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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahblah View Post
    You seem like a cool dude, and I like your posts, but this shit is pure cope.

    I've heard a lot of friends say the same thing, but truth is they were scared shitless, they just couldn't quit.

    And when consequences came it broke most of them.

    they're scared of losing gains which is why they never come off the roids, once they start having problems breathing, heart disease is already happening, and even stopping will not reverse the damage done, thats why so many bodybuilders from the 80s be dropping like flies now in their 50-60s

    they choose to blind themselves and ignore that this could happen, is self delusion to protect themselves from living in anxiety or fear, that's all fine and dandy but doesn't change the fact that damage is being done inside the body, you choosing to treat it lightly or ignore it doesn't change this fact and all it does is harm you. Ignorance is bliss.

    ironic part is maybe if had been more high inhibition, all of this could have been prevented in the future
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