abolished:

    Page 491-492
    Dumb Jason Bleha claims to eat 400 grams of protein every day:
    That is the equivalent of 16 protein shakes in one day. Or 57 eggs. Or 7 and a half whole chicken breasts. If you just think about that for a minute, it's quite obvious that he's lying.

    Page 508
    Mooncookie makes herself useful again and sends pictures of Bleha's homebrew steroid lab to an undercover jihadi!
    Conversation here:
    More conversation:
    Mooncookie's verbal description of Bleha's roid stack:

    Page 512
    Time to make Bleha pay for his crimes:
    3401 timmons lane #1
    houston tx 77027

    Page 527
    Mooncoonie rambling to undercover CoathK. Bleha's roidstack, Bleha's daddy issues, Bleha is psycho and Moonskank is the victim etc

    Page 533
    Apparently somebody doxxed the Starting Strength guy Mark Rippetoe and found that his email address links to a bunch of gay BDSM and borderline racist erotica. Here are some of his writings:

    Page 534
    Jerry Ward makes his best video so far giving his expert opinion and criticism of Bleha's physique and his take on why Bleha looks the way he does (basically it boils down to poor diet and poor training methods/execution). In the beginning of the video Jerry states that he's heard from a credible source that Bleha was on psychiatric medication when he was in the UK and when he returned to Texas he couldn't afford his medication anymore which would explain why his personality changed into the autistic try-hard we all know

    Page 539
    Be prepared for a very "christian" response to Jerry Ward's constructive criticism:

    Page 543
    Bleha makes an extremely insecure and retarded response video getting ridiculously defensive over the psych meds accusation, his poverty income and his shitty lifting numbers, deflecting instead of directly addressing and says he only watched the first half of Jerry's video yet talks about stuff Jerry mentioned in the second half.
    Pathetic little man!

    Page 556
    Bleha is absolutely shook, likely because christmas is coming and we know his home address...
    Bleha wont go outside unless he gets paid for it:
    Also still lies about being swatted:

    Page 562
    Bleha posts his 3rd DXA scam results (he never posted the 2nd scan and instead just banned anybody asking about it) and just lol at the obvious photoshopping:

    Page 570
    Bleha shows the rest of the DXA documents, including some stuff from the 2nd scan that he never showed before:

    Page 573
    Bleha gets confronted in real life? The fuck??
    But notice how small his arms look when he's not pinning his sleeves:

    Page 576
    Bleha losing subs:

    Page 578
    The guy from that Bleha confrontation, Alex Rosen, talks about meeting Bleha in person:
    Straight up low IQ stockholm syndrome for 24 minutes, I dont expect any of you to watch it all the way through so let's just cliff it:
    This is the same guy that phone called Bleha few months ago as an undercover nuthugger (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u79wlABQvUw) and he says he's been phonecalling Bleha a few times after that too until Bleha realized he was a troll and stopped talking.
    Alex Rosen was also one of the BETO supporters from page 146, confirms that Bleha didn't really run them off but just hid behind his door like a fucking pussy and held out his poverty AR-15 saying "this is what I think about BETO".
    Probably the most infuriating thing is around 21 minutes where Alex says he asked Bleha what he was thinking when he did all the fake merc shit and Bleha replied by claiming that Brittany put him up to it. BLEHA STARTED THE FAKE MERC BULLSHIT ALREADY BACK IN THE UK, LONG BEFORE HE MET MOONCOOKIE. FUCK YOU BLEHA. I WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOUR SKINNY FAT ASS. LET'S MEET UP AND GO A FEW ROUNDS YOU FUCKING PUSSY.

    Page 579-580
    It is revealed by @John_Blano that Alex Rosen was also driving around Texas trying to track down Bleha's location long before we got his home address from Mooncookie, which would suggest that he is actually one of the "boots in the ground" that Cuckzilla has had gathering intel on Bleha in Texas

    Page 581
    Alex Rosen posts a picture of them together on instagram:
    Here's all of them shopped to stand in parallel, the guy on the left is 5ft10 and the guy on the right is about 6ft2-6ft4:
    Absolutely no way Bleha is 5ft9 like he claims

    Page 585
    Audio clip of the full meetup between Alex Rosen and Jason Bleha:
    Over an hour of pretty much nothing worth noting, but then a civil war breaks out in the thread between the people who are only here for the laughs and the people who actually want to shut Bleha down and that's quite frankly more worthy of your time than the 1hr audio

    Page 591
    @ReginavsT.Mumby wrote a 2 minute song for Bleha:
    It's pretty good and he has a good voice

    The last few pages is just people mercilessly roasting ReginavsT.Mumby because he cant stop responding to jabs from @tommydickfingers and @CircusBell and the rest of the board is also getting pissed at Mumbyman constantly derailing.

    11.0 pre-Crash was total shit, barely anything interesting happened. However after The Crash it's been a fucking mentmine almost on par with 1.0-7.0. Locating Bleha's home address has opened room for all kinds of new developments, especially considering that he's literally not going anywhere (how exactly is he gonna move those Rogue weights to a new place without a car? You think he's gonna carry those plates in his arms? LMAO!). I predict things are gonna get interesting in the near future.

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    Page 1-5
    The mumby roasting continues, so far he hasnt responded.

    Page 6
    An actual navy officer Alan Zummak gives his thoughts on Bleha:
    Excellent video

    Page 10
    As we all know by now, Bleha had a 48 inch waist at the time Anna the Ex kicked him out. Here IGotNext shows you what kind of pants a person of those measurements would have to wear:

    Page 25
    Bleha decides to pose shirtless again:
    Notice the cancer growing on the right side of his lower back:
    Also here's why he insists on pulling his pants up so high:
    Courtesy of everyone's favorite @zombie

    Page 38
    Bleha gets blasted on Sherdog forums:

    Page 50
    Igor Opeshansky from Vitruvian Physique takes a little jab at Bleha, shows a pic of him while talking about bad genetics:
    And this is his explanation for using that pic (LOL):

    Paged 59-61
    Bleha has now replaced squats in his "training" with hip thrusts:
    This fucking guy

    Page 63
    Bleha posts a picture of his fridge:
    50K a year yet this is what he can afford, think about that.

