Mindlessgeek closed my thread:

Don?t even look at me or talk to me if you claim to be a fitness or bodybuilding expert/enthusiast/guru and your source of carbohydrates is anything other than sweet potatoes
Lmaoo how fucking retarded could you be?!

Why the fuck would you want to get carbs from rice, oats, beans, fruit or anything like that?!

FUCKING LOL @ eating grains for your carbohydrate intake. Brb, eating some mycotoxin filled garbage that doesn?t even digest well and causes inflammation

Brb, eating beans for carbs even though they?re hard on the gut and filled with lectins unless you pressure cook them and they cause massive gas and Gastrointestinal discomfort

Brb, gonna eat a bunch of fast acting fructose filled fruit for my carb intake

Sweet potatoes and other low GI root vegetables are literally the only foods you should be eating for carbohydrates. Everything else is inferior and literally unhealthy for you

But apparently you inflammation lords don?t care about that

Sweet potatoes are also extremely anabolic, and muscle sparing in a cut.