An expectant mother whose heart stopped for 68 minutes as she was giving birth, woke from a coma two weeks later thinking she was 13 and had no idea she had two children and a fiancé. Quick-thinking doctors and midwives delivered baby Nico, weighing 6lb 8oz, using forceps, while other medics battled to save Shannon's life.

After an astonishing 68 minutes, doctors were able to bring her back from the brink of death but warned her family she may not wake up or could suffer severe brain damage.

Shannon, who suffered an amniotic fluid embolism last September and delivered Nico while unconscious, was unable to hold her baby for almost two weeks as doctors put her in an induced coma to save her life.

Although her family were relieved when Shannon, who is also mother to three-year-old Mika, woke up, they were devastated to discover she thought she was a teenager and could not remember she is now a mother-of-two or has a fiancé.

Nicola, a full-time carer, said: 'She kept calling me "mammy" and when we asked her where she lived, she gave us the address for a house we'd lived in when she was 13.

'She had no idea who her fiancé was and didn't believe us when we told her she had two kids. It was like she'd forgotten her whole life and thought she was a teenager again.'

After six weeks in hospital, Shannon, from Cwmbran in Gwent, South Wales, is recovering at her mother's house, a half-an-hour bus journey from her fiancé and children, and is largely confined to a wheelchair, barely able to see anything.

Nicola said: 'We went to the hospital that day in September expecting to come home with a new baby, but it's like we have another child, too, because Shannon needs a lot of care.'

Woman giving birth to second child
Woman suffers from stroke secondary to amniotic emboli
Woman loses consciousness and doctor have to assist her in delivering baby
Baby is safely delivered but woman has lost consciousness for 68 minutes.
Doctor's have to induce a coma to save her life.
Woman is in a coma for 2 weeks before finally coming to
Thinks she is 13 yrs old and cannot remember her life past that
Does not know who fiance of 6 yrs is or that she has kids
Now recovering at home