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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJ View Post
    Fuck brah my Dad was fit as fuck 290lbs reasonably solid, a farmer working with mostly manual implements, didn?t drink or smoke, worked his ass off went to bed early got up early, ate well and had a great heart... and died of prostate cancer at 69.

    Something is gonna get us all. We don?t survive this no matter what we try.

    In4 going out weird. I?d take a sudden heart failure over protracted suffering in a death bed or dementia or rotting away too old to fuck or eat real food, any damn day.

    Do what you will, take reasonable care of your health on whatever front doesn?t contradict your goals, but no goals, no life anyway.

    THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS A LIFE OF PURPOSE. Not to get old and die slowly inside your flesh.

    Order my coffin in 4XL.

    And I don?t even blast and cruise.

    the purpose of life is existence

    you can make goals for yourself and still make sure you are healthy

    using steroids is playing with fire, as there is enough scientific data that shows they enlarge the heart and cause heart disease

    There are plenty of other goals and hobbies out there, that don't carry these risks
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