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    Before using roids, you should always do heart tests

    This is where many retards go wrong, many people have heart conditions without even knowing it unless they get tested, many are born heart defects which may not cause problems at the moment, but will when you are steroids. Many have cardiac arrhythmia, irregular heart beats and other conditions, which may be manageable, but will be worsened on roids.

    Before even considering using roids, you should be getting tested

    - xray of the heart to check for defects
    - ultrasound of the heart to see how it beats live
    - cardiac stress test to check how the heart performs to external stress
    - EKG to check for arrhythmias and irregular rhythms
    - blood pressure and cholesterol

    if all this tests come out as normal, then you can use roids without much concern, this doesn't mean that steroid use may not cause heart disease in the long run, but you will have higher chance of reversing

    most retards just hop on roids, assuming they are healthy without even knowing shit lmao

    when it comes to roids, the heart is the most important muscle of all
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