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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo111 View Post
    I skipped through that and listened when Joe P called the police back.

    Tbh...Joe P sounds just as crazy as Big Rahb. Keeps interrupting the officer. Calling the officer bro. Keeps offering lame reasons about things. Humble bragging about being a police man. Refuses to block Big Rahbs phone #.

    Obviously he likes the attention and drama from all this despite what he says.

    No wonder these 2 have keep this going for so long. They are exactly alike.

    Crazy people.
    Oh make no mistake about it, Joe P is a wierd little fucker himself....not quite as weird as Rob, but then again that one's in a league of his own at present... For all the reasons you gave and more, that phone call was indeed total cringe.

    Everything connected to former sand nigger Big Rob has that crazy unhinged vibe to it though. Why anyone would WILLINGLY attach themselves to this nutjob now is beyond me tbh... and then they wonder why it all goes the way it does.

    All the people he's latched onto and professed his undying love for, only for him to now be their sworn enemy...

    Jay Masters,
    King Robby's mum,
    Sherry Berry,
    Jonny Bravo,
    Joe Pietaro,
    Ashley Huter,

    There's probably more but I can't remember all of them...
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