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I saw his car, I don’t think he was lying but yea 20 bucks was too much . Wish I had a 10 on me , would have just gave him that

First time something like this happened to me, felt bad for him but w.e, at least I did a good deed
Well yea you saw his car, he drive it there to beg for money

Story time:
Once a guy came in my restaurant and asked, some girl gave him $20. I'm real so I walk and see he's not going to his car, he goes to another restaurant to do the same lol. Walk in after he left and they said he did the same act. Now he's walking to Applebee's lmao to get more.

Me and my buddy hop in out car, see his gf in the parking lot, wait, and confront him. Tells us to fuck off. Basically we threaten to kill him and rape his gf unless he gives us the money back lmao.

He does. Then I follow them all the way home, they lived not too far a walk away lol.
Scumbags. Was fun