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    ThesavageSTALLION vs ImNormal (this a worship thread) (stay humble cousins) (zeek competition)(beauty pageant pics)

    We all know that if I hop on gear I will mog @Genetikk in three months and @Johneffer in 8 months

    Been there done that. When I was 260 28% bf fresh outta my cast, @im normal thought he could out zeek me.

    We set a bet for LAST july 17, winner gets $500 via ETH. Now that the old posts are gone, he feels brave

    Quote Originally Posted by im normal View Post
    taken in the morning at my work office's bathroom july17th, not even the end date

    heres my face from jan1 for good measure

    i already know you wont post and i dont really care either

    pretty laughable at bragging about your best ever pics when running a drug specifically used aesthetics

    $1600 CDN for 40 vials of mast p btw

    could get 300IU of black tops gh for less than that

    1) Idk what this post is even saying. Are you accusing me of using steroids in the past for aesthetics? 300IU ugl costs you $300?? I got 800UI for like $300 lmao.
    2)Heres my july pics, pay me

    jan 1st good measure pic

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