Typical first cycle is 500mg Test e for ~12 weeks and then come off

so fucking pointless.

wait 3-4 weeks for test to reach the peak levels. Wont be making max amount of gains until test peaks
Have ~8 weeks left to build muscle
balls shut off
When you come off it takes amost a whole month for th test to leave your system. Leads to a very lenghtly natty test rebound

This would be so much better

500mg of Test prop ~12 weeks. Inject sub-q
Peak test right away
Dont waste the first few weeks with sub optimal gains
Have 12 weeks of solid mass building
When you come off the test is out of your system in less than a week, much faster rebound

If you add HCG to this cycle too, the rebound might only take a week or two. Plus much lower risk of doing perm damage to your testes

Thoughts? Obviously if your b/c ing then it doesnt matter but so many people cycle with Test E and I just cant understand why