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    Quote Originally Posted by Hc7 View Post
    Ubiquionol (highest quality form of COQ10, vastly better)
    Hawthorn berry
    mega dosed red krill oil
    Plenty of water
    Good electrolyte balance (i.e sodium/potassium intake is adequate and balanced_
    Low-moderate intensity cardio 15-20 min a day
    Citrus Bergamot
    Garlic Extract

    Also, a little bit less known one:
    Capros: 33% decrease in LDL cholesterol 32% decrease in Triglycerides 34% increase in HDL cholesterol 25% decrease in total cholesterol 28% decrease in VLDL 33% increase in Nitric Oxide 46% decrease in Malondialdehyde 36% increase in Glutathione 65% decrease in Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein 7% decrease in Glycosylated Hemoglobin 23.95% decrease in Platelet Aggregation 4 hours after single dose of 500 mg Capros 36.08% decrease in Platelet Aggregation after 500 mg Capros dosed for 10 days

    Now if I had to pick only 3-5 of these it would be:
    1. Ubiquinol
    2. Capros
    3. Tumeric
    4. High doses red krill oil
    5. Citrus Bergamot

    Pretty much in order of importance, but all are very good, I can guarantee you if you took at least 3 out of the 5 of those and got blood work done after a month HDL/LDL, ratio and triglycerides would all be much better.
    Do you have dosage recommendations for your top 5?

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