When in reality,

-no proof of being rich
-no proof of gf
-no proof of frank Zane physique
-Reddit dwelling geek
-low IQ because has to run to reddit for his arguments
-fills out surveys and makes less than minimum wage
-spends all day lurking fitmisc, but posts on alts to pretend like he?s not here all day because insecure
-spends all day on fitmisc ig groups
-spends all day on fitmisc wickr groups
-lurks tinychat waiting to take screenshots of people
-pretends he?s better looking than Peyton and John and Gus and pony
-starts drama like a gossip girl
-foams at the mouth when he thinks he has private info on people like a doxxcel Internet dweller LARPing as a ?cool guy with great physique?


Niquor you ain?t fooling nobody