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    Steroids enlarge the heart, this is a fact confirmed by science

    and the effects of this can happen even after just one cycle, and yet people still use them, despite knowing this

    Any other side effects of roids, whether is balding, gyno, limp dick, smaller balls, etc, etc pales in comparison to this

    everyone is afraid of these sides, but nobody ever mentions the biggest one, heart disease

    the heart is a muscle, your body muscles may stop working when you leave the gym, they rest when you sleep, but the heart never rests, never stops lifting, is always pumping iron, is always lifting, and it will grow with higher test

    and yet every steroid user, despite being somewhat aware of this, choose to blind himself to this truth, out of sight out of mind, yet behind the curtains, heart disease is advancing

    every steroid user should be getting blood work, ekg, stress tests, ultrasounds and xrays of the heart, every few months to MONITOR if heart enlargement is happening, which it will
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