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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJ View Post
    Losing gains/size doesn?t matter to me. I use PEDs to enhance my performance in my sport, and don?t use them when not competing. I am off now, since October last year, and might never go back on if I don?t compete again. Not everyone is doing it for vanity, and not all of us rely on drugs for their identity.

    Trying to apply a blanket rule to everyone itt.
    everyone is different. As I said before, most people using steroids or who are considering using, have no clue about the condition of their heart. There are many heart conditions that one can born with and not have problems for years, but experience them later in life or if something like steroids is introduced, which causes heart enlargement and plaque buildup.

    You could be born with heart defects of the ventricles or arrhythmias, abnormal rhythms and irregular beatings. You could have a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, unless you do plenty of tests, you are going in blind and use a substance that is known by science to cause heart disease.

    Look at Arnold, he had to have heart surgery, he blames it on "a congenital condition" that is from his family, yeah right, maybe it was, who knows, but if he hadn't used so much roids, he wouldn't have had to have surgery. Look at zyzz, supposedly had a heart defect since birth, and died from a heart attack, and yet, if he had known this, it could've been prevented

    so many people use steroids and drugs without knowing ANYTHING about their heart's health

    and even if you heart is healthy and you have nothing abnormal, long term steroid use will still cause heart disease, putting you at risk for a heart attack and stroke at any moment
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