    Page 70
    Bleha changes his channel name to "Jason Blaha Strength and Power":
    Here's his cope explanation for the name change:
    But we all know the real reason he did it is to use Nick's Strenght And Power name to get more views

    Page 72 & 76
    It appears someone has bought the domain jasonblahastrengthandpower.com
    The link doesnt actually lead anywhere, pretty sure Bleha only bought it so Elgin couldn't cuck him again
    Also @zombie strikes again:

    Page 74-75
    Bleha finally fixes his channel name from "Jason Blaha Strength And Power" to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Power", too bad he only bought the domain name with one S letter:

    Page 80
    jasonblahasstrengthandpower.com (two S letters) redirects to Elgin's merch store!
    Also Bleha's arm is shaking again like early onset Parkinson's disease:

    Page 81
    Bleha makes an absolutely infuriating shitfisted video explaining his channel name change and talking shit about Nick's Strength And Power. Bleha even projects his wheelchair accusations from 2016 unto Nick:

    Page 84
    This is what Nick himself thinks about Bleha LOL:

    Page 86
    One of our newer members @RickJ who is pretty well connected in the powerlifting community and a damn strong powerlifter himself (we're talking like +500lb bench presses and 800lb deadlifts) went around talking to some people once he heard about Bleha being a powerlifting referee for BPU. So he finds out the truth behind Bleha's time at his first gym in the UK, which Bleha talks about in this post:
    But in reality, Bleha was supposed to pick up stray weights, change the bin liners and paper rolls and vacuum the floor in return for being allowed to train there. But he did such a half assed job that he was taken to task, then stopped showing up and started rumors that the gym owner had not paid him for work carried out.

    Page 91
    Bleha responds to Vitruvian Physique's jab with a bunch of incoherent mentally ill rambling, claims that Igor is weak because he can only squat 420 and deadlift 530 (WTF?) and Bleha also claims to deadlift 530 for reps then shows footage of himself getting destroyed by 515, at around 2:25 of this video:

    Page 93
    Bleha has now changed his channel name to "Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness", just make up your fucking mind you spaz

    Page 96
    Remember Dank Net who made that awesome video on Bleha? Here's Dank Net's video on the Jacked Jesus Through The Twisting Nether Beast Underground Muscle Shaman Expanding The Universe Creations:
    It contains a cardio gamer reference at around 5 minutes.
    Speaking of cardio gamer, Bleha getting trolled on facebook:

    Page 98
    Elgin beats Bleha to the punch again and buys off Jason Blaha's Strength And Fitness domains:

    Page 108
    Alex Rosen officially joins the board

    Page 110
    Jason Christ is back and still can't spell publicly:

    Page 111
    Awesome video breaking down Bleha's VitruvianPhysique video and debunking every lie that comes out of Bleha's fat rodent mouth:

    Page 113
    There is a copy of Bleha's Stolen Valor Enthusiast channel that contains a bunch of videos that Bleha has deleted from the original channel:

    Page 137
    Fucking pathetic little man Bleha gets mad when somebody points out the obvious fact that Bleha doesnt have a car:
    We know for a fact that he doesnt have a car because he has his groceries delivered home (literally said this himself in a recent video) and before that he complained about legs being too fatigued for squats because he had to walk to the grocery store.
    Also he's lying about Mooncunt being the one who totalled the Focus:

    Page 151
    Jerry Ward comes back to us after over 2 year absence because of a video Bleha made about Ward becoming a pastor (Bleha still pretends to be a christian). Ward states he does religious services for free and not for profit like Bleha claims. Also Jerry Ward finally admits that basketball does count as cardio!

    Page 157
    About one year ago Bleha the little shit tried to use "ReputationDefender.com" to erase funny photoshops and websites that contain factual info of him from the internet. Failed miserably, only some pictures on google images were removed.
    Information brought to you by @Abu bin Abdulaziz

    Page 170
    Tight shirts are better for people who are swole!
    -Marc Steubing

    Page 174
    Jerry Ward goes on a condescending tirade with a haji and gets blasted into oblivion for it

    Page 180
    Bleha is reverting back to his Bodybyfinaplex sexcapades:

    Page 182-183
    Bleha gets blasted on reddit again:

    Page 195-196
    Vegan Gains channel has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.
    Bleha of course seizes the opportunity to make a shitfisted video about it

    Page 201
    Bleha says he's off his "TRT" now:

    Page 215-216
    And Vegan Gains got his channel back, also issued an apology video:

    Page 220
    Bleha leaves a comment on CopeDestiny's video (first time he's commented on someone else's video since 2016):
    Go kick his ass

    Page 225-227
    Bleha posts a new shooting video on facebook looking like a total doofus:

    Page 241
    Alex Rosen meets Bleha again for an interview:
    The last 50 minutes is the interview, the first 20 minutes is a phone conversation that happened the next day.
    Anyway the audio is all fucked up and you can barely hear what Bleha is saying, but Alex basically went through the list of Bleha's bullshit claims on Blahapedia and Bleha mostly just doubles down on them. The most noteworthy cliffs:
    At 27:55 Bleha is asked about his black belts claim and he actually admits that he doesn't have black belts in anything, but still insists that he took karate and taekwondo as a kid (probably a few beginners classes if even that) and that he can fight (<-LOL!).
    At around 46 minutes he tries to feed a major bullshit story that we made J Parker come here and post the stuff he posted, what the fuck?!
    At around 54 minutes Bleha's arm is measured on camera and it's 16 inches.
    At around 1 hour he's asked about The Mugshot but refuses to comment, what a surprise.
    At around 1 hour 7 minutes Bleha lists Nightwish, Tool and Evanescence as his favorite bands. After that he admits he went to Blinn community college and not Texas A&M, claims to have obtained degrees but of course shows no proof.
    At 1 hour 11 minutes Bleha's shoulder width is measured at 54 inches.

    Page 244
    Alex Rosen doxxes the place where Bleha gets his DXA scams:

    Page 247
    @Fitness Jones aka @Blason Jlaha returns to the board!

