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need proof not gonna believe someone that pulled this same exact shit about another pic before and tried to get ppl banned same sht
prove that i did this before. regardless, MB doxxed snoopy too and should be banned
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I have two kids, man.

You know me enough to know that I wouldn?t fuck with other people?s real identities just for the fuck of it.

I think that rule #4 of the forum should be amended to give a clear definition of what constitutes "doxxing" and is not tolerated on the site. For example, suppose someone posted his Instagram pics here. I visited his IG and saw that it had an email address and I entered it on Facebook where it led me to his profile and pics of his family. And I post the pics here because "hurr durr look at his family hurr durr ". That?s in poor taste and douchey but for me, it doesn?t fit the definition of doxxing. If it is nevertheless not tolerated on the site, it should be defined in the rules.

Overall, yes, doxxing has killed this forum. Except for the Blaha thread that has made this forum.

@Nine @Omega , mods, maybe a refresher on what is considered undesired doxxing on this site?
forum was great before it was infiltrated with blaha and genova fans
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Since you had time did you go to the gym at this past week? Looking frail

No proof that youre even actually the insecure steroid abuser in the pics you claim are you