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    Quote Originally Posted by Genetikk View Post
    Dude fuck off nobody pisses in a urinal and wipes his dick with toilet paper, there isn?t even any paper nearby you d have to walk into the bathroom stall with your dick out just to get some, assuming it?s not taken that it

    I ve never seen anybody do that ever period
    COPE. keep pretending others don't wipe at the urinal. everyone i have ever saw uses tissues they had in their pocket, why dont you carry tissues like every other man and just wipe??

    We all know you are just pretending in an attempt to try and justify your horrible personal hygiene.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_pheni View Post
    very low frequency
    Quote Originally Posted by Unevergooutside View Post
    I agree.
    I?m away from my stones atm

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