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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJ View Post
    Yes, in isolation. That?s the point. Walk one novel disease particle or pathogen that their ancestors didn?t encounter into the middle of them and they?d either die off or lose numbers ~ which in turn reduces their genetic diversity and gives the next, differing pathogen better odds at ending their tribe.

    We don?t have that issue as our ancestors are diversely exposed and well geographically spread out due to mingling ethnicities.

    There are but a handful of animal analogues that have tiny genetic pools but still survive today. But it?s not even just down to genetics, as culture and memetics play in too ~ the most trouble for animals evolved on islands ~ places like Mauritius are ecologically devasted because their animals didn?t evolve to fear or avoid predators like cats. Man accidentally introduces the rat, then the cat to keep the rats down, but rats compete and cats find easier prey in the native island fauna, and presto, huge numbers of rats and cats and loads of extinct native species. The only species to survive were the ones that were capable of keeping their breeding pools large ~ like birds that could fly and animals that could swim to reach other islands.

    Mixing is survival. Biological and cultural diversity is life. Isolation is a death sentence eventually.

    It?s not over boyos ~
    yes we need to mix with 70 iq niggers for the survival of the human race. NOT. ~

    the most successfull countries in the world are homogeneous. The most successfull communities in the US are also homogeneous. ~

    this alone disproves ur nonsense ~
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