A dad has been awarded $447,000 from his ex-wife after discovering he?d been ?tricked? into raising three children he couldn?t possibly have fathered, as he was infertile.

Richard Mason, 55, realised his ex-wife Kate Mason had lied about the paternity of their three kids for 21 years when doctors diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis in 2016, revealing he couldn?t father children naturally.

As a result the horrified dad successfully launched a paternity fraud case to win back some of the $7 million he had paid her during their divorce, but as a result he?s heartbreakingly lost contact with two of his kids, ...

Richard, who is a millionaire co-founder of internet comparison site MoneySupermarket.com, later had DNA tests and was heartbroken to find the 19-year-old twins were not his sons. Their brother, 23, did not provide a sample for a test.
7 melons, plus the cost of raising them for years, plus...
Shm @ 450k. Though, money wouldn't change much in this instance.

Well, at least. on top of being rich. the guy doesn't look bad for 55, and got a new foid. But lol @ getting married again.

Richard, pictured with his new wife Emma