Might have to add in set rest days, push/pull//rest/legs and just focus on walking cardio and stretching/abs

BSS 80x2x12
Dead 275x2x12
Leg ext 160x2x15
Leg Curl 110x2x10

BSS is harder this run up, Bc I'm more flexible and Sitting much deeper into it, gels great. I'm pretty drained I felt from yesterday.
Today I napped and ate/drank 3k and lifted later, of course my weight was still 222.

So far today:
1.5 dry cup oats/3 cup milk/almonds 1250 cal
Tuna/mayo 350
Oreos/3cup milk 1k
6 eggs 360

Gonna finish with
2 pbj whole grain 1400
Olive oil/collard greens 500
Tang (it's what the Astronauts drink) 100
Sardines 140
Chicken liver 300ish
Then whatever else I can to get maybe a little over 6k if possible.