    Page 249
    A thorough summary of Bleha's life progress in january posted in one of the @CIA mirror videos:

    Page 251
    A 4 minute condensed version of the 20 minute phone conversation in Alex Rosen's video:

    Page 253
    blabla-haha writes a far more detailed summary of the Alex Rosen in-person interview than I ever could:

    Page 257
    Marc Steubing hits his best bench press fail ever:

    Page 261
    Bleha the supreme hypocrite is now doing isolation exercises:

    Page 276
    Bleha's home address being snuck into the youtube comments:

    Page 286
    Bleha backs down from a fight again:

    Page 290
    Alex Rosen aka Rosenberg doxxes Marc Steubing's home address and plans to go meet him

    Page 292
    Bleha denounces Marc Steubing (at 2:08):
    Also posts this on facebook:

    Page 293
    Apparently Bleha finally got a divorce from the ex 2.0 last october:
    Information brought to you by Cuckzilla

    Page 295
    Alec the 18 year old kid who deadlifts 600 pounds is an idiot:

    Page 297
    Rosenberg locates Marc Steubing's gym:

    Page 307
    J Parker posted this facebook update last november:

    Page 311
    From the CIA comment sections, a top 10 of Bleha's life progress in february (or "feburary" as Bleha himself would spell it):

    Page 325
    Here's a funny story from 2017 of Bleha playing runescape like a proper Cardio Gamer and crying about suicide and depression to the other gamers, also turns into full victim bitch mode when they ask him to hand over the "Bandos ChestPlate" (whatever that is, I dont play runescape):
    This ment was brought to you by Cuckzilla

    Page 329
    Apparently sister Andrea has said that Bleha used the family computer to download porn and infected it with an unfixable virus.
    This ment was also brought to you by Cuckzilla
    Also blabla-haha takes us back down the memory lane on Bleha's male model delusion, it was actually just one photoshoot in July 2004 for what looks like a pretty small company looking to build their portfolio. No modelling jobs ever.

    Page 334
    Coath Fuckface rejects Marc Steubing's video request for a collab due to overdose of sand in Blahina's vagina:

    Page 335
    Rosenberg links Marc Steubing's old myspace page:
    Pages after that the thread basically turns into Marc Steubing worship. Even though he's retarded he's just an all around likable guy because he's nice and always positive, can't hate on that. From his old myspace pics we also see that he used to be fairly good looking back in the day:
    We also find a possible explanation for his apparent mental retardation:

    Page 342
    Marc Steubing even gets his own fanclub on facebook!

    Page 347
    It appears Jenny Brady has a new man now, Bleha on the other hand is forever alone:
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla
    Also if you thought CopeDestiny and his followers are Bleha fans, check this out:

    Page 348
    So Bleha has been on discord chatting with CopeDestiny and others, apparently he has learned absolutely nothing from the 20 years he's been on the internet because he just can't contain his autism and conduct himself in a proper manner. Now CopeDestiny officially denounces Bleha:
    Also FraudAnalyzer99 denounces Bleha:
    Contains audio clips of Bleha being racist as fuck

    Page 353
    Bleha actually thought CopeDestiny and FraudAnalyzer99 wanted to do a podcast with him:

    Page 355
    Bleha being an edgelord on facebook talking about the Christchurch mosque shooter in New Zealand who killed 50 muslims and wounded 50 more (ages of the dead ranging from 2 to 71):
    Also Marc Steubing is blocked from Bleha's facebook:

    Page 357
    Larry Blaha has apparently lost his leg?
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 358
    Jerry Ward makes a great video giving his thoughts on Bleha's edgelord comments on facebook:

    Page 361
    Bleha makes a shitfisted cope video responding to Jerry Ward. Doesn't even address the facebook screenshots that Jerry showed in the video, just mental illness maxxes on not being a racist, babbles about his stupid fucking Czech flag on his wall and even claims that FBI tapped his phone for 6 months to conclude that Bleha is not a potential active shooter (FBI don't get to just tap any random person's phone as they please, it takes plenty of work to get that shit authorized so we know Bleha is full of shit):
    When confronted in the comments about the facebook posts and the audio provided previously by FraudAnalyzer99, Bleha just says it's all fake and he dindunuffin:

    Page 363
    Rosenberg slips in Larry's phone number

    Page 369 & 372
    @Simon Templar posts contact information for various google/youtube personnel

    Page 372
    Rosenberg calls Bleha on the phone one last time, but now he's not playing nice anymore and letting Bleha's bullshit fly, instead Rosenberg straight up confronts Bleha about the Christchurch comments and corners him pretty damn hard:
    At around 6:28 completely out of nowhere Bleha claims his dog Nova is dead and that we poisoned him, what the actual fuck?? No, we did not kill his fucking dog, holy shit. We wanted the dog taken away from him for sure (because he's selfish, negligent and irresponsible) but we wouldn't kill an innocent animal under any circumstances.
    People in the thread speculate what may have actually happened there, the most logical conclusions are that either Nova died because of Bleha's neglect or Bleha just gave the dog away and lied about the death.
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 379
    Bleha backtracking and lying about his facebook posts on the Christchurch shootings:

    Page 380
    Bleha makes an official statement on Nova's death:
    Funny how he has to go out of his way to mention that he will ban all trolls and shit talkers, meanwhile if anybody else posted about their pet dying (namely Nick's S&P and his hedgehog) nobody would even think about talking shit. Even Bleha himself acknowledges that he doesn't have that many actual fans anymore.

    Page 382
    If you want to show some support for Nova and share Bleha's facebook post, do it in this fashion:
    Courtesy of @AntonioC

    Page 384
    For once I hope he's lying:

    Page 388
    Simon Templar spoke to an animal cruelty investigator in regards to Nova's death and it's possible they'll look into it

    Page 391
    CopeDestiny releases more of Bleha's discord sound clips:
    8 minutes onwards. Racist as fuck, threatens to kill Shadow Man (<-LOL!) and claims to be a ladies' man (<-LOL!!)

