Firstly, the urge to innovate. The Content Creator is usually a precocious talent, whom was pushed hard as a child. Through unfulfilment of promise, or sheer boredom, the Creator turns his talents to messageboards.

Sociopathic tendencies are abound, as the Creator has to churn out and abandon content regularly with little emotional attachment. Split personalities are very common, as the Creator has to rustle jims of normies somehow. It's conceivable IRL that the Creator often agrees with who he is provoking, but assumes the opposing position for his ultimate goal.

Above all, the Content Creator is an extrovert. Hooked on the dopamine of recognition, creating an unsatable thirst to provoke. He doesn't care about you, he only cares if you give him his oxygen of attention.

Of course, there are mental retards who churn out tons of content @OmegaSheepron, but they get no recognition, and their threads scanned over receiving 20-30 views.