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Educate myself? Sorry but that made me laugh out loud, thanks brother!

Ok, cool, the fundamental issue we disagree on is that race is more than a concept it seems. I doubt I can persuade you otherwise, but thanks for entertaining my discussion
i feel u brother ~

i grew up in the whitest of white neighbour hood ~

one white family adopted a son from eritrea in my hood ~

he was an infant when adopted ~

his name was david, we called him nigger-david because david was a common name and we needed to distinguish somehow ~

david was an incredibly skilled athlete and straight A student ~

but david was not the rule, rather the exception, which is evident of the failing societies he originates from and his failing countrymen in europe ~

what im trying to say that ur coming from an individual point of view, which is noble ~

but the bigger picture is, the less we mix with there people the better our societies will be ~