    Page 392
    Bleha sent this text to Rosenberg:
    Claims that he took a 4 day vacation, which would obviously imply that he left Nova alone at the cuckshed for 4 days with no one to look after it and that is why the dog died.
    Also The Ex 2.0 facebook, posted by Cuckzilla:

    Page 393
    Bleha's maternal grandfather:
    Brought to you by One Off Man Mental

    Page 398
    Marc Steubing is growing tired of Bleha's bullshit:

    Page 403
    The world class cuck Chandiwira "Chad" Beza is back at it, texting with AntonioC:
    Previously it was found that Beza works in a car dealership, he's still listed as a staff member in that dealership so it's unlikely that he'd work as both a police officer and a car salesman at the same time:

    Page 408
    Summary of Bleha's March 2019 posted in the FBI comment section:
    Also FraudAnalyzer posts some more audio clips of Bleha in discord. Nothing particularly interesting here, just Bleha being a faggot:

    Page 418
    FraudAnalyzer/CopeDestiny puts out another Bleha video featuring cringe compilation and audio clips of Bleha being trolled on discord with food related questions:

    Page 426
    Seems like something has spooked Bleha, the little man feels the need to puff his (saggy) chest over the internet:

    Page 429
    Justice for Nova!

    Page 430
    Craigslist and Backpages are gone but not to worry! Any cuck finns out there who wanna send trannies to the condo at Timmons Lane will be able to do so through these two websites:

    Page 432
    Bleha takes his shirt off again and posts pics in his facebook:
    We're supposed to believe this melted marshmallow man looks like he lifts? LOL! Also on page 438:
    Courtesy of @Gisum Blowhole

    Page 442
    @strongerthanblaha goes through Bleha's ancestry on both parents' sides and concludes that Bleha has zero jewish ancestry and zero Cherokee indian ancestry. Also all of Bleha's ancestors were quite insignificant in their lives and never really made any name for themselves. Father's side of the family does originate from Czech and they moved to America in 1870's to escape poverty

    Page 444
    strongerthanblaha posts pictures of Bleha's ancestors:
    Also Bleha claims that the boots he wears in his videos are expensive Timberland boots (at 7:41)
    But that of course is easily disproven:
    Posted by WookieButter

    Page 449-450
    Bleha is posting more shirtless lifting videos and pictures:
    Notice the HPV induced filiform wart on his lower back and above it is a clear outline of a girdle.
    Also cuck finn posts a potential source for Bleha's rogue weights set:
    $6000 home gym my ass, it's all cheap chinese knock-off shit

    Page 454
    Rosenberg uploads a new youtube video where he chats with a friend at Bleha's home address and then they together put up posters all over the yard area:
    This was the poster they put up:

    Page 460
    Full blown STD infected stroke mouth getting worse by the day:

    Page 461
    Jihad invades the google reviews section for Bleha's apartment complex, some SERIOUSLY funny shit there lmao. Check it out by searching "Fleur de Lis apartment Houston" on google.
    Also NotAll posts some of Bleha's old facebook posts from 2011 where he admits he has dyslexia and he had to take upon special education all through his school years:

    Page 462
    Abscess in his mouth since 2011:

    Page 465
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla
    Also if you read between the lines in this:
    Bleha cried to Jenny Brady about wanting to kill himself and she took it to her facebook friends instead of giving this ratfaced bastard a pityfuck

    Page 469
    The irony of Mooncoonie's aunt (the one in the pecan pie video from 2015) looking to rehome a dog:
    Also this random instagrammer claims to have spotted Bleha in a Taco Bell:
    Nearest Taco Bell to Bleha's cuckshack is about 1,8 miles away, as determined by our buddy @JDBHorseGrin

    Page 471
    Some douchebag wannabe fitness personality who calls himself The Dolce Diet:

    Page 472
    Rosenberg informs us that Bleha tries his best to keep his youtube life away from his personal life, apparently Bleha is friends with some 40 year old recovering drug addict (sound familiar?) and she doesnt know anything about Bleha's internet reputation (apparently the thought of typing her friend's name on google never occurred to her)

    Page 480
    Rosenberg informs us that Bleha called him on the phone, SHOOK AS FUCK, and threatened to press charges against Rosenberg for putting up those posters! Fucking LOL that's not gonna hold up in the court of law

    Page 487
    Jenny Brady is now having a baby with her new man

    Page 489
    Cuckman Bleha pussies out from a debate with Vegan Gains:
    Oh yeah and he makes 5k a month but doesn't have a car, seems totally legit.

    Page 493
    Courtesy of everyone's favorite @zombie

    Page 494
    Cuck finn starts contacting Bleha's relatives:

    Page 500
    Rosenberg posts audio of the BETO spectacle from Blahautism 11.0 page 146

    Page 501
    Bleha forgets that he has claimed to be part-jewish multiple times:

    Page 503
    Rosenberg meets Marc Steubing in person and they workout together and talk about stuff:
    Steubz comes across as a super likable and approachable nice guy

    Page 506
    Rosenberg posts a video of him phonecalling Mooncookie back in January:
    At around 3-4 minutes in she says that Bleha would sometimes just take her phone and go through the messages and stuff, but other than that she doesn't really say anything that we don't already know

    Page 512
    Rosenberg is in talks with somebody who spotted Bleha in the wild, at a local Walmart. View the text message convo here:

    Page 517
    Summary of Bleha's April 2019 posted in the FBI comment section:

    Page 530
    Rosenberg tries to visit Larry Blaha but Larry just locks himself inside his cabin before they could get to him

    Page 531
    What the actual fuck lol

    Page 535
    S A V A G E
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 536
    Fuckface Blahino contacted Rosenberg's mom on facebook with his "pressing charges" bullshit, mom thought Bleha is a psychopath so to spare her from further concern Rosenberg quits the movement

    Page 538
    AntonioC calls Bleha on the phone on mother's day:
    "Good idea calling him on a day you know he will be free."
    -cuck finn
    Also at 11:28 Antonio successfully manipulated Bleha into admitting he's incel

    Page 540
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage

    Page 543
    Another part of AntonioC phone convo with Bleha:

    Page 544
    The forum administrator @Omega bans @cuck finn for a week due to religion bait (happened outside of Blahautism) and gets blasted in the thread for it

    Page 546
    LOL the world class cuck Chandiwira Beza gets fired from his job (as a cop or prison guard or whatever the fuck he was) for being an idiot on social media!

