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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJ View Post
    Some would argue that the monetary/market system is a suicidal system for humans. When a payment system has become more of a valuable commodity than the essential things it was invented to trade for, you?re in trouble in the big picture. You can?t eat money or wear it or burn it to keep warm, so it has no intrinsic value as such. But we are making it so much that inflation happens and it buys less and less of what we need. Make more, it is worth less. Meanwhile, the things we need are running out.

    The countries that prosper economically, and the people in them, will be hit harder when the bottom drops out. That makes the success you speak of very temporary people in the grand scheme, and after all, we?re talking future generations and heritability here aren?t we? That?s what race theorists are concerned over ~ their future progeny.

    Scandi countries DID well, that is ending as you pointed out.

    Life is change, resistance to failure under change is strength. My whole fucking point.
    and i agree with ur point which u r stating in this post ~

    it is however a different point than that we have to mix with inferior people, which u suggested earlier ~

    scandinavian countries have the capability to be completly independent ~

    in sweden we have the highest quality of wood and iron ~

    we have the capability to build our own vehicles and aircraft, and we are world leading in these disciplines ~

    we have modern techonology that allows us to harvest the highest quality of food ~

    we have the capability to have the most modern military in the world if we would invest in it. a big part of our GDP is in selling modern weaponry and radar systems

    u should educate urself before talking smack ~

    we have the capability to back up our monetary assets with real assets and knowledge ~

    we have the capability to be completly self sufficient, without mixing with inferior people ~

    the problems we have are largly due to cultural relativism and influx of inferior people ~
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