New log for new dose.
Was running 500/400 test/mast nothing else, going well, figure I'll up it for 12 weeks and see what's up.
225lbs today, was 220 steady prob gained 5lbs from stuffing myself silly this past week purposely.
Haven't pinned in day 7-10 days I think, yesterday pinned 1g test, 400 mast

Will simply be that weekly.
1g test
400-600 mast
Have aromasin of needed

Same liftin routine of PPL. Started deads consistently again, no squatting just lots of accessory instead while my hip heals/feels better. Adding volume wherever I can

Goals: bench anything over 405 my current max
Deadlift idk I'll hit 500x10 then strength train it
Squat idk, just get my BSS and other movements maxed out and bring squat back in.
Pullup 4 plates. Almost there tbh

Pullup 160x1 135x2x1 90x3x6
Deadlift 455x8, just didn't want to grind out last two so stopped.
DB Row 130x2x10
Not much but we wanna go home and eat. I'll post weekly routine later.

I'll get pics later too