    Page 553
    Rosenberg deletes all of his Bleha videos and makes a new video explaining what happened:
    So his parents decided to talk to Bleha and they bought into Bleha's bullshit, they made him delete all of those videos

    Page 556
    Another fine addition to your collection, courtesy of zombie:

    Page 565
    CIA's mirror channel gets terminated because youtube caught him using a bot to automatically upload the Bleha mirror videos, but he prevails on a new channel named NSA:

    Page 566
    Rosenberg managed to save a couple of the videos that he had to delete, here's a part of the in-person interview:
    And here's the one where they put up the flyers:

    Page 568
    Zombie is back at it again:

    Page 585-586
    Jonny Fucko's prophecy from 11.0 is coming closer to fruition:
    Also zombie sums up the entire recent content of Bleha's channel in this awesome picture:

    Page 591-592
    Bleha starts talking about his plan to pre-record dozens of videos in order to get extra spare time from his usual 4 videos a day schedule, this leads to the suspicion that he might be planning to move out (again) some time soon. Only this time Rosenberg will be there to keep an eye on him and locate his next address, whatever it may be. Also Rosenberg mentions that his parents no longer buy into Bleha's bullshit. His new youtube channel here:

    Page 596
    Jason Bleha has the worst teeth ever:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 597
    Check out this sweet banner for y'all

    Page 598
    Bleha said in a youtube comment that Rosenberg's dad called Rosenberg autistic, this of course was not true and Rosen's dad never said such thing. Rosenberg then told Bleha off in a text and Bleha went crying to Rosen's dad again, what a whiney little bitch

    Page 601
    Those of you who have paid attention to Bleha's comment sections (on his actual channel) already know that for a while now his comment sections have been a playground for trolls addressing him by various names such as couch, clip, cake, crunch, grinch, clutch, crouton etc. Now here's a comment where somebody calls him "Cumstain" and he just takes it! LMAO

    Page 604
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 609-612
    Bleha ends one of his videos by getting up from the chair and revealing that he's wearing no pants other than blue underwear, for FUCK's sake lol:
    He ended up editing that out from the video but NDA saved the clip in his personal stash:
    Fucking lol at Cumstain's self awareness, shirtcocking it like a proper pedo

    Page 622-625
    Bleha measures his height on video:
    He acts like this proves he's 5ft9 but the actual video shows him to be 5ft8

    Page 626
    Very accurate map of Bleha's teeth, courtesy of RandyAverage:

    Page 629-630
    Mooncosmetologist let her cosmetologist operator license expire??

    Page 633
    LMAO Jerry Ward just made his best video EVER (this time for sure!) promoting his multivitamin supplement while taking jabs at Bleha:
    Mentions his baldness, his rotting teeth, his kyphotic posture, his fucked up breathing and even his autism pauses!

    Page 638
    Bleha's excuse to not respond to Jerry Ward's video:
    This comment leads to people speculating for the next 20-25 pages whether Bleha might be moving out or if he had a strike on his channel (the way youtube's current algorithm works, if you get a strike you won't be able to upload anything for a certain period of time) or both

    Page 640
    @CIA compiles a list of every single word used in Bleha's video titles as well as the number each word has been used:

    Page 641
    @CIA gathered a list of every single video (URLs & titles) Bleha has on his channel right now:

    Page 645
    Bleha feeds into the speculation that he may have moved out, also intends to sell online coaching (haha good luck!):

    Page 655
    Finally Bleha will respond to Jerry Ward:
    The response video itself is a complete shitshow of cope and denial, he is visibly holding back tears and sounds shook as FUCK. Claims that he didn't watch Jerry's video but it's obvious that he did. Gets brutalized in the comment section and desperately tries to excuse his baldness and rotting teeth:
    Also just FYI, british dental care being bad is just a meme, in reality the NHS provides high quality dental care and the only britts who have bad teeth are the ones who never go to dentist and generally don't do jack shit to take care of their teeth

    Page 659
    Summary of Bleha's response video to Jerry Ward, courtesy of zombie:

    Page 660 & 662
    Bleha threw away the green screen he's been using in his videos for 3 years:

    Page 661
    As it turns out, Cumstain didn't move anywhere, he just moved his homegym setup to the living room!

    Page 665
    PROOF that he just moved his shit into the living room:

    Page 666
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage
    Also Jerry Ward makes another video, this time gives cutting advice:

    Page 668
    Fat fuck Bleha threatening to shoot Don Shipley:

    Page 673
    Stroke(mouth) of luck or a gift from God?

    Page 678
    Courtesy of zombie:

    Page 682
    Bleha appears to be getting tired of talking to trolls on the phone every day so now he tells all callers that they have to pay him 100 bucks for a one-hour chat, for fuck's sake lol

    Page 687
    Rosenberg confirms that Nova did indeed die because Cumstain left it alone at the cuckshack for 4 days without food or water and no one to look after it

    Page 692
    Bleha will launch his online coaching business...as a facebook exclusive! Will only take 5 clients and charges 200 bucks a month:

    Page 694
    I want to 3D print this:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 696
    Oh this just in, Bleha will not help you out with your diet if you hire him as your online coach:

    Page 701
    Rosenberg posts excerpts from a convo Bleha had with FraudAnalyzer back in last March, this one we've already seen:
    And here's a couple we haven't seen:
    The blocked out part says "I come home to that bullshit and possible having my dog murdered by fucking stalkers". Fuck you Jason Blaha. You and you alone are responsible for Nova's death. Not us, you.

    Page 702
    Cumstain claims that he's got his 5 clients now:

    Page 704
    Predictable ratfaced fuck will not show you how well his clients progress under his coaching:

    Page 707
    Pure BullFit destroys Bleha's non-existent credentials and soon to fail online coaching pursuit:

    Page 711
    It appears Cumstain has cried to google and got his apartment's business page (google reviews) removed

    Page 719
    Bleha makes a video offering his coaching services to Jerry Ward and Eric Kanevsky. However he will NOT offer coaching to Marc Steubing:

    Page 720
    Jerry Ward accepts Bleha's offer to be his coach by making this awesome video where Jerry shows off the results he's got for his own clients while at the same time requesting Bleha to show his credentials (which as we all know don't exist):

    Page 723
    Meet Gaetano Thoma Mortillaro, one of Bleha's most active fans on facebook:
    He is also anti-gun and a huge Bernie Sanders supporter,plus he doesn't/is unable to lift/work out. Absolutely nothing in common with Bleha.

