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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirinkunt? View Post
    To be fair, I said that myself for years as well, thing with neurotoxicity and cognitive/personality changes over time is they go unnoticed by the person, we may notice acute symptoms every so often ("yeah I was a bit irritable a few times on tren but not much else") but don't realise that those are manifestations of long term changes also taking place. Neural plasticity goes right through adulthood, and luckily we can still adapt and recover after aberrant neurochemistry like that induced by synthetic hormones and other drugs, but for some people it CAN be a trigger or the straw that breaks the camels back along with other factors.

    P.S "fine" can be different for everyone too, and I've spoken to heaps of steroid users who would always complain about dickheads when they're out at bars getting into fights, assholes at work, blah blah not realising it's THEM. Or recreational drug users thinking they're all sweet and say that people who blame their issues on drugs are just looking for a scapegoat... but have ongoing anxiety or sleep problems, consume drugs frequently enough to quantify as abuse but don't realise it, constantly have IBS blah blah. Always conspicuously have so much more drama and emotion in their lives Monday to Wednesday on a comedown... always between jobs.. Same thing.

    Not trying to say you specifically are wrong or just ignorant but thought it's worth addressing as a general thing cos it's definitely been noticeable seeing all these irl groups and people on forums progress over the years externally cha feel?
    That?s very possible but I?ve taken tren a lot I mean way longer than you or probably anyone here (pointless btw and have been off it now 6+ months without any plans to use it again unless I decide to compete again)

    There?s effects while on it but def nothing lasting in any way shape or form

    I?m 30 idk if that would be different if I was 18-19 like some people here
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