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Although I am not a bodybuilder, take roids in moderation and never used slin of gh, going on my family history I am unlikely to make 70 anyway, so I wouldn?t have considered not doing anything I wanted to do based on effects on longevity.

Incidentally I posted that #pubertychallenge on my insta today and I was 290lbs in the first picture which was taken almost 23 years ago... you would think some kind of health issue would have shown up by now. Apart from sleep apnea and related issues ~ which have all been resolved since I started using my cpap nightly ~ I haven?t shown anything abnormal on blood tests, ecgs, full medical screens for insurance and work purposes, and my doctor says I am in better shape generally than almost any other 43 y/o he has seen in his 38 years of practice.

Some of us aren?t actually pushing the envelope as hard as you think we are to be able to hold size.

Inb4 dead in the morning.
blood test and ekg can find out if you heart has enlarged, only xray