    Page 724
    Bleha's subscriber count keeps dropping...

    Page 725
    NDA and other mirror channels as well as Shadow Man and VKVDM youtube channels have been taken down

    Page 728
    Subscribe to the new mirror channel F Bee Eye:
    Also Bleha is full of shit about the youtube channels being taken down:
    Muh criminal investigation, muh inside information, muh business relationship with google, shut the fuck up you fat faggot!

    Page 729
    Another mirror channel:

    Page 730
    Tiffany Trask contact info posted by NotAll:
    She owns the apartment #1 at 3401 Timmons Lane and she must be informed of the damage her tenant Jason Blaha is likely causing to the floors and walls by tossing heavy barbells and Rogue plates around.

    Page 733
    The average watch time for most of Bleha's videos is less than 5 minutes LOL
    Also Bleha admits he's destroying the floors in Tiffany Trask's apartment:
    Also here are the names of every apartment owner at 3401 Timmons:

    For the last 5 or so pages people talk about reporting Bleha's online coaching endeavor to the IRS since Bleha most likely hasn't reported that extra source of income himself and internet links as well as other contact info necessary to report Bleha's tax fraud are posted in the thread. Also our very own @Cuckzilla becomes a moderator!

    These are the current mirror channels for Bleha videos:
    The Bear https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-...5CvocMRuGzgvUQ
    Jason Blaha Stories & Fatness https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5...8T7REf6bXk5r5A
    F Bee Eye https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtp...sQfpct4zOhtibQ

    Now on to the next one, but don't forget to brush your teeth twice every day and floss regularly!

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    Blahautism: The Jason Blaha Story CLIFFS

    Click on the link above to see the Blahautism CLIFFS thread for a thorough summary of the Blahautism threads, including important exclusive information that is not on either Blahapedia or Exposed TV

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    Page 5
    @Jasmine Blaha posts links to some Bleha material on Vimeo:
    Exposed TV videos and 40 Years of Delusion
    Bleha displays incompetence with firearms
    Bleha the internet tough guy
    Some cardio gamer material
    More cardio gamer material
    And MORE cardio gamer material

    Page 6 & 9
    The property manager assigned to Bleha's building, Ms. Linda Lewis (832) 968-7624, [email protected], concerning sub-leasee/renter, operating a business from the condo, dropping heavy weights, etc
    Posted by @Abu bin Abdulaziz

    Page 11
    The subscriber exodus continues!

    Page 15
    Rosenberg informs us that Bleha's 2018 youtube pay was $57k before taxes or Google's 45% cut. Substract those and he was left with estimated $27k

    Page 16
    VKVDM has a new channel:

    Page 18
    Marc Steubing makes a video asking for Bleha's forgiveness since Bleha refused to coach him:

    Page 21
    Omar Isuf thinks Bleha is a joke:

    Page 23
    Bleha makes a shitfisted video in response to Marc Steubing, refuses Marc's apology since Bleha is a childish dipshit and also mentions that Steubing's mother called Bleha on the phone. Bleha keeps mentioning that Steubing crossed "inappropriate boundaries" after being told repeatedly no, the fuck is that supposed to mean? Did Steubz try to unzip Bleha's pants or something? LMAO

    Page 26
    Bleha gets blasted on facebook by people who don't even know who he is LOL:

    Page 27
    Steubz succumbs to Bleha's scumbaggery, also makes a video confirming that his mom did indeed call Bleha

    Page 29
    Dumbfuck Bleha made a half-hearted completely insincere "apology" for pretending to be a mercenary after being called out on it for 3 years straight, people didn't accept his piss poor apology and the only thing the fat retard learned from this is to not apologize for anything ever:
    It's infuriating how fucking stupid this guy is, there are people in this world who absolutely deserve to die and Jason Blaha is one of them

    Page 31
    FraudAnalyzer comes back and posts a download link for all the recordings he has of Bleha's time on discord:
    These recordings actually contain audio of Bleha admitting that he's been selling steroids for extra cash

    Page 36
    Bleha is a SHIT:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 41
    Our member @nolmos decides to take one for the team and goes through the entire ASMR Cardio Gamer catalog, he reported his findings here:
    Highlights include Mooncookie being horny for sex but Bleha chooses to stay in front of the computer and play World of Warcraft for the next 40 minutes, actually says his name Jason out loud in one video and doesn't edit it out, getting mad at people talking smack to him etc

    Page 51
    The subscriber exodus going even stronger:

    Page 52
    Bleha's 5x5 program on a website filled with hilarious broken english, brought to you by Mr. Buu:
    This is where Bleha got the idea for "snatch and grabs", courtesy of ***:
    Also zombie strikes back!

    Page 58
    This scared little mouse of a man gets triggered if you ask him about his curtains:

    Page 60
    Dumb shit Bleha doesn't even know how to use instagram:

    Page 64
    Asking about Bleha's food choices is off limits too:

    Page 66
    CIA creates an interesting graph to show how Bleha's overall video views disperse among his videos:

    Page 67
    Elgin added a new shirt design to his store:

    Page 68
    That pencil neck of peace:

    Page 80
    Bleha's new blog page, courtesy of zombie!

    Page 82
    A normal human being would have no reason to make this post:

    Page 85
    Marc Steubing has officially made it:

    Page 91
    Shadow Man makes a video containing the audio where Bleha admits he sells steroids:
    Right at the start of the video

    Page 100
    Bleha dipping into that there 837k views territory!

