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If they put decent content up there wouldn?t have been a problem! They first fucked up with the shit Vegas trip, no one paid to see them go to hoover dam. They could?ve done an eating challenge at one of the buffets! Jay was already doing that. It?s a ducking dam who gives a shit? We have smart phones were aware of more amazing things then the shitty Hoover dam.

I went to Hoover dam with my parents when I was 8. When I went with my friends we gambled, ate buffets, hit up clubs got drunk and got bitches. Going to Hoover dam with the fellas who are all 40 plus years old Is lame lame as fuck.

Buffet eating challenge would?ve been menty.

They could?ve done a lifting challenge with the fans, pick any lift and if they beat a misfit they get a shirt.

When they made vids for free, basic bitch content was ok. Once they got patreon money they should?ve respected their supporters more.

I used to like Andrew but he?s smug now and he and brad like to blow each other.

Lenny seemed pretty sad I that was a bummer.

They could?ve made real money if they respected the fans more, fuck Pomp?s and his ducking autographed photos, gives us MENTS!!!! Moron!

I blame pomps he couldn?t manage a lemonade stand. He should?ve made sure the ments were coming
Yeah Las Vegas was wack. No confrontations, no budging in line, hand shakes and complaining.

Only ment was lenny trying to hook up with tranny but got shutdown.
No eating challenges
No stripper video
No hitting on expo chick's
No fighting
Not even a regular lifting video
Jay didn't even do 5 plates to show off
Lenny didn't take his shirt off

Also what happened to jason so called video footage at the expo?