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So you telling me muslim teenage boys dont try fuck their female cousins on family visits? Nigga you probably done it yourself. Gang shit tbh

Keep it in the familia... muzzie style

But i see your point... kurds & iranians are the least muslim of all muslims lol. Iranians are often sluttier than white girls tbh
You cant pinpoint a degenerate behavior practiced in the west in astronomical numbers whether in homosexuality or anal sex with females to a religion that forbids it & where it happens in relatively dubious numbers, not that i care, to each his own. Its just hypocritical on every level

Besides i dont know why most blame islam for the actions of a bad muslim when it clearly states what’s forbidden and what not in our religion and the majority are well aware of this on this board

If i fucked a chick anally, thats on me not my religion. I will have to answer for this on judgement day. Its like blaming white supremacy on Christianity when its clearly the opposite. Get it?