    Page 101
    Back in 6.0 when Bleha waddled around the Palazzo apartment complex carrying a rifle in a bag, he was accompanied by this man Rick Mack whom you can see in this video:
    https://youtu.be/CKL5euDQ96g (the clip at 8:09)
    Also Bleha posted about it on instagram:
    Anyway, Cuckzilla posts a video from the guy's facebook where this fucking eunuch called the police on an old man who asked him to stop revving his car engine so loudly:

    Page 119
    A funny parody version of Bleha's youtube channel on Bitchute:

    Page 132
    Bleha is now under 800k views!!
    A graph made by our buddy CIA to demonstrate the recent decline in Bleha's monthly views:
    Victory is at hand

    Page 139
    Bleha is bumping up the price for his online coaching service that no one's gonna buy:

    Page 139 & 143
    Introducing a new character in the Blahaverse: the nuthugger Ian Davison who goes on youtube by the name Bald Freak Repping Buffalo:
    This guy is basically like the reverse Marc Steubing in that he's retarded, comments on Bleha videos all the time while also following plenty of fitness youtubers that Bleha talks shit about and is also way stronger than Bleha... but unlike the Steubz this guy is completely unlikable, talks shit to other people all the time and gets easily triggered, takes steroids, competes in powerlifting and also lives with his parents and works a minimum wage job.
    Not Bald Freak Raping Buffalo.

    Page 153
    "Asking for a friend"....

    Page 156
    Bleha's Stolen Valor channel appears to be completely demonetized right now, as reported by @NotAll if you don't log into a channel for 6 months, youtube automatically demonetizes it.
    He's not monitoring the comments either...go kick his ass!

    Page 161
    Marc Steubing quits lifting:

    Page 162
    Bleha has started doing box jumps...and he jumps like a girl! LOL!

    Page 165
    Cuckzilla shares his story on how he first came across Bleha, he pegged him as a fraud and doxxed him months before the first Blahautism thread was ever started!

    Page 170
    Fine addition to the Bedroom Dog Killer's permanent internet record:
    Courtesy of zombie

    Page 171
    Bleha posts a spreadsheet he supposedly made for one of his online coaching clients:
    He probably thought posting this would fool people into thinking he's an expert coach who knows what he's talking about but in reality there's nothing complex or special about this "spreadsheet", it's just hard to read. Also the program itself is a rip-off of Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 as pointed out by Cuckzilla

    Page 172
    Marc Steubing unquits lifting:

    Page 176
    Bleha gets blasted on reddit (again):

    Page 177

    Page 178
    The subscriber exodus and view count freefall continue!

    Page 179
    A ridiculous nuthugger article about Bleha's plagiarized 5x5 program:
    Written by this fuck stick:

    Page 180
    Rosenberg puts up more flyers! This time accompanied by our own AntonioC:

    Page 183
    Rosenberg gets a thread on bodybuilding.com:

    Page 184
    Look how this fucking fatass sucks his stomach in to make himself look leaner than he actually is:
    Some more living room gym bloopers:

    Page 189
    Bleha gets blasted on getbig:

    Page 190
    For someone who's been a liar his whole life Bleha is incredibly bad at it:
    So his imaginary client somehow dropped 5% bodyfat in about 6 weeks (which is how long Bleha has been an ?online coach?), first off Bleha himself hasn't been able to lose that much bodyfat in 6 years but somehow his client did it in 6 weeks. Yeah right.
    Secondly, @Langley's Monster calculates in the thread that this person would have needed to be on 1000kcal deficit every day to achieve such rapid fat loss in 6 weeks, but somehow he's able to hit new bench press PRs after this starvation diet. As someone who's been bench pressing heavy and hard for about 10 years now and become pretty good at it I call bullshit on this claim.

    Page 194
    Bleha coping and lying about his income once again:
    At this point the general consensus in the thread is that Bleha's views have been dropping because his older videos are no longer recommended in search results or anywhere.

    Page 195
    1000 calories is not a modest deficit you fucking idiot:
    Also LOL!
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage

    Page 196
    837 is now 737!

    Page 197
    Bleha makes a new shitfisted video playing victim and begging for forgiveness (again), the asshole blames Layne Norton and Mooncookie for ruining his life:

    Page 208
    A potential client for Bleha's online coaching scam has been found: Alfredo Agusti
    Courtesy of @Hemustbedestroyed

    Page 210-214
    Thread gets derailed as one of our newer members @Cope cracks from the PTSD and goes crazy. @MindlessWork puts him on a vacation for a week and deletes his most psychotic posts

    Page 212
    LMAO what the fuck, going through 3 shirts in one workout because of sweating? Middle class income but can't afford laundry?

    Page 225
    LOL check out this hilarious video:

    Page 226
    Anna the Ex opens up about Bleha's gimp left arm that he claims is a torn bicep but is actually a contaminated injection: she explains that Bleha had his mom pay for the doctor's visit to get antibiotics, the antibiotics failed and his lower arm had started turning blue with barely any pulse to be found and at that point Anna made him go to the emergency room (Bleha is so stupid that without Anna he probably would have let his whole arm fall off) where they drained the abscess. It took less than 2 weeks to heal and the packing that covered the incision wound had to be changed every day, Bleha was a huge baby about it and needed pain killers before the procedure each time.
    Full story here: http://www.fitmisc.net/forum/showthr...=1#post2258864
    Anna also talks about how Bleha abused their cat, The Animal Abuse Enthusiast would put a sock on the cat's head and spin him around. The cat hated Bleha and intentionally tried to make him trip over every time he was walking.
    Fuck this human piece of shit. I want Jason Blaha to die in the most painful way possible.
    (Courtesy of zombie)

    Page 232

    Page 234
    Bleha now dipping below 700k views per month!

