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    Could you forgive your daughter if she tried to kill you?

    Parents were poor immigrants who came to canada for better life
    Parents work hard blue collar jobs to provide for daughter.

    Daughter is a A grade student from primary to middle school and does extra curricular activities like skiing and playing piano
    Daughter lives strict lifestyle and does not get to go out and socialize much
    Daughter did not get selected as valedictorian
    Daughter starts slipping in grades as she feels she isn't being acknowledge for the effort she puts into school
    Daughter hides her grades from parents by doctoring her report card
    Daughter eventually gets BF
    Daughter initially got accepted to good university but acceptance was retracted because she fails calculus
    Daughter pretends she got accepted early and fakes going to university
    Daughter pretends she is going to school but has been secretly going to the library and BF house; BF helps cover for her.
    Parents eventually finds out daughter was not going to school and forgives her.
    Tells her she needs to go back to highschool at 24 to finish calculus she failed and locks her down even further by telling her no cell phones or being allowed to see BF.
    BF breaks up with her and claims it is due to stress of having to do this double life/secrecy shit.
    Daughter finds out later than ex-BF had side chick and tried to win him back.
    Daughter decides to go to one of her friends to find out if she knows anyone willing to kill. Friend eventually introduces her to hitman.
    Hitman says usually price is 20K but since she is friends with his friend that he will do it for 10K.
    Daughter gives down payment of 10k to him.
    One day while all 3 resident (2 parents, daughter) were in the house the hitmen along with his friends entered after daughter left door open
    Hitmen tied up both parent, covered their faces and brought them to the living room.
    Went to daughters room, who was prepared for them and already tied up loosely.
    Brought all 3 together, and pistol whipped the father asking for money.
    Dad said there wasn't any in the house.
    Hitmen took parents down to the basement and shot father once in the shoulder and once in the face. Mother was shot in the face 3x and instantly died. Hitmen leave soon afterwardss.
    Daughter freed herself from the bondage and called police and you could hear the father survived and moaning in the background.
    Father was able to walk out the basement and out of the house where a neighbour saw him.
    Police and paramedic came and father was rushed to hospital
    Police brought daughter in for questioning but her story was not lining up and eventually got her.
    Father came out of his a coma but had facial dis-figuration and bullet fragments that surgeons could not remove.
    Remembered everything and figured out daughter tried to have him killed.

    Would you forgive your daughter?
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