I worked for many years as a PUA and confidence coach. I've had literally thousands of paying clients, and at least 98% of them got phone numbers, kisses, or got laid directly as a result of the work we did together. I'm not saying this to show off, or to get anyone to pay me money any more (not interested in doing it for work any more) - but rather as a demonstration that I'm not just some random guy with an opinion on the internet.

If you want to be good with girls, then you have to be comfortable around them.
If you want to be comfortable around them, you have to spend time around them.
Most guys, initially don't feel comfortable around girls they feel are hot, or significantly better looking than them.
If you only feel comfortable around 1/10s, spend time with them. Fuck enough 1/10s, and you'll feel comfortable with 2/10s, then fuck enough 2/10s and you'll feel comfortable with 3/10s etc.
The types of girls you can fuck isn't decided by how you look (unless you're a 10) - girls decide everything about the world about how it makes them feel - if you're able to be totally comfortable around a girl, in her brain, she will see you at her level or above.

No one goes to the gym and lifts their target weight - you start where you start, and then work your way up - with girls it's exactly the same.

If you were wanting to learn to walk the tightrope, you wouldn't start with your rope between two buildings as you'd be too terrified to ever make progress, you'd start 6 inches up from the ground, where if you fell you wouldn't care, and just jump straight back on.

So don't start off with 10s where rejection will crush you into bits. Start with 1s (or where ever) where you don't care, and have fun - have a laugh, it is much more possible to have a laugh, and enjoy spending time banging a girl if you're less concerned about the whole situation in general.

Talk to girls every day - make it a rule to start conversations wherever - make a deal with yourself that if you dont talk to 3 girls a day (about anything, it's not important) that you'll give $10 to a homeless guy (or whatever you don't want to do).

Consistant small actions are the ones that change lives.

Good luck!