    Page 239-243
    Bleha makes a video talking about the good old times with Big Giving Mike:
    There's not one tiny bit of sincerity to be seen in his eyes or heard in his voice and people in the comments point this out:
    He claims that Magic Mike and Aunt Libby gave hin ice cream after every rape and that caused him to develop a voracious appetite for ice cream (instead of aversion as common sense would suggest), but of course the ice cream bit was actually stolen from Oprah:
    Information brought to you by @crmnh

    Page 249
    Bleha talks shit about his imaginary clients on facebook:

    Page 254
    Bleha getting trolled:

    Page 255
    Bleha can't run:

    Page 268
    Meet Nick Carroll, a Bleha nuthugger who is also like a spitting image of Bleha. Bald, effeminate, horrid teeth and socially awkward:
    He even has a MUH DEXA SCAN video lmao
    Discovered by IGotNext

    Page 271

    Page 278
    Bodybyfinaplix admitted site injections:
    Also Bleha's runescape scores, in case those mean anything to you:

    Page 279
    Bodybyfinaplix crying because his dick pic was spread around via email:

    Page 285
    Bleha now wants to start selling "custom" programs:
    In the comments he also says that he's thinking about charging $100 for one month's program, fucking LOL at anyone stupid enough to pay that

    Page 286
    Why would his clients need to run it by him first before telling anyone they're Bleha's clients?

    Page 287
    We are not physically capable of completely his weekly workouts!

    Page 291
    Courtesy of Cuckzilla

    Page 292
    There was a Jason Blaha in Elkhart, Indiana in 1994:
    Courtesy of cuck finn, modifications by Gisum Blowhole

    Page 293
    Messiah Supreme pisses on Jason Bleha's face:

    Page 301
    This human piece of shit would kill a child to save his dirty grease-soaked skin:

    Page 305
    So desperate for social interaction that he now responds to a comment by somebody who uses the mugshot as an avatar:

    Page 306-307
    Some verified youtubers report that youtube has taken away their verification, people begin to speculate that the same has happened to Bleha

    Page 319
    Mooncoonie resurfaces in a conversation with @BlanoTheAutist, this appears to be from a couple of weeks ago:
    Negative comments make Jason Bleha cry!

    Page 321
    Could this be him?
    Got caught cheating in a game, tried to explain it away by claiming military (don't ask for proof though!!!) and got rejected

    Page 332
    Bleha mentions an aunt who is almost 70:
    This isn't aunt Libby that he's talking about, it's actually Margaret Batcheler and you can see her name in Bleha's grandfather Darrell Bynum's obituary:
    Margaret's facebook:
    Her Open Powerlifting page:
    A picture of her:
    Bleha has previously claimed that he's the one who got Maggie into lifting but that's obviously a lie, she credits a guy named Mat Cote (his facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mat.cote.16) as her coach who also provided her with a "Connie" workout in memory of her sister Connie Sue Blaha:
    Courtesy of @BLEHE

    Page 340 & 342
    CIA saves all the data from Maggie Batcheler's facebook in case the page was magically set to private:

    Page 343
    Cumstain flagged the Anti Jason Blaha Instagram page and got it shut down for the time being

    Page 344
    Jihad reigns in Maggie's facebook comment sections:

    Page 350
    Bleha posts this abhorrence on his youtube community page:
    A milk jug and salts shaker that are both unopened and obviously bought just for the picture, a disgusting improperly cooked steak, poverty rifle in view for no rational reason whatsoever and on top of all that he's eating this shit in his sweat painted gym off of the same box that he steps his filthy feet on to.
    Also remember when he was lactose intolerant?
    Well not anymore apparently!

    Page 354
    Is he really this desperate for social interaction or is he just retarded?
    "Gallon of Cum a Day"

    Page 356
    I have no words...

    Page 366
    Bleha thinks he can take down stores that sell parody merch based on him:
    This post of course is complete bullshit and Elgin's fake merc store is still up, he does have a new banner though:

    Page 370
    Below 600k now!!

    Page 377
    Elgin's new design, The Disowned Son of Man:
    ?This parody of Magritte's 'The Son of Man' depicts an abject thirtysomething sitting on a futon and rebuking another irrelevant YouTuber who mocked his mercenary persona. This is one of many examples of the crippling stupidity and social ineptitude that made the Fake Merc an outcast in his own family and reliant on the internet for any attention.?

    Page 379
    CIA reports that he has successfully downloaded all of Bleha's facebook posts for later use

    Page 381-386
    Bleha uploads this amateur hour:
    Mirrored video:

    Page 386
    Courtesy of @MassacreBlast

    Page 388
    Courtesy of @Online Warlord

    Page 390
    Blatantly talking to himself:

    Page 391-393
    Cumstain flags VKVDM again:
    ..and he's back:

    Page 394
    Bleha the Gay Sex Pig will touch your dick for money:
    Brought to you by blabla-haha

    Page 395
    RandyAverage is S A V A G E !

    Page 404
    Vegan Gains rips Bleha to shreds in a new video:
    Focuses on the stolen valor, tough guy act, martial autist act etc. also namedrops VKVDM in the video. Speaking of VKVDM, he actually mentioned in an interview video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMrcHqOEdQ0) that he spoke to both Vegan Gains and his wife and also invited Vegan Gains to train at a friend's gym in Toronto, it's possible that this is the reason why Vegan Gains made this video in the first place

    Page 405
    Bleha conveniently hides behind a barrage of shitty excuses to not make a response video since youtube won't monetize or promote drama gossip anymore:

    Page 406
    LOL fake Anna Blaha appears on the Vegan Gains video comments:

    Page 407
    Cumstain is getting triggered now:

    Page 408
    "Jason's FitMisc Dad"

    Page 413
    Bleha has a female fan:
    And yes this is an actual person, meet Ruby Cherie from Australia:
    Her business contact:

    Page 415
    Ruby Cherie is contacted but I don't think she really got the message:
    Also another dipshit who says he's doing "Jason Blaha's 5x5":

    Page 420
    Courtesy of @RandyAverage

    Page 422
    Vegan Gains makes another video on Bleha, pressing even harder on the fake tough guy character and also responding to Bleha's cope excuses for not accepting the challenge to a fight:
    Meanwhile Bleha makes an extremely infuriating and retarded video:
    First half is Bleha saying that we must stop hating him because he "apologized" for the stolen valor, second half is him saying that he won't accept anyone's challenges to fights because he's so strong that he would cripple the other person. Can't make this shit up.

    Page 426-428
    Something spooked Bleha and he went on a video deleting spree:
    On page 428 CIA posts a list of all the videos that Bleha deleted, 32 videos overall and 25 of them are about Jerry Ward
    Last edited by Online Warlord; 2019-10-16 at 02:46 PM.
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