Thank you @Death Knight

What is Doxxing?

Doxing is searching for and publishing private or identifying information about an individual or group of individuals on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

What are some simple steps to follow to avoid or minimize your chances of getting doxxed on Fitmisc?

1. Don?t post pics that can be traced to an original posting source. Due to the era we live in, it?s very easy to use a simple reverse image tool such as Tineye to find the origin of a pic that was uploaded, if it has any. A very simple solution is to post original pics not found elsewhere or modifying the pic enough as to not be found using tools such as the above mentioned.

2. Don?t post links to social media. This seems obvious as usually social media accounts will have your full name listed or have links to some of your other social media profiles which do. You're doing yourself a disservice and you only have yourself to blame if you do. Third party sites that lead to social media accounts or have your full name also fall under this category.

3. Don?t send sensitive or traceable information by PM to other members including addresses, full names, pictures that fall under the first point made on the list. Friendships on fitmisc can be everlasting or ephemeral so you never know when somebody might decide to use this information against you or for what purpose. Don?t reveal more about yourself than you can afford to have exposed.

4. Don?t click suspicious links. If you see someone PM?ing you URL shortened links, please be wary as a computer savvy individual can find your IP based on you clicking that. While finding someone?s IP isn?t enough to expose their identity, it does narrow down the search considerably.

5. Use disposable emails to sign up (optional). Only the mods and admins have access to this information anyhow but it?s a simple optional precaution that can be taken at your discretion.

6. Use IP scrambler (optional). Only the mods and admins have